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Antique Garnet Pearl Cluster Ring in 15ct Gold

This pretty antique Garnet Pearl cluster ring is one of the prettiest Victorian cluster rings we've ever seen! With a halo of plum coloured Almandine Garnets and a soft pink natural Pearl centre, it's sweet, feminine and really easy to wear. The gems are set in 15ct Gold and the tapered and curved band feels lovely to run your fingers...

Art Deco Platinum Wedding Band (6mm)

Here we have a lovely Art Deco Platinum wedding band that just oozes originality and confidence with its solid, minimal approach.  This ring can be worn simply by itself on the wedding finger as first it was designed for. Or try it out on any other finger day to day showing off that cool, Art Deco ease and elegance that...

Antique Rose Gold Turquoise and Garnet Trilogy Ring

What a sweet early Victorian antique rose Gold Turquoise and Garnet trilogy ring this is!  The triangular shape of the gorgeous, twinkling purple Garnet contrasts superbly with the two circular and lively Turquoise cabochons sitting either side of the Garnet showing such a great pop of colour!  There are two Rose Gold flowers placed either side of the Turquoise which adds a...

Art Deco Platinum Wedding Ring - Orange Blossom Art Deco Wedding Band

This Art Deco Platinum wedding ring is full of Art Deco charm and would make the perfect wedding band for any lucky bride. It has a simple orange blossom design- synonymous with Art Deco weddings band- symbolising growth, new beginnings and hope. Simple, elegant and absolutely charming, it's a lovely thing to wear and admire! This pretty vintage Platinum wedding ring...

Lovely Edwardian 18ct Gold Five Stone Diamond Ring

Bedazzle your senses with this incredible Edwardian 18ct Gold five stone Diamond ring... Each of these vivid bright white Diamonds shines brighter than its neighbour creating a stunning show of never-ending sparkles!  The 18ct Gold holds up the Diamonds perfectly without drawing attention away from them with the lovely, calm and warm hues of the Gold, working harmoniously against the...

Vintage 9ct Gold Garnet Ring - Victorian Revival Garnet Ring

This lovely little vintage Gold Garnet ring is an absolute delight! Made from 9ct Yellow Gold and set with the juiciest deep red Garnet cabochon it's just full of charm! Although it's very much of a Victorian style this ring was actually made in the year 1980 and is fully hallmarked English Gold.  Its slender profile makes it perfect for stacking, and...

18ct Gold Wedding Ring with Single Diamond

This is a gorgeous 18ct Gold wedding ring with a single Diamond that exudes a subtle Vintage elegance that is second to none!  The yellow Gold is soft, smooth and oh so luxurious, running all the way around the band with a minimalist design. There is a slight rise at the front of the band which adds a curvy and organic...

18ct Gold Georgian Mourning Ring with French Jet c.1816

This Georgian 18ct Gold mourning ring is a stunning testimony to the craftmanship Georgian jewellery. Made with comforting warm 18ct Gold which wraps elegantly around a cluster of dark, twinkling Jet sits a central glazed oval panel. The smooth closed-back setting is lovingly hand-inscribed; "Dorothy Neate, 0b. 11 april 1816, 58". Georgian rings were often worn as a beautiful sentiment, in memory of a loved one (either living...

Art Deco Platinum 2mm Wide Band

Simple and elegant this Art Deco Platinum band is the perfect way to add a touch of vintage charm to any outfit! With undeniable understated grace, this vintage ring would be perfect for stacking alongside all your other favourite bands. Its curved surface feels soft and luxurious against the skin when worn, making it the perfect everyday accessory.Stylish enough to wear...

Edwardian Diamond Cluster Ring (0.20ct)

Adorn your finger with the sweetest Edwardian cluster ring we have seen to date! A dainty Platinum flower sits in the heart of this antique ring, displaying a 0.20ct Diamond cluster. Simply stunning! Bright, warm 18ct Yellow Gold wraps itself around your finger and splits off into two prongs, clasping the Diamond fower with a soft elegance only seen with genuine antique...

Victorian Five Stone Diamond Boat Ring (0.40ct)

Every woman should have a Victorian five stone Diamond ring in their collection, and what a fine example this is. Displaying 0.40cts of Diamonds twinkling brightly from every direction she's sure to grab your attention and not let it go once you lay your eyes upon her fabulous splendour! Wide claw settings grasp the Diamonds allowing the light to shine through,...

Antique Paste Ring in Silver and 9ct Gold

What a glorious piece of unique history being showcased here in this gorgeous antique Paste ring in Silver and 9ct Gold!  Split between two eras, Georgian and Victorian, this ring has confidently come into her own! The face was made in the Georgian period, boasting masterfully hand cut white Paste which has aged remarkably well, still shining and gleaming beautifully whenever...

Vintage 22ct Gold Wedding Band

Here we have a lovely Vintage 22ct Gold wedding band, simple yet sultry with such high quality Gold! This gorgeous ring boasts a fully hallmarked display on the inside of the ring which helps us to understand the story that goes with this sixty-year-old Vintage beauty! The beautiful tones of the Gold are so comforting and warm, unique with its age! ...

