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Antique Gold Locket with Turquoise and Natural Seed Pearls

Beautifully bright and sunny this antique Gold locket puts a smile on everyone's face! The attention to detail on this Edwardian locket is just astounding, with beautifully embossed decorations on both sides and hand engraved patterns on the edges one can only admire the craftsmanship that went into creating this piece. Turquoise and natural seed Pearls adorn the front to form...

Large Victorian Silver Locket with Rose Gold and Yellow Gold Detail c.1882

Step into the Lillicoco office and feast your eyes on this superb Victorian Silver locket!  When it comes to style the Victorians had it down, and this antique locket is as trendy today as it was when it was first created almost 150 years ago! With rows of skillfully embossed patterns surrounding a beautifully feminine floral design in Rose and Yellow Gold...

9ct Gold Edwardian Oval Locket - Back and Front

This 9ct Gold Edwardian oval locket is so sweet.  This is a classic design, with many period features which are commonly seen in Victorian jewellery.  The ivy leaf engravings, the shield and the foliate mount where the bale is attached all appear frequently in pieces from this era. This locket is packed with sentimental symbolism.  Ivy leaves represent everlasting love, this...

Large Victorian Silver Beaded Repousse Locket

This locket is the epitome of all things Victorian! With rows upon rows of delectable repousse beads this Victorian Silver locket is a feast for the eyes! The beauty of this piece doesn't just stop at the surface, if you open the locket there's an extra surprise; a little secret for the wearer, the negative of the beaded surface adding extra depth and...

Vintage 9ct Gold "Puffy" Heart Locket with 16" Chain c.1948

9ct Gold "Puffy" Heart Locket This romantic 9ct Gold puffy heart-shaped locket was made just after World War II and bears English hallmarks for 1948. It's beautifully crafted from rich 9ct Yellow Gold and has pretty foliate engravings and tiny little flowers on both sides.  The locket has a "puffy" three-dimensional profile so it really looks beautiful catching the light...

Victorian Silver Oval Locket with Ornate Engraving - New product

This Victorian Silver Oval locket is entrancing!  The level of detail in the engraving is truly spectacular; you could spend hours staring into the patterns and swirls.  We love this 'edge-to-edge' engraving style, where the pattern covers the entire front face of the locket.  What a lovely piece of Victorian jewellery! The beauty of a locket like this is that you...

9ct Gold Antique Engine Turned Locket with Chain c.1840

This Victorian Gold locket is dainty and wonderfully demure! It's a superb piece of history that would make a welcome addition to any jewellery lovers collection. Featuring an intricately machine engraved pattern on each side, it reflects the light beautifully creating an optical illusion as it catches your eye. The curved profile compliments the textured surface perfectly, creating an all-over flawless little...

Rare Victorian 9ct Gold Locket with Buckle Motif c.1840

This rare Victorian 9ct Gold locket is an amazing piece of history and a genuine antique from the Victorian Era, circa 1840! It features a delicate and skillfully engraved belt or buckle motif symbolising an unbreakable and everlasting love... How romantic! Intricately machine engraved on both sides, the light catches it in such a way that it radiates light! It's a small, dainty...

Victorian Silver & Agate "Pebble" Locket, with Chain - Antique Silver Shaker Locket

This pretty little antique Silver and Agate locket is a real rarity! It features gorgeous slices of striped grey Agate inlaid into the front and a dainty "locket" compartment to the back. We've added a generous heap of natural rough Diamonds inside to create a "shake locket" (or "shaker locket"!) so it's super fun, and what's more, you get two...

Antique Silver Locket with Repousse Flowers

This Victorian Silver locket is quite unique in comparison to others we've had come through our doors. She has a flat profile with a beautiful repousse flower motif on the front that work together to create a striking appearance. This Victorian Silver locket is the perfect piece of jewellery for those who love easy-going antique pieces, she has that classic Victorian beading that we all...

Antique Gold Heart Locket with 18" Chain

If you're looking for an antique 9ct Gold heart locket this is really sweet! It's the perfect size for daily wear, with pretty engraved details and a cute embossed border that catches the light.  The locket looks beautiful no matter what the occasion or what the lighting conditions! We've simply added a simple 18" Gold chain so you can be...

Fine English Silver Victorian Aesthetic Locket c.1893

What a superb piece of Victorian Aesthetic jewellery! This large Victorian Silver locket is fine example of the period, with a stylish "button-down" design and deep, textured repousse designs.  The locket was made in England under the reign of Queen Victorian and is fully hallmarked with those charming over-sized antique hallmarks for Birmingham, and a date od 1893.  How remarkable to...

English Silver Victorian Aesthetic Locket c.1885

This wonderful English Silver Victorian Aesthetic locket is an exemplary piece of Victorian jewellery, crammed full of the quirky and coveted design details of the era! Her double row of stars, pretty engraving and over-sized bale are simply charming, and she looks great whatever the occasion. If you love Victorian Aesthetic Silver jewellery then you can't help but fall in love with...

