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Georgian Antique Shaker Locket with Amethysts, Garnets and Diamonds

Sumptuous Rococo embossed Gold dances around the glass framed Gemstones of this stunning Georgian shaker locket... One can almost imagine the sun setting at the end of a long and golden day looking at this locket, as blood-red Garnets, luminous Amethysts and sprinkles of rough Diamonds join together in a cacophony of colour that will gladden your heart. It's the perfect accessory for...

Studded Victorian Aesthetic Silver Locket with Beaded Edge - Fully Hallmarked

This studded Victorian Aesthetic Silver locket is as lovely as they come!  Fully decked out with a beaded edge, embossed detailing and that amazing row of punk studs down the middle; there's something here for everyone. You'll love the remarkable attention to detail, the chic Victorian aesthetic detailing and the exceptional condition of the piece.  It's the perfect wearable size; big...

Large Victorian Aesthetic Silver Locket with Rose Gold Flowers

This large Victorian Silver locket with rose gold flowers is the finest of its kind we've ever come across, and we've had some amazing examples before!  It has every single desirable feature that you could possibly be looking for, and is presented here in immaculate condition.  It's a museum-grade antique locket and we're immensely proud to hold it in our...

Silver Victorian Aesthetic Large Locket with Beaded Edge

This is a fabulous Silver Victorian Aesthetic large locket with a beaded edge. Behold in it's luxurious, beautiful glory! This majestic locket would look incredible with a chunky silver antique chain to match in size and stature.  It has a lovely domed front with intricate engraved markings of foliage that the Victorians so often loved to depict on their jewellery.  We...

Edwardian Gold Locket with Decorative Bow

A feminine and striking Edwardian Gold locket which has clearly been taken very good care of, ready for you to proudly wear it more than a hundred years after it was first created. The bold studded frame contrasts to the whimsically ornate bow perched on top. Stunning Rococo patterns reminiscent of the Georgian era have been carefully embossed across the surface of the bow,...

Victorian Aesthetic Silver Rectangular Locket

Let this Victorian aesthetic locket transport you to a bygone era. Engraved flowers dance across its surface like an untamed wild garden of symbolic romanticism. Leaves entwine with forget-me-nots symbolising true love, perhaps this locket was gifted as a secret love token during a time when such conversations were forbidden. The rectangular shape is unusual, making this antique locket the perfect piece of Victorian jewellery...

French Silver Art Nouveau Locket with Embossed Roses

This French Silver Art Nouveau Locket is just a delight to behold.  It has a simple elegance to it, and the embossed roses really lend it a romantic touch. The French really do know what it's about when it comes to style!  This piece is as versatile as it is charming.  Wear it on a short chain to sit just below...

15ct Gold Edwardian Locket with Pearl Border

What a darling Edwardian Gold locket that has come into our path here at Lillicoco! The sumptuous 15ct yellow Gold that holds this locket together is the perfect way to commemorate your loved ones who have passed which was so often used during the Edwardian era. Encased with a luxurious natural seed Pearl border sits a handsome young chap, and round...

Victorian Aesthetic Silver Locket with Rose and Green Gold Detail

Highly ornate and beautifully decorated this Victorian Aesthetic locket is the ultimate piece of Victorian jewellery to be added to your collection.  A striking star embossed border engulfs the delightful display of textures and patterns that make up this superb piece of antique jewellery. The Gold details on the flower and leaves elevate it to another level! The Victorians were keen...

Edwardian 9ct Rose Gold and Pearl Locket

A delicate and feminine Edwardian 9ct rose Gold locket perfect for those who love understated antique jewellery! Warm Rose Gold gives the impression of a deep burning sun bursting with energy as your gaze follows the scrolled wire work, emphasised by the ribbed texture catching the light as you move. Effervescent Seed Pearls evenly dotted between the scrolls add a touch...

French Art Nouveau Silver Locket with Repousse Flowers c.1890

The most whimsical Art Nouveau Silver locket we have in our current collection! This superb piece of antique jewellery has many desirable aspects making her a fantastic collector's piece and a welcome addition to any woman's jewellery collection.  Handcrafted in France over a century ago, she encapsulates the Art Nouveau aesthetic perfectly and is reminiscent of the artwork and architecture we all...

Antique Silver Locket with Holly Leaf Motif c.1890

Sweet and versatile, this pretty antique Silver locket is the perfect size for everyday wear. Her simple textured holly leaf design entices the eye whilst the smooth Silver surface feels gorgeous on! Handcrafted in France over a century ago one can only admire the craftsmanship that went into creating this adorable Art Nouveau locket. The attention to detail is superb and the light...

Stunning Art Nouveau Guilloche Enamel Locket with Flowers - Double Sided on Silver

This Art Nouveau Guilloche Enamel Locket is truly a sight to behold!  Its delicate feminine beauty is only enhanced by the remarkable level of craftsmanship that has been applied in its design and creation. The simple round shape of the locket is reflected in the wonderful hand-enamelled floral wreath of pink roses and bright green leaves that adorns its face.  On...