Art Deco Six Stone Diamond Ring (0.65ct)

Elegant and stylish, this Art Deco Diamond ring is perfect for everyday wear! Featuring six expertly faceted cushion cut Diamonds twinkling brightly across your finger. Smooth straight lines and light curves display the Diamonds in an undeniably tasteful manner, any woman would be lucky to call this ring hers! Her level profile makes this Art Deco ring ideal for stacking alongside your...

18ct Gold and Platinum Art Deco Ruby and Diamond Ring

What a stunning 18ct Gold and Platinum Art Deco Ruby and Diamond Ring.  It is truly a pleasure to share this gorgeous piece with you!  This Art Deco ring has a glorious Platinum and Gold architectural setting. It's utterly stunning; both structurally and aesthetically pleasing, exuding those classic Ar Deco features that we all love so much! The stepped illusion-set...

Platinum Art Deco Diamond Panel Ring - 0.60cts

This vintage 1920's Platinum Art Deco Diamond panel ring is truly one of the finest pieces we've ever had the pleasure of holding in our collection.  Everything about it radiates quality, elegance and delicate grace.  Slip this ring upon your finger and be amazed! Crafted by hand from the finest materials available and with the precision of a master jeweller, everything about...

Art Deco 18ct Gold and Platinum "Toi et Moi" Diamond Ring - 0.75ct

This is a truly stunning Art Deco18ct Gold and Platinum "Toi et Moi" Diamond Ring, exuding pure class and antique style.  "Toi et Moi" literally translates to "You and Me". This ring represents eternal unity and love captured by the intertwining Diamonds with the supportive pure Gold. A romantic symbolic gesture of true love and companionship!  Perhaps the perfect engagement ring for...

Antique Victorian Solitaire Diamond Ring (0.35ct)

Held proudly in the heart of this antique Victorian solitaire ring is a radiant 0.35ct cushion cut Diamond that will take your breath away.  Its beauty is captivating. You won't be able to take your eyes off her! Deep scrolled patterns adorn the shoulders decorating either side of the setting, whose wide claws curve around the Diamond to create a...

22ct Gold Wedding Band - 2mm

This 22ct Gold wedding band proves that there is beauty in simplicity.  This vintage ring is perfect in every way!   You'll love the warm golden yellow tone of the band, its slim-yet-solid thickness and the phenomenal condition in which it has remained to this day.  Particularly remarkable when you consider that this piece of treasure is almost 70 years old! As...

Art Deco Diamond Panel Ring in 18ct Gold & Platinum - 0.35cts

This Art Deco Diamond panel ring is a rare beauty indeed.  Featuring twenty-seven dazzling Diamonds set in a symmetrical geometric pattern, this ring radiates elegance and grace.You'll love the quality of the Diamonds, the intricacy and precision displayed in the Platinum settings and the poise that this ring has on your finger.  Sparkly enough to catch your eye throughout the day and...

Art Deco 18ct Gold and Platinum Heart Shaped Ring

What a sweet Art Deco 18ct Gold and Platinum heart-shaped ring to have graced us with its presence!  We love how dainty and demure this gorgeous heart shaped ring is, laced with that fantastic structural Art Deco style. We love how the intricately designed shoulders rise up the heart setting, featuring a stunning Diamond twinking in its centre. The shoulders and...

18ct Gold Edwardian Aquamarine Solitaire Ring

Oh what a glorious sight this 18ct Gold Edwardian Aquamarine solitaire ring is to see!  There is something so incredible about a solitaire ring where the gemstone, like this perfect antique Aquamarine, sits centre stage undisturbed by any other gem trying to show off. The simplicity of it is just so effortlessly beautiful and we adore it!  The colour of...

Victorian Five Stone Opal Ring

A Victorian five stone Opal ring in fantastic antique condition. Elegantly chased shoulders draw your gaze to scrolled golden waves curling around the gallery proudly displaying five vivid Opals. Snippets of glowing pink, green and blue are shrouded in a lilac haze, as though the cabochons were carved from the aurora borealis out of the depths of the Northern sky. Delicate yet sturdy settings...

Art Deco Square Diamond Cluster Ring (0.20ct)

An Art Deco Diamond cluster ring offered in magnificent condition throughout. With nine Diamonds happily twinkling across the square panel, she makes for a unique piece of vintage jewellery, sure to make a welcome addition to your collection. Understated elegance, just enough to add a touch of vintage charm to any outfit. Her robust Diamonds set in a bright Platinum...

Classic Vintage & Antique Rings By the Finest Jewellers

Antique rings make for perfect gifts because of their one-of-a-kind, timeless aesthetic allowing them to be treasured forever. From Art Deco to Victorian and Edwardian jewellery, find rings from every era to suit your preference.

Here at Lillicoco, you’ll discover exquisite finds from solitaires to cluster rings as well as spectacular diamond rings set in gold and platinum.

Each vintage ring is a distinctive heirloom featuring designs where the skilled craftsmanship is clear to see. Our antique ring collections going as far back as the 1800s!

Our Wonderful Collection of Vintage Rings

Vintage rings are sought after today for their distinctively elegant appearance. Each ring represents a different part of history, beautifully reflecting the era from which it originated. Browsing the Lillicoco antique and vintage ring collection will take you on a trip through history and is time well spent if you’re looking for rings that are a bit out of the ordinary!

Whether you prefer diamonds or gemstones set in your ring, you’ll find the perfect style in our assortment of antique rings!