Edwardian Jewellery

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Antique Silver Paste Star Charm Pendant c.1903

Here we have an impeccably kept antique Silver Paste star charm pendant to feast your eyes upon!   This delightful pendant has the most gorgeous white Paste sparkling inside its Silver star design, brightly showing off its ageless beauty almost as if it has stolen a piece of starlight and trapped it inside this pendant. It's that sparkly and we love...

9ct Gold Edwardian Amethyst Rivière Necklace (33.14ct)

This exquisite 9ct Gold Edwardian Amethyst rivière necklace has a grace like no other we've come across before here at Lillicoco!  Each of the thirteen Amethyst gemstones, which all sit in a neat and elegant row shine with sumptuous tones of sparkling purple and indigo in the most mesmerising way. Perfection! The Gold settings which hold the Amethysts in place are...

Antique 9ct Gold Edwardian Diamond Stud Earrings

What a simply stunning pair of Antique 9ct Gold Edwardian Diamond stud earrings we have for you to behold! These beautiful, dainty little Diamond studs have a story to tell... once upon a time they were part of an Edwardian brooch, but we decided to convert them into a pair of gorgeous stud earrings to enhance their beauty tenfold!  Let these Diamonds...

18ct Gold Edwardian Aquamarine Solitaire Ring

Oh what a glorious sight this 18ct Gold Edwardian Aquamarine solitaire ring is to see!  There is something so incredible about a solitaire ring where the gemstone, like this perfect antique Aquamarine, sits centre stage undisturbed by any other gem trying to show off. The simplicity of it is just so effortlessly beautiful and we adore it!  The colour of...

Antique Solitaire Diamond Ring (0.50ct)

The most striking antique Diamond solitaire ring we currently have in our collection, she'd make a fine engagement ring! Ornately engraved Platinum tiptoes the border of the brilliant Diamond, creating an infinite pool of glimmer catching the light from every direction. Your gaze is guided down the Diamond encrusted shoulders towards the Gold band which wraps around your finger in undeniable luxury....

9ct Rose Gold Antique Moonstone and Pearl Drop Earrings

These are just the most divine 9ct Rose Gold Antique Moonstone and Pearl drop earrings we've ever had the pleasure of coming across! The two Moonstones have the most beautiful, ethereal mystic blue hue running through them that are just out-of-this-world stunning. Between these Moonstones are three natural seed Pearls that add a little mischievous sparkle and glamour, like three...

Edwardian Gold Locket with Decorative Bow

A feminine and striking Edwardian Gold locket which has clearly been taken very good care of, ready for you to proudly wear it more than a hundred years after it was first created. The bold studded frame contrasts to the whimsically ornate bow perched on top. Stunning Rococo patterns reminiscent of the Georgian era have been carefully embossed across the surface of the bow,...

Blue Edwardian Silver & Enamel Pendant with Pearl - Silver Chain Included

This blue Edwardian Silver & Enamel pendant is one of those antique pieces which still feels completely at place in the 21st century.  We love finding pieces like these which still have a contemporary feel even a hundred years after they were made! You'll love the fine embossed details in the blue enamel ring, the harmonious ensemble of the materials and...

15ct Gold Edwardian Locket with Pearl Border

What a darling Edwardian Gold locket that has come into our path here at Lillicoco! The sumptuous 15ct yellow Gold that holds this locket together is the perfect way to commemorate your loved ones who have passed which was so often used during the Edwardian era. Encased with a luxurious natural seed Pearl border sits a handsome young chap, and round...

Edwardian 9ct Rose Gold and Pearl Locket

A delicate and feminine Edwardian 9ct rose Gold locket perfect for those who love understated antique jewellery! Warm Rose Gold gives the impression of a deep burning sun bursting with energy as your gaze follows the scrolled wire work, emphasised by the ribbed texture catching the light as you move. Effervescent Seed Pearls evenly dotted between the scrolls add a touch...

14ct Gold Antique Moonstone Ring (2.71ct)

If you love antique Moonstone jewellery, then look no further! This antique Moonstone ring is simple, bold and just exudes that antique charm we just love. There's no question about who's the star of this show, the large 2.71ct Moonstone cabochon sits proudly on the finger with its curvaceous form capturing the light and retaining a spec of magic beneath its...

Antique Sapphire Diamond Cluster Ring - 18ct Gold Edwardian Sapphire Ring

We love the design of this wonderful antique Sapphire Diamond cluster ring... A beautiful natural blue Sapphire nestles in amongst a halo of sparkling rose cut Diamonds, and the sumptuous Yellow Gold setting compliments the gems perfectly! The Gold itself is high purity 18ct Gold and inside the band we can see the coveted original antique hallmarks! The ring was...

Stunning Art Nouveau Guilloche Enamel Locket with Flowers - Double Sided on Silver

This Art Nouveau Guilloche Enamel Locket is truly a sight to behold!  Its delicate feminine beauty is only enhanced by the remarkable level of craftsmanship that has been applied in its design and creation. The simple round shape of the locket is reflected in the wonderful hand-enamelled floral wreath of pink roses and bright green leaves that adorns its face.  On...

Antique Silver and Enamel Oak Leaf and Yellow Acorn Charm Pendant.

This is such a lovely antique Silver and Enamel oak leaf charm pendant, the detailing is just darling!  We love the pretty colouring on the oak leaf and acorn. It has a powerful little uniqueness and charm that you can only find in an antique gem such as this.  The oak leaf and the acorn symbolise endurance and strength from...

