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Art Deco Citrine and Marcasite Dress Ring

Stand out from the crowd with this impressive Art Deco Citrine dress ring!  Handcrafted from Silver almost a century ago, one can only begin to imagine the lavish parties this vintage ring would have attended! Grandiosely decorated and Marcasite encrusted shoulders leading up the splendid Citrine centrepiece, there's really no ignoring this piece of vintage jewellery! This Art Deco dress ring...

Art Deco Emerald and Diamond Ring

This sweet Art Deco ring is as versatile as it is unique. It's not every day we come across Emeralds, especially on Art Deco jewellery, so this vintage ring is a real treat! With a mint green Emerald in its centre, this ring is the epitome of Art Deco design; it's simple, beautifully understated and exudes elegance. The craftsmanship is...

Antique Five Stone Diamond Boat Ring

This antique Diamond ring is a Diamond lover's dream! With five fierce old cut Diamonds set in a warm 18ct yellow Gold band, who could argue that Diamonds aren't a girl's best friend?!Classic and simple this antique ring is the perfect understated piece of Edwardian jewellery for everyday wear. The craftsmanship is precise and inconspicuous letting the Diamonds speak for themselves,...

15ct Gold Victorian Emerald and Opal Trilogy Ring c.1868

Once you see this Victorian Emerald ring in person you won't be able to take your eyes off her. It's impossible to capture the splendour of this ring in photographs, she's truly enchanting!  Two vibrantly colourful Opals accompany the deep forest green Emerald as it sits proudly on your finger. The beautifully scrolled settings handcrafted from a warm 15ct yellow Gold emerges...

9ct Gold Victorian Five Stone Pearl and Garnet Gypsy Ring

What a fine example of a Victorian gypsy ring this is!  A joyful rosy 9ct Gold band sprinkled with the most lustrous natural seed Pearls and two of the prettiest pink Garnets shimmering with every move, you really can't go wrong with this genuine antique ring!  The term "gypsy" comes from the type of setting used for the stones in this style...

18ct Gold Edwardian Five Stone Ring with Sapphires and Diamonds c.1905

Adorn your finger in Sapphires and Diamonds with this beautiful Edwardian Gold ring! Featuring a row of delightful gemstones this antique ring is sure to make any woman go weak at the knees! Carry pools of deep blue ocean wherever you go with these striking old cut natural Sapphires. And carefully placed on each side beam two twinkling Diamonds as if...

Georgian Gold Ring with Purple Garnets and Pearl Accents c.1808

An astonishing antique Garnet ring in fantastic condition, you can't say we don't treat you!  Featuring three large deep purple, fully foiled Garnets surrounded by Natural Seed Pearls she really has that "wow" factor we love about genuine antique jewellery! Skillfully hand engraved patterns leading up to the beautiful scrolled Gold settings all created in rich yellow 9ct Gold, she's an enchanting piece...

Antique 18ct Gold Diamond 5 Stone Ring ( 0.18ct)

This beautiful antique 18ct Gold Diamond 5 stone ring was made during the Victorian era and is set with a row of twinkling graduated old cut Diamonds alone its centre. As Victorian rings go, the design of this one is quite unusual, with the Diamonds forming an elongated eye or lozenge shape within a simple 6mm band.  An excellent dress...

Victorian Pearl & Rose Cut Diamond Ring in 18ct Gold

There's so much to love about this Victorian Pearl & Rose Cut Diamond ring that it's hard to know where to start!  The gemstones are gorgeous.  The Pearls are clean and well matched with a lovely lustre and a silvery-ivory colour tone.  The Rose Cut Diamonds are bright and sparkly, drawing in your eye and holding your attention. We love...

9ct Gold Antique Oval Signet Ring with Scrolled Detail c.1901

A fine antique oval signet ring adorned with beautiful scrolls framing its elegant face... Everyone needs at least one good antique signet ring in their jewellery box! They look great worn on their own as stand-alone pieces or stacked up high as is so popular today. This handsome ring is made of solid 9ct Yellow Gold with a warm rosy...

18ct White Gold Diamond Wedding Ring (0.33ct)- 18ct White Gold Diamond Eternity Ring

This vintage White Gold Diamond wedding ring is a style classic set 0.36cts of carat quality bright white Diamonds. It's made from high purity 18ct Gold and is a half eternity ring, rather than a full eternity ring, so the Diamonds are set across half of the surface of the ring. This leaves the other half of the band without any...

Pretty Faceted Art Deco Platinum Wedding Band c.1920

You can't get more classicly beautiful than an Art Deco Platinum wedding band, and this one is one the prettiest we've seen!  This 2mm wedding band has a simple faceted design with dainty little hand-engraved patterns that catch the light all the way around. It's elegant yet robust, versatile but not boring... and of course, it's enduring, just like the never-ending love...

18ct White Gold Art Deco Solitaire Diamond Engagement Ring (0.20ct)

18ct White Gold Art Deco Solitaire Diamond Engagement Ring (0.20ct)Have you ever seen a more adorable Art Deco Diamond engagement ring?! It's simple, sleek design is charming and full of unique and beautiful 1920's design details.  The ring is crafted in 18ct White Gold throughout and features a stunning 0.20ct round Diamond. It's set with a smooth square-shaped design that's...

