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15ct Gold Victorian Emerald and Opal Trilogy Ring c.1868

Once you see this Victorian Emerald ring in person you won't be able to take your eyes off her. It's impossible to capture the splendour of this ring in photographs, she's truly enchanting!  Two vibrantly colourful Opals accompany the deep forest green Emerald as it sits proudly on your finger. The beautifully scrolled settings handcrafted from a warm 15ct yellow Gold emerges...

Georgian Gold Ring with Purple Garnets and Pearl Accents c.1808

An astonishing antique Garnet ring in fantastic condition, you can't say we don't treat you!  Featuring three large deep purple, fully foiled Garnets surrounded by Natural Seed Pearls she really has that "wow" factor we love about genuine antique jewellery! Skillfully hand engraved patterns leading up to the beautiful scrolled Gold settings all created in rich yellow 9ct Gold, she's an enchanting piece...

Superb 18ct Gold Georgian Amethyst Brooch (28.62ct)

All of us jewellery lovers go wild for huge foiled Georgian gems, so get ready! This superb Georgian Amethyst brooch is fit for a Queen! The Amethyst itself is large and stately, weighing in at over 28 carats and set in high purity 18ct Gold! The colour is somewhat magical, with sweet candy pinks, heady lavender, royal purple and tones of deep...

18ct Gold Georgian Paste Earrings

Well, these truly are something very special. These 18ct Gold Georgian Paste earrings are possibly the finest pair of antique studs we have ever held in our collection here at Lillicoco. All Georgian jewellery has a special place in our hearts but these earrings go above and beyond the competition in terms of quality, craftsmanship, materials and condition. Feature two...

Georgian Black Dot Paste Star Pendant - Gold Backed with Silver Settings

This Georgian black dot Paste star pendant is one of the finest pieces from the Georgian era we've ever held in our collection here at Lillicoco.  It is rare that we would describe an items condition as perfect, but here it is justified.  There is nothing we would want to change about this beautiful piece, and for something around 200...

Georgian 'Croix de Saint Lo' Black Dot Paste Cross c.1800

Make a statement wherever you are with this stunning genuine Georgian Cross pendant! One can only imagine the delectable parties this antique pendant has seen in its life, being swung across the room at a masquerade ball twinkling fiercely as it catches the candlelight with every turn. Black dot Pastes were made by painting black dots on the foiled backing to create the illusion of collate...

15ct Gold Georgian Watch Key Pendant, with Chain c.1800

Put a spin on life with this stunning Georgian watch key pendant! Crafted from the finest 15ct yellow Gold this pendant is guaranteed to add an edge of elegance to anyone's life. Hung on a watch chain suspended at the waist and used to wind up the owner's pocket watch daily, watch keys were an essential item in Georgian times. Being...

Georgian 9ct Gold Fob Pendant with Pearl Flower c.1820

We do love fob pendants at Lillicoco, and this solid Gold Georgian pendant is a great example of why! With deep decorative scrolls and expertly executed repousse Goldwork, it's easy to understand why antique jewellery is so sought after.  What makes this Georgian fob pendant so unique is the blank base. It's an ideal item to be personalised with an engraving...

Antique Georgian Silver Paste Brooch c.1820

One of our absolute favourite brooches in the collection, this gorgeous Georgian Silver Paste brooch features a squared-off oval outline of the most dazzling Diamond-like gems you'd ever wish to see! Made in the early 1800's, this piece exemplifies why we are so fascinated with antique Georgian jewellery today. It's chic, it's elegant, charming, but most of all is a...

9ct Gold Antique Turquoise Diamond Cluster Ring c.1830

This fine antique Turquoise and Diamond cluster ring is one of the prettiest Turquoise rings we've ever had the pleasure of looking after! Made during the late Georgian to early Victorian period, circa 1820 to 1830, this ring is a masterpiece of design and craft! The sweeping shape of the 9ct Gold setting is perfectly balanced by the playful pop of bright Persian...

Georgian Amethyst and Citrine Pansy Brooch c.1820

This Georgian Amethyst and Citrine pansy brooch is a truly delectable antique jewel, with gems so bright and juicy they look good enough to eat! The brooch is crafted in fine Silver with beautiful 9ct Yellow Gold gilding. Circa 1820, it features a simple C-clasp typical of the era, and pretty bead-like decorations all along the perimeter.  A highly collectable piece, and...

Superb Georgian Cut Steel Tassel Earrings c.1800

If you're in love with antique cut steel jewellery like we are you'll adore these fabulous Georgian cut steel tassel earrings! These long metallic tassels were originally designed to glimmer in candlelight, way back during the 17th Century! But today they look just as good with a business suit as they do with an evening dress. It's amazing to think that...

15ct Gold Georgian Garnet and Opal Ring c.1819

It's rare to find Georgian jewellery in good condition, so we were astounded when we came across this Georgian Garnet and Opal ring! She's in fantastic condition and clearly been taken very good care of over the last 200 years!  There's something very special about Georgian jewellery design and this ring is no exception! The detail and craftsmanship that has gone...

