Georgian Jewellery

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Georgian Cut Steel Tassel Earrings c.1800

If you adore antique cut steel jewellery as we do, then you'll love these splendid rare Georgian cut steel tassel earrings! These fun metallic tassels were originally designed to catch the eyes of an admirer in candlelight, way back during the 17th Century! But today they look just as good with a glamorous evening dress or a sleek suit. It's...

Georgian Antique Shaker Locket with Amethysts, Garnets and Diamonds

Sumptuous Rococo embossed Gold dances around the glass framed Gemstones of this stunning Georgian shaker locket... One can almost imagine the sun setting at the end of a long and golden day looking at this locket, as blood-red Garnets, luminous Amethysts and sprinkles of rough Diamonds join together in a cacophony of colour that will gladden your heart. It's the perfect accessory for...

Antique Watch Key Fob Pendant with Chain

A sweet and petite antique watch key pendant featuring a Bloodstone on one side and a yellow Paste on the other. Which way round will you wear it today? Skillfully handcrafted over a century ago, ornate patterns whimsically sweep around the borders of the gemstones culminating in a decorative trinket ready to adorn your collar bones.  One of the aspects...

Georgian Paste Buckle Brooch in 800 Silver

This Georgian Paste buckle brooch is a lovely antique conversion piece.  In the early 1800's it would have been a buckle on a fancy shoe or dressage, before having been repurposed (most likely in the Victorian era) to be worn instead as a brooch when buckled court shoes were going out of fashion. We love the bright cuts of the Pastes...

Georgian Paste Mourning Brooch in 9ct Rose Gold and Silver with Antique Box

To find a Georgian Paste Mourning Brooch in such excellent condition as this really is a rare thing indeed. You have to appreciate the care and attention that this venerable piece of antique jewellery has received from its previous owners, as it really is pristine throughout.  The Paste stones, in particular, are exemplary.  Each individual hand-cut Paste is bright, clean and sparkly,...

15ct Gold Georgian Brooch with Red Enamel and Pearls

An ornately beautiful 15ct Gold Georgian brooch with red enamel and Pearls to tickle your antique fancies!  The unique enamel has lovely luscious red detailing that creates a stunning textured centrepiece to this antique brooch, unlike anything we've ever seen before. The opulent Pearl border doesn't go unnoticed on this stunning brooch. It exudes a decorative antique charm perfectly reflecting the design of...

Georgian Foiled Garnet and Seed Pearl Brooch

A wonderful natural Garnet and seed Pearl brooch created during the Georgian era and kept in pristine condition for you to wear and enjoy today!  This Georgian Garnet brooch is a great example of antique jewellery and a rare treat for a very lucky lady to add to her jewellery collection. Featuring a set of Garnets that flash with deep blood red,...

9ct Gold Georgian Garnet Brooch c.1800

Here we have an exquisite, unique statement piece of Georgian jewellery that is rare as it is gorgeous! This antique 9ct Gold Georgian Garnet brooch just screams of decadence and luxury! It's made of solid Yellow Gold and the flat-topped Garnets have been expertly foiled, to enhance the natural splendour of those sumptuous sparkling Garnets. The most unique part of...

Antique Scottish Thistle Wax Seal Pendant

We do have a soft spot for antique fob pendants, and there are many aspects which make this Georgian wax seal particularly unique. The main feature is the engraved thistle motif in the centre of the white Agate, both the royal symbol of Scotland and emblem of nobility and graciousness. Around the thistle the words "DINNA FORGET" is engraved into Scottish Agate,...

Georgian Natural Amethyst Drop Earrings

It's not every day we come across natural Amethyst jewellery two centuries old, but these spectacular Georgian drop earrings are a superb example and offered in exemplary condition!  Their rectangular facets and foiled backing combine to create a whole spectrum of geometric forms flashing purples and lilacs with the slightest of movements! The bright buttery 9ct Gold perfectly compliments the purple with tiny beaded edging dotted around their...

Antique 15ct Gold Opal Garnet Ring c.1840

Here we have a magical antique 15ct Gold Opal and Garnet ring for you to behold in all her splendour... She is simply charming, exquisitely crafted, and makes you feel just like you've stepped into a fairy tale! The combination of the dreamy Opals, flashing tones of bright greens and shocking pinks, with the twinkling wine-coloured Garnets really do make...

Georgian Solid Gold Wax Seal Fob Pendant

This is the most magnificent Georgian fob pendant that we've ever had the pleasure of handling. It is a very rare antique piece and we think it is absolutely gorgeous! Rather than being Gold plated like the majority of fob pendants, this beauty is uniquely solid Gold, so it does have a lovely comforting weight to it.  On the bottom where the...

18ct Gold Georgian Pearl and Diamond Ring c.1813

This is the rarest and oldest piece of jewellery we have ever come through our doors, and what a spectacular piece she is! A genuine antique Pearl mourning ring handcrafted in 1813 during the reign of King George the 3rd, this ring is a rare collector's piece and sure to make a wonderful addition to your jewellery box! Warm 18ct...