Antique Silver Locket with Shells and Flowers (22.3g)

What a splendid example of Victorian repousse jewellery! This fine antique Silver locket was made during the Victorian era and is teaming with sweet and interesting patterns and textures. The front of the locket has been skillfully embossed with all manner of things; from tiny flowers, leaves and shells to ornate abstract hearts and flourishes- a pure feast for the eyes! It's a rather...

Victorian Silver Horseshoe Locket c.1889

This Victorian Silver Horseshoe Locket is such a stunning example of high quality Victorian design and craftsmanship, and the reason why we love Victorian jewellery here at Lillicoco!  Not only does this locket feature the beautifully intricate patterns that are so typical of this era, but also a spectacular horseshoe in the centre which is sure to capture the attention of...

Art Nouveau Enamel Rose Locket

This Art Nouveau Enamel Locket is one of the cutest we've seen here at Lillicoco! Handcrafted from high purity 800 Sterling Silver and Enamel this locket is the perfect piece of antique jewellery for everyday wear! Its pastel green guilloche decoration perfectly sets off the pretty little hand-painted pink roses creating such an endearing piece of jewellery! Wear it every day...

Small Victorian Aesthetic Double-sided Silver Locket

What mood are you in today? Would you like a classic Victorian leaf motif surrounded by beautifully embossed edges or an edgy Japanese aesthetic design? Either way this sweet little Victorian aesthetic Silver locket has got you covered, we just love the detail presented on each side! What more could you ask for from a piece of antique jewellery? As...

Art Nouveau Enamel Guilloche Locket

This cute Enamel Guilloche locket is a beautiful example of Art Nouveau jewellery. The light pastel colours, rose detail and skilful enamel work combine together to make this a perfect feminine pendant, filled with antique charm.  This adorable little guilloche locket is crafted from solid Sterling Silver, and boasts the most delightful pastel baby blue enamel guilloche with hand floral details. So...

Antique Silver Locket with Bird in Flight c.1884

This cute little antique Silver locket is so sweet and versatile! It looks great worn long or short on a simple Silver chain or on a velvet ribbon and will take you from day to evening in style. Here at Lillicoco we love Victorian Aesthetic lockets, and this darling is no exception! It has a pretty embossed or "repousse" pattern...

Embossed Victorian Revival Silver Locket c.1979

This lovely little vintage Silver locket is as cute as a button and will make a thoughtful gift for any occasion! It's made from hallmarked Sterling Silver and is a great size for everyday wear. It was made in the late 1970's during the Victorian revival period, and replicates the beautiful embossed or "repousse" designs that were so popular during the...

Antique Victorian Aesthetic Silver Oval Locket

A pretty antique Victorian Silver locket with loads of period details and plenty of character! This authentic antique Silver locket was made in the Victorian era towards the end of the 19th Century, circa 1880, and features so many quirks and details that were typical of the Victorian Aesthetic era. The simple domed oval shape was a firm favourite of the Victorian as it reflects...

Georgian Enamel Mourning Locket - Inscribed "18 June 1800"

A gorgeous Georgian enamel mourning locket in 9ct Rose Gold, offered in pristine condition. It's got to be said that Georgian jewellery has enjoyed somewhat of a renaissance of late (pun intended!) and we can easily see why! It's rare, it's regal and full of sentiment. What's more is that because of their great age Georgian lockets with glazed panels are...

Antique Victorian Aesthetic Silver Locket c.1893

A splendid antique Victorian aesthetic Silver locket in superb condition for its age! This beautiful antique locket would was made in England in the year 1893 under the reign of Queen Victoria, and is one of the most unusual lockets we've ever seen here at Lillicoco! It's a stunning example of Victorian repousse work, where the locket is painstakingly embossed with wonderful detail & texture. This...

Large 9ct Antique Gold Locket - "Many Happy Returns"

One of the most beautiful antique Gold lockets we've had the pleasure of having in our collection- this locket is truly a one-of-a-kind! Crafted from 9ct Yellow Gold it's easy to see the quality & craftsmanship in this piece. The embossed "repousse" design joyfully reads "MANY HAPPPY RETURNS"! -making this an ideal celebratory gift.  "Repousse" is the name given to precious metals...

Exquisite Vintage Lockets For Your Selection

Whether you’re buying a vintage locket for yourself or a loved one, they are a sentimental choice for any occasion. Our collection of antique lockets includes a wide range of brilliant Art Deco, Edwardian, Victorian, and Georgian designs that perfectly express the distinguishing styles of their respective eras.

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What Makes Our Vintage & Antique Lockets Spectacular

Antique lockets are treasured pieces that always carry an air of history and sentimentality. They’re unique and beautiful creations that make thoughtful gifts and are also great pieces to wear every day as part of your own personal collection.

Our curated antique locket collection features pieces in a variety of shapes, sizes and styles. We source pieces which are beautifully designed in gold and silver, so every individual locket has its own unique charm. If you cherish owning valuable pieces that retain a timeless appeal, an antique locket is definitely the way to go!