Antique Georgian Cut Steel Bracelet with Rose Gold Clasp c.1800

This rare and extremely collectable Cut Steel bracelet is a real piece of history from the Georgian era! And we're thrilled to offer it in such amazing condition.  Cut Steel jewellery has been documented in England from the early 18th Century (some argue it was in use as far back as the 16th Century!) and designs were made for a wide variety of items; from...

Antique 9ct Gold Shaker Locket, with Chain - Georgian Gold Shaker Locket c.1820

A rare antique 9ct Gold shaker locket full to the brim with deliciously decadent jewels! Opals, Pearls and natural rough Diamonds cascade within its glass chamber... and the whole lot are enveloped in deeply-carved Gold. Here we have a genuine Regency era locket, from the late 1700's to early 1800's, offered in excellent antique condition.   On one side we see intricate...

Georgian Garnet Brooch, with Blonde Hair c.1820

A beautiful and most Georgian Garnet brooch full of personality! This exquisite antique Georgian brooch was made by hand during the early 1800's, and we can only imagine the love and care that went into crafting it. At the centre, a lock of rare blonde hair-work has been plaited and preserved under a glazed panel, whilst all around it a halo...

Stunning Silver Georgian Paste Pendant c.1830

A Georgian Paste pendant steeped in charm and history, glowing with sunny tones of lemon yellow... Here at Lillicoco we're completely hooked on antique Georgian jewellery- especially Georgian Paste! And this pendant is such a rare and lively jewel! It's set in Silver with a beautiful smooth domed back and the years have given it an attractive darkened patina. The...

Georgian Silver Amethyst & Diamond Brooch

This Georgian Diamond brooch is good enough to eat, with its glittering rose cut Diamonds (and one table cut Diamond!) and superb natural Amethyst centre-stone! Set in Silver with a Gold back as was customary at the time, this stunning antique brooch is the perfect size for daily wear. It's small enough to be worn discreetly by day on a...

Antique 9ct Gold Georgian Pearl Brooch Pendant, with Chain c.1820

There's something really special about this Georgian Pearl brooch... it's hard to put your finger on whether it's the natural luminous Pearls, the curved glass, beautiful shape or the combination of those with the Rose Gold, but all in all, it's a real delight!The brooch is set in mellow 9ct Rose Gold, and we've simply added a Rose Gold chain...

Antique Georgian Citrine and Paste Brooch, with Chain c.1830

This Georgian Citrine and Paste brooch is brimming with mystery and intrigue... It's beauty such that it's hard to believe it's nearly 200 years old! The brooch has been crafted with the ultimate care. Each stone was discovered, cut and polished by hand, then hand-set with a keen eye for detail.  The Paste gems are really beautiful! They still have...

Georgian Cut Steel Brooch c.1800

It's difficult to put the beauty and history encapsulated in this stunning cut steel brooch into words.  A genuine antique from the Georgian era, it was crafted some 200 years ago and yet..somehow it looks slick and modern! We can easily see it being worn on an oxidised silver chain or a black velvet ribbon about the neck, or pinned neatly at the...

18ct Gold Georgian Garnet & Diamond Ring

A sumptuous Georgian Garnet and Diamond ring crafted in 18ct Gold, full of the grace and splendour of a bygone age... The Georgians really did know how to seduce, didn't they? With glossy cherry red facets and glimmering pear-shaped rose cut Diamonds, this ring enthralls and delights! It's made from 18ct rose coloured Gold and has Silver settings around the...

Georgian Gold Watch Key Pendant with Foiled Garnet and Chain

This enchanting Georgian Gold watch key pendant is one of the cutest pieces of jewellery we've ever seen! If you love your jewellery sweet, feminine and unique then this one may be the perfect match for you! The key charm or pendant was very much a functional item during the Georgian era. Although it looks as pretty as a picture its main...

Rose Gold Georgian Agate Necklace c.1820

This charming 9ct Gold Agate necklace is a genuine piece of Georgian jewellery and is just as beguiling as the day it was made, over 200 years ago! The necklace is made from a beautiful Rose Gold King George III Era, Georgian brooch, thoughtfully converted to a necklace that can be worn for all occasions.  Understated and strangely contemporary-looking for...

Handcrafted Georgian Jewellery You’re Sure to Love

The Georgian period spanned from 1714 to 1837, making it the oldest of the major antique jewellery eras. Its pieces often feature exquisite metalwork full of depth and detail that can only be achieved with a high level of skilled artistry. They favoured rose-cut and flat-cut stones with large facets that were often foiled to enhance their natural beauty.

Explore our collection to see astonishing examples of such skill in our selection of pendants, earrings, brooches and Riviere necklaces.

Stunning Vintage Georgian Jewellery Motifs

Commonly featuring handcrafted 18ct Gold and Silver settings, vintage Georgian Jewellery was often very ornate with fantastic intaglio engraving, crimped collets and closed ‘button’ back settings. You’ll find that most of the pieces from this era used diamonds as well as colourful gemstones such as Garnets, Amethysts and Topaz that lend it a notably regal and vivid look.

Pieces of antique Georgian jewellery are hand-made works of art that are expertly crafted to be treasured for generations. These rare pieces make for cherished collector’s finds and are a sound investment for true antique jewellery lovers.