Edwardian 9ct Gold and Pearl Shaker Locket with Rough Diamonds

Only the most luxurious materials have been used to handcraft this exquisite Edwardian shaker locket, making her fit for a Queen!  Exuding antique charm she'd make a welcome addition to any woman's jewellery collection and sure to be treasured for years to come. Scalloped solid Gold settings bear an infinite circle of lustrous Pearls with a landscape of rough Diamonds...

Edwardian 9ct Gold Heart Locket with Engraved Birds

This darling Edwardian 9ct Gold heart locket with engraved birds is sure to tug at your heartstrings.   It's such a beautiful sentimental statement to have a picture of your loved one close to your heart. Especially when the vessel holding that special someone is itself a gorgeous antique Rose Gold love heart, beautifully engraved with birds and decorative flowers.  One of the birds...

Antique Edwardian Shaker Locket with Rough Diamonds and 9ct Gold Chain

This sweet and glamorous Edwardian shaker locket is perfect for adding a touch of antique charm to your everyday life! Crafted from Sterling Silver and Rose Gold, she boasts a border of glittering hand-cut Paste gemstones and an 18" solid 9ct Rose Gold chain.The panel on the back os the Edwardian shaker locket is easily open and closed, giving you...

Victorian Silver Locket with Buckle Motif c.1900

Symbolising eternal love, fidelity and protection, the buckle motif that adorns the front of this sweet Victorian Silver locket is steeped in antique romanticism. Crafted from Sterling Silver her simple yet striking design is perfect for everyday wear! The buckle motif has a lovely hand engraved detail that contrasts nicely with the plain surface of the locket, and it's this attention to detail that makes all...

Victorian Aesthetic Silver Oval Locket

A magnificent example of antique jewellery, this Victorian Aesthetic locket is wonderfully whimsical and offered in pristine condition! Each side boasts its own unique pattern, which way round will you wear it today? On one side two forget-me-nots sit in its centre with leaves leading your gaze out towards a display of circles layered on top of a belt. On the...

18ct Gold Victorian Mourning Locket

This sweet locket is the ultimate piece of Victorian mourning jewellery. With a tiny seed Pearl symbolising a tear sitting in its centre with the black enamel adding a sombre tone to the buttery Gold surface. The perfectly symmetrical handpainted black enamel swirls around the curved locket, with hand embossed patterns creating a beautiful surface texture catching the light as she hangs from...

Romantic 9ct Gold Edwardian Heart Locket c.1905

This 9ct Gold Edwardian heart locket is so romantic with its embossed scrolled border and sweet swallow bird in flight! What could be more darling than a Gold, heart-shaped locket with a picture of your beloved inside? This antique 9ct Gold locket has an original photograph of a dashing young chap from the early 1900s inside and was most likely worn by...

Victorian Aesthetic Silver Locket with Sweet Bird in Flight c.1880

What a delightful Victorian aesthetic Silver locket we've discovered for you! The engravings are whimsical and dreamlike, portraying a swooping bird flying through the treetops, engaging in joyous birdsong and play! This pretty Silver locket would bring the owner so much pleasure and confidence knowing that its engravings are of such a happy nature... it'll make you feel as free as a bird!...

Antique 14ct Gold Locket with Sapphires & Pearls

This superb antique 14ct Gold Locket is such a rare and heart-warming treat! Antique Gold lockets are always difficult to find in good condition, but to find such a fine quality piece with such a striking design, paired with its glowing halo of natural cornflower-blue Sapphires is really one-in-a-million! The central glazed panel of the locket can be removed (with care!) and...

Antique 9ct Gold Oval Locket with Pretty Engravings c.1915

This charming 9ct Yellow Gold engraved oval locket is such a beautiful, stylish number. Yes it's just over 100 years old but it has that ageless charm about it that almost makes it look modern!  The front face of the Gold oval locket has some gorgeous antique engravings. Ivy leaves are embossed around a vacant cartouche which would look stunning...

Victorian Aesthetic Locket with 9ct Gold Detail c.1881

One of the most beautifully ornate Victorian Aesthetic lockets we've had the pleasure of coming across! Skillfully hand engraved and embossed foliage adorn the surface of this romantic locket interlinking Yellow Gold forget-me-nots, Green Gold leaves and Rose Gold scrolled patterns. What a fantastically stylish way to add a touch of antique glamour to your everyday outfit! This Victorian locket really is...

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Whether you’re buying a vintage locket for yourself or a loved one, they are a sentimental choice for any occasion. Our collection of antique lockets includes a wide range of brilliant Art Deco, Edwardian, Victorian, and Georgian designs that perfectly express the distinguishing styles of their respective eras.

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What Makes Our Vintage & Antique Lockets Spectacular

Antique lockets are treasured pieces that always carry an air of history and sentimentality. They’re unique and beautiful creations that make thoughtful gifts and are also great pieces to wear every day as part of your own personal collection.

Our curated antique locket collection features pieces in a variety of shapes, sizes and styles. We source pieces which are beautifully designed in gold and silver, so every individual locket has its own unique charm. If you cherish owning valuable pieces that retain a timeless appeal, an antique locket is definitely the way to go!