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Antique Silver Niello Chain with Gilded Links, Dog Clip & Bolt Ring

We love a nice antique Silver Niello chain here at Lillicoco and this really is a very fine example.  At its core, this necklace is made of Sterling Silver links which have been alternately treated with Niello stripes and Rose Gold plating.  The result is a gorgeous three tone statement necklace that is sure to draw the admiration of friends...

Rare Victorian Niello Chain with Enamel Detail

This rare Victorian Niello chain is as versatile as it is cool! A lovely niello chain necklace made of high-purity Silver with expertly placed dark grey enamel and alternating links of Yellow Gold plated Vermeil. It has the original large bolt ring and the niello dog-lip too, both of which feature enamel stripes creating a dramatic finish on each end. There are endless...

Antique Victorian Book Chain Necklace with Buckle Locket

What an absolutely stunning piece of antique jewellery this Victorian book chain necklace is! She really is the epitome of all things Victorian and offered in fantastic condition, anyone would be lucky to call her theirs! This antique necklace encapsulates everything we love about Victorian jewellery, she's bold, striking and exudes feminity down to every last detail. Perfectly symmetrical and...

Pretty Art Deco Silver Paste Necklace c.1935

Feel like you're walking on cloud 9 with this ethereal Art Deco Silver Paste necklace. Isn't she just exquisite?!  Created in Spain, circa 1935, she just emanates feminity and elegance! Watch her sparkle and shine as she sits proudly across your collarbones catching the eye of every passer-by. With the original chain still intact she would make the perfect addition to...

Edwardian 9ct Gold Medal Fob Pendant - England c.1911

This Edwardian 9ct Gold Medal harks from a time when winning a Gold medal really meant being awarded a real piece of precious metal!  And what a beautiful medal this is.  The shield motif is a classic feature of these fobs, and although they are often found with an inscription on the back this one is a blank slate! What...

Sweet Antique Silver Locket with Wildlife Scene, (plus Chain) c.1880

This sweet antique Silver locket is simply adorable, with its finely engraved wildlife scene and decorative textures and details! The locket is made in the "repousse" style- meaning the Silver has been pressed to create a striking embossed design. It was extremely popular during the late Victorian era and combined with the Japanese Aesthetic of the trees and delicate bird we can confidently date...

14ct Gold Vintage Abacus Charm Pendant with Chain c.1950

This vintage Gold abacus pendant is one of the coolest pieces of jewellery we've had come through our doors! Handcrafted in 14ct yellow Gold, this vintage charm is wonderfully tactile and a pleasure to behold! With 63 handmade moving Gold beads, you have to admire the skill that went into creating this playful vintage pendant. This vintage abacus could either be worn...

Stunning Art Deco Silver Paste Necklace c.1930

Here at Lillicoco, we adore Art Deco jewellery! It's glamorous, it's lively and it's elegant.. everything a wanna-be flapper could want! This beautiful Art Deco Silver Paste necklace is pristine, with 37 immaculate twinkling gemstones -faceted for pure brilliance! It's set in Sterling Silver with open-backed settings and it drapes beautifully on the neck. Rhodium plated for long-lasting quality and durability, it's a great investment...

Art Nouveau 9ct Rose Gold Spider Pendant c.1900

Whether you're a spider lover or just love all things Art Nouveau let this antique spider pendant weave a web of admiration around your neck!  The Art Nouveau era is known for drawing its inspiration from nature and when you see a necklace like this it's easy to understand why. With each leg having it's own uniquely stamped and shaped finish and...

9ct Gold Antique Amethyst Heart Pendant with Chain

What a delicious treat this antique Amethyst heart pendant is, and if you love Amethyst as much as we do then this antique pendant is definitely for you!  The Edwardians sure knew how make appealing jewellery and this pendant is particularly charming; a bursting Amethyst coated in thick warm yellow 9ct Gold and suspended on a delicate vintage chain, this genuine...

9ct yellow gold art deco fob medal engraved rum tum 1927 SUE

ERA:  Art Deco c.1927 MEASUREMENTS: The medal itself is 30mm Long without hook and 35mm in Length with the hook included. The medal's width is 20mm.Weight: 3.1g without chain and 4.6g with the chain attached.Resizing available on request - just send us a message to enquire! MATERIALS: 9ct Yellow Gold. HALLMARKS:   CONDITION:  Excellent/Very Good/Good SHIPPING:  All orders are shipped using DHL express...

Silver Arts & Crafts Moonstone Drop Necklace c.1900

This Arts & Crafts Moonstone drop necklace exemplifies everything that we love about that particular era of antique jewellery. This piece would have been entirely handmade by an expert artisan of the late 19th Century and that care and attention to detail really shines through. We particularly love the fancy Silver chain links to either side of the leaf banner and the...

Victorian Silver Acorn Charm Pendant with Chain

This sweet antique Silver acorn pendant is a fantastic example of Victorian jewellery and would make the perfect accessory for any woman.  The detail in the design is vividly accurate and the connection between the leaves and acorn allow for movement creating a playful element, such a lovely piece! There is something very alluring about the imitation of nature within jewellery,...