Edwardian 9ct Gold and Pearl Shaker Locket with Rough Diamonds

Only the most luxurious materials have been used to handcraft this exquisite Edwardian shaker locket, making her fit for a Queen!  Exuding antique charm she'd make a welcome addition to any woman's jewellery collection and sure to be treasured for years to come. Scalloped solid Gold settings bear an infinite circle of lustrous Pearls with a landscape of rough Diamonds...

Antique 9ct Gold Aquamarine Diamond and Pearl Brooch

What a sight for sore eyes this antique 9ct Gold, Aquamarine, Diamond and Pearl brooch is. She's certainly one of the most beautiful and ornate pieces of jewellery we've ever had the pleasure of holding in our collection. This stunning brooch boasts elegance and grace with a unique and opulent design. The gorgeous, sparkling ice blue Aquamarine catches your eye...

Antique Edwardian Shaker Locket with Rough Diamonds and 9ct Gold Chain

This sweet and glamorous Edwardian shaker locket is perfect for adding a touch of antique charm to your everyday life! Crafted from Sterling Silver and Rose Gold, she boasts a border of glittering hand-cut Paste gemstones and an 18" solid 9ct Rose Gold chain.The panel on the back os the Edwardian shaker locket is easily open and closed, giving you...

Antique Five Stone Opal Ring c.1900

This antique 18ct Gold five stone Opal ring is such a lovely representation of Edwardian craftsmanship and design. It is a simple style that exudes the elegance and class of its time. We just love how the creator of this beautiful ring placed the five Opal gemstones. If you look at these sumptuous stones in different lights you'll see that they have discreetly chosen...

9ct Rose Gold Antique Sapphire and Diamond Cluster Ring

An exquisite antique Sapphire and Diamond ring fit for a Queen! Boasting one of the prettiest Sapphires we've ever seen and surrounded by the most superb old cut Diamonds, you really couldn't ask for more from an antique Sapphire ring!Flashes of light blue skirting around the deep royal abyss, be sure not to get lost gazing at this stunning piece of...

Antique Holly Leaf Charm Pendant & Chain c.1900

Super sweet and versatile, this antique holly leaf charm pendant is the perfect way to add a touch of antique charm to your everyday wear!  Handcrafted over a century ago, we just love the attention to detail in this unique and festive charm. The delicate veins on the back of the leaves and the glossy green enamel is astonishing, and...

Edwardian 18ct Gold and Platinum Seven Stone Diamond Cluster Ring

What a splendid Edwardian 18ct Gold and Platinum seven stone Diamond cluster ring for you to feast your eyes on!  The warm 18ct Gold wraps luxuriously round the finger, holding up the gloriously glamorous Diamond cluster. Each of these old cut Diamonds are a beautiful bright white, they're a lovely size and how they're designed gives off the impression of...

Antique French Crescent Moon Brooch

There really is nothing more romantic than crescent moon jewellery and what a fine example this antique brooch is! Symbolising strength and guidance she's the ultimate talisman to bring you feminine strength and empowerment. Crafted from Sterling Silver over a century ago, she features a row of 23 delightfully bright hand cut and polished Paste gemstones. Each Paste has a clear foiled backing reflecting the...

Romantic 9ct Gold Edwardian Heart Locket c.1905

This 9ct Gold Edwardian heart locket is so romantic with its embossed scrolled border and sweet swallow bird in flight! What could be more darling than a Gold, heart-shaped locket with a picture of your beloved inside? This antique 9ct Gold locket has an original photograph of a dashing young chap from the early 1900s inside and was most likely worn by...

Antique Diamond and Sapphire Cluster Ring c.1900

This antique Diamond and Sapphire cluster ring is a superb example of antique jewellery and is in astounding condition throughout!  Bright 18ct Yellow Gold holds a fallen star with a Diamond in her centre. Deep blue Sapphire petals bloom outwards and glimmer wildly on your finger and a vibrant show of rose cut Diamonds dance along her pretty shoulders.We love...

The Origins of Elegant Edwardian Jewellery

Edwardian jewellery, as its name suggests, hailed from the reign of Edward VII which lasted from 1901 to 1910 and coincided with the Belle Epoque movement in France. It directly superseded the Victorian era, and you often see overlap in styles between these periods.

What’s particularly evident in Edwardian jewellery is the inspiration it has taken from 18th-century traditions. Its design sensibility is noteworthy for its lavish use of precious stones, particularly diamonds. The result? Attention-grabbing pieces that are polished and refined in all their glory!

Refined Vintage Edwardian Jewellery Pieces to Suit Your Style

We have a wide range of Edwardian jewellery pieces here at Lillicoco, from fine diamond boat rings to beautiful hand-engraved lockets, there’s a piece for every occasion.

If you’re looking for jewellery that’s both glamorous and practical for modern-day wear then Edwardian jewellery is right for you. They’re known for the classics: chunky old cut diamond rings, feminine necklaces and fine quality gemstones including Sapphires, Rubies and Emeralds. They also excelled in their use of Paste, making lavish designs more affordable.

Inspired by Rococo, antique Edwardian Jewellery pieces are often adorned with garlands, flowers and bows. Often thought of as the most ladylike of the antique jewellery eras, the pieces were light, intricate and eminently elegant.