Georgian Pinchbeck Shaker Locket c.1830

If you like to stand out from the crowd then this antique shaker locket is the statement piece you've been dreaming of! Beautiful Rococo scrolled patterns adorn the Pinchbeck framed glass perfectly complementing the jewels caught inside; a sea of rough yellow and white Diamonds, Amethysts, Garnets and ravishing Opals! Although not crafted from Gold, the chased design is in...

15ct Gold Georgian Diamond and Ruby Ring c.1829

What a rare treat this Georgian trilogy ring is! Handcrafted from the most luxurious materials; warm 15ct Yellow Gold, two pretty pink Rubies and a twinkling old cut Diamond in its centre this antique ring would make a welcome addition to any woman's jewellery collection! With beautifully hand engraved shoulders drawing the eye to the glimmering gemstones in gypsy settings, the feature Diamond is...

Georgian Pearl & Garnet Cabochon 15ct Gold Engraved Ring

This Georgian Pearl and Garnet 15ct Gold ring has completely blown us away with it's unique mystery and powerful beauty. She is a strong 199 years old and doesn't look a day over 1 year! We are enamoured by her and you will be too! If you follow the light around on the antique Garnet you will see how many secret...

Georgian Cut Steel Bracelet

What a stunning piece of Georgian jewellery! This antique cut Steel bracelet would be the perfect accessory for any outfit! Georgian cut Steel jewellery is highly collectable and it's rare to find one in such great condition, what a treat! Each Steel cabochon has been skillfully faceted to mimic gemstones creating a spectacular light show with every slight movement!  Her cool grey...

Georgian Cut Steel Necklaces with Gold Barrel Clasp

It amazes us just how relevant antique jewellery still is today, this Georgian cut Steel necklace is just full of elegance and has a super modern overall look! This Georgian necklace is one of the most versatile antique necklaces we currently have in our collection and can be worn in a number of different ways. You could style it as a simple...

18ct Gold Georgian Ruby & Pearl Ring c.1820

This exquisite 18ct Gold Georgian Ruby and Pearl ring is the most regal piece of antique jewellery we've had the pleasure of having in our collection!  Typical of the Georgian era, her shoulders feature highly ornate hand engraved scrolled patterns leading up to the fantastic ribbed settings carefully cradling the display of gems. Featuring approx. 1.15ct natural untreated antique Ruby in...

Georgian Cut Steel Necklace - Antique Cut Steel Necklace c.1800

Here at Lillicoco, we adore antique cut steel jewellery!  This Georgian cut steel necklace is just as relevant today as it was 200 years ago. It's chic, versatile and in superb condition, ready to wear either alone, stacked or draped with your favourite charms or pendants. We love the gorgeous glittering facets of the cut steel beads, which all would have been...

Georgian Gold Ring with Purple Garnets and Pearl Accents c.1808

An astonishing antique Garnet ring in fantastic condition, you can't say we don't treat you!  Featuring three large deep purple, fully foiled Garnets surrounded by Natural Seed Pearls she really has that "wow" factor we love about genuine antique jewellery! Skillfully hand engraved patterns leading up to the beautiful scrolled Gold settings all created in rich yellow 9ct Gold, she's an enchanting piece...

18ct Gold Georgian Paste Earrings

Well, these truly are something very special. These 18ct Gold Georgian Paste earrings are possibly the finest pair of antique studs we have ever held in our collection here at Lillicoco. All Georgian jewellery has a special place in our hearts but these earrings go above and beyond the competition in terms of quality, craftsmanship, materials and condition. Feature two...

18ct Gold Antique Garnet Ring - Antique Garnet Pearl Cluster Ring c.1840

This delight of a ring is a genuine antique from the late Georgian to an early Victorian era and features the most gorgeous period design details! To the centre lies an enchanting natural Garnet the colour of damson wine, and all around it, pretty seed Pearls play. A trefoil of deep red rose cut Garnets decorate each shoulder, bringing welcome contrast...

Georgian Pearl Mourning Ring

Words cannot describe how fantastical this Georgian mourning ring truly is! The flower is brought to life by the plump lustrous Pearls making up the petals of the flower which is complemented by a pretty pink Ruby in its centre. Emphasised by the Emeralds adorning the leaves on the shoulders and the carefully engraved swirled patterns scrolled along the scalloped band....

Handcrafted Georgian Jewellery You’re Sure to Love

The Georgian period spanned from 1714 to 1837, making it the oldest of the major antique jewellery eras. Its pieces often feature exquisite metalwork full of depth and detail that can only be achieved with a high level of skilled artistry. They favoured rose-cut and flat-cut stones with large facets that were often foiled to enhance their natural beauty.

Explore our collection to see astonishing examples of such skill in our selection of pendants, earrings, brooches and Riviere necklaces.

Stunning Vintage Georgian Jewellery Motifs

Commonly featuring handcrafted 18ct Gold and Silver settings, vintage Georgian Jewellery was often very ornate with fantastic intaglio engraving, crimped collets and closed ‘button’ back settings. You’ll find that most of the pieces from this era used diamonds as well as colourful gemstones such as Garnets, Amethysts and Topaz that lend it a notably regal and vivid look.

Pieces of antique Georgian jewellery are hand-made works of art that are expertly crafted to be treasured for generations. These rare pieces make for cherished collector’s finds and are a sound investment for true antique jewellery lovers.