Rare Antique Niello Chain

A rare Victorian Niello chain that is as versatile as it is cool! This lovely niello chain necklace is made of fine high-grade Silver with expertly placed dark grey enamel and alternating links of Rose Gold plated Vermeil. It has the original large bolt ring and the niello dog-lip too.  There are so many fun ways to wear a piece of antique...

Antique 9ct Gold Turquoise & Pearl Bow Necklace c.1901

This cute 9ct Gold Turquoise and Pearl bow necklace is one of the sweetest items in our jewellery collection at the moment! How can we not fall in love with such a dainty and feminine jewel?! Understated, elegant and strangely contemporary-looking for an antique, this pretty Edwardian Pearl necklace is super versatile and really easy to wear. The pairing of Yellow Gold...

Fine Art Deco Rock Crystal Necklace - Art Deco Crystal "Flapper" Necklace c.1920

This fine Art Deco Rock Crystal necklace really is a sight for sore eyes! Whether you want something dazzling to wear out on the town or you need something fun yet sophisticated to spruce up your workwear, look no further... This 1920's Rock Crystal stunner has it all! The necklace consists of carefully cut and faceted Rock Crystal beads all expertly "strung"...

Antique Chalcedony and Rock Crystal Drop Necklace c.1900

All your dreams of green have come true with this rare antique Chalcedony drop necklace!  Make a statement with this expertly handcrafted necklace, she's sure the finest of her kind we've had come through our doors! A fine example of antique jewellery this necklace really ticks all the boxes; elegant, playful and forever timeless, what more could you possibly ask...

Fine Arts and Crafts Silver Chrysoprase Drop Necklace c.1890

This enthralling Arts and Crafts Silver Chrysoprase necklace crafted by hand and we can see by its fine condition that it's been well looked after for over a Century! Chrysoprase or green Chalcedony was said to be the favourite gem of Alexander the Great, and we can see why! Its vivid apple-green colouring is juicy and enticing, and its glowy, waxy...

Victorian Silver Book Chain Collar Necklace - Antique Silver "Coin" Necklace

Crafted in Victorian England in the late 1800's, this striking Victorian Silver book chain collar necklace is the perfect piece of jewellery to stand out from the crowd! It's been hand-made over 100 years ago and the craftsmanship that went into making it is fantastic! Each little Silver disc or "coin" has been handmade and hand-engraved, so as the light...

Antique Garnet Star Necklace - Victorian Garnet Necklace

Garnets for days! You really could get lost in the splendour of this antique Garnet necklace, and if you're into Garnets already then this piece is definitely for you!  This antique necklace captures the Victorian jeweller's sentiments throughout; not a single detail has been over-looked nor has the complexity of design been a deterrent and now you get to reap the...

Stunning Art Deco Silver Paste Necklace // Art Deco Paste Pendant c.1920

This stunning Art Deco Silver Paste necklace exudes the grace and glamour of the 1920's.  Art Deco jewellery is known and loved throughout the world for its elegant and striking architectural designs and simple colourways. Here we see blue and white Paste gems are favoured above the usual monochrome, and we see not one, but two sensational "target" designs that...

Art Nouveau Amethyst and Pearl Drop Necklace

We are totally in love with this Art Nouveau Amethyst drop necklace, there really is no better combination than Amethyst and Pearl especially when adorned by intricate Silver detail - she emits endless femininity and sophistication!  The faceted cuts on the Amethysts catch the light beautiful as you move, and the three drops add and extra playful element creating an exciting...

Art Nouveau 14ct Gold Opal Pendant with Chain c.1910

Oh, what a sight for sore eyes! ... A garland of sumptuous Rose Gold swirls and leaves surround a large 1.09ct Opal drop, and it moves gracefully as turn about the room.  The top of the pendant is embellished with a flourish of foliage (possibly grapes?!) and yet another gorgeous Opal cabochon! It's difficult to accurately describe Opals in a way which...

Art Deco Silver Rock Crystal Necklace c.1920

This fabulous Art Deco Silver rock crystal necklace is truly a beautiful piece of Art deco jewellery. It glistens magically day or night, and the trembling droplets dance as you move. The necklace is set with five immaculate natural rock crystals which rest elegantly on the collarbone, and we love the unique way they've been faceted... The front of each gem is cut...

Treasured Heirloom Antique Necklaces

Discover our growing collection of treasured necklaces hailing from the Georgian, Edwardian and Victorian eras. The pieces you see here are remnants from the golden ages of jewellery production, each a testament to the artful design of their time.

Whether you have your heart set on a Victorian paste necklace or a unique Art Deco piece, just take a peek at our collection and see what we have available!

Fabulous Vintage Necklaces

Our selection of vintage necklaces are made from a variety of different materials such as crystal, glass, and amber. Here at Lillicoco, each vintage necklace you’ll find has been chosen for its individual beauty and artistic merit.

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