18ct Gold Diamond Ring with Scrolled Gallery 0.40ct

This beautiful 18ct Gold Diamond ring is a completely unique, one-of-a-kind piece of vintage Diamond jewellery. It was made in the late 1980's in the Victorian style and features a winning combination of antique design and modern craftsmanship.  The ring is made from 18ct Yellow Gold and set with 0.40cts of stunning bright white Diamonds. The fire and brilliance within...

9ct Gold Art Deco Platinum Diamond Cluster Ring c.1920

We love Art Deco jewellery and when we come across a piece like this Art Deco Diamond cluster ring it's easy to see why! With a strong architectural design and a beautifully patterned surface, featuring a warm 9ct Gold band and Platinum settings sprinkled with five lively Diamonds, what more could you want from a vintage piece of jewellery?!This Art Deco...

Art Deco Diamond Ring with Platinum Filigree Setting (0.15ct)

A superbly executed creation handcrafted from the highest quality materials, this Art Deco Diamond ring is a perfect example of why it is so easy to fall in love with Art Deco jewellery. With a pretty twinkling 0.15ct Diamond in the centre surrounded by a Platinum filigree setting this vintage cocktail ring is a rare find and would make a...

18ct Gold Art Deco Diamond Trilogy Ring (0.45ct) c.1920

This beautiful 18ct Gold Art Deco Diamond trilogy ring is an absolute classic and will make one lucky lady a fabulous engagement ring! The ring is set with 3 brilliant old cut Diamonds with a total carat weight of 0.45cts, all of which are extremely bright and lively. The Diamonds are of fantastic quality, with a bright white F/G colour...

Victorian Diamond and Sapphire Horseshoe Ring

Horseshoe motifs are very prominent in Victorian jewellery, and this Victorian horseshoe ring is one of the finest examples we've had through our doors! Encrusted with a row of alternating deep blue Sapphires and pretty Diamonds this piece of antique jewellery is sure to put a smile on anyone's face!  Whether you're a horse lover or just appreciate the finer...

Antique Sapphire and Diamond Boat Ring c.1915

What a fine example of jewellery this antique Sapphire boat ring is! Fanciful bright 18ct yellow Gold scrolls boasting an array of glistening Sapphires and twinkling Diamonds, she's sure to be the envy of everyone you meet! Capturing the essence of late Victorian and Edwardian boat rings she has a classic design and beautifully cut gemstones, but being slightly more modern...

Vintage 9ct Rose Gold Snake Ring with Ruby Eyes

This elegant 9ct Rose Gold snake ring is bursting with character and charm.  It's easy to see why so many collectors and vintage jewellery fanatics hold them in such high regard! This snake has a slender body, twisted around as if it were sitting on top of a branch.  Its head is adorned with five bright purply-red rubies, which match the rose...

18ct Gold Antique Wedding Band - England c.1896

What is there not to love about this gorgeous 18ct Gold antique wedding ring? It has remained in truly remarkable condition, particularly when you consider that it's over 120 years old!  This is a bona fide antique showstopper, beautiful and elegant in its design and yet still bold and commanding in its presence. The Gold is stunning. It has a...

Antique Ruby and Diamond Gypsy Ring in 18ct Gold - English, Chester c.1899

This antique Ruby and Diamond gypsy ring features four beautiful gemstones set in warm yellow 18ct Gold.  The Rubies both have an excellent blood-red colour and the Diamonds are bright, white and sparkly!  We particularly love the attention to detail in the setting around each stone, and the scrolled shoulders give it a bit of extra class too. Often gypsy rings...

18ct Gold Art Deco Solitaire Diamond Engagement Ring (0.20ct)

Boasting a fantastic 0.20ct Diamond this Art Deco engagement ring is enough to make anyone go weak at the knees!  The illusion setting was a popular design feature during the Art Deco era and compliments Diamonds seamlessly, highlighting their splendour and creating an infinite pool of shimmer. This contrasts beautifully to the solid floral shoulders which is also very typical...

Victorian Rose Cut Diamond Marquise Ring in 18ct Gold

What a stunning Rose Cut Diamond marquise ring!  We love the elegant openwork design and the flattering shape of the setting.   With such a fine and delicate design, it will come as no surprise that this is a continental piece, crafted in Europe in the mid-to-late 19th Century.  This gorgeous ring features a whopping twenty-three Rose Cut Diamonds set in...

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Antique rings make for perfect gifts because of their one-of-a-kind, timeless aesthetic allowing them to be treasured forever. From Art Deco to Victorian and Edwardian jewellery, find rings from every era to suit your preference.

Here at Lillicoco, you’ll discover exquisite finds from solitaires to cluster rings as well as spectacular diamond rings set in gold and platinum.

Each vintage ring is a distinctive heirloom featuring designs where the skilled craftsmanship is clear to see. Our antique ring collections going as far back as the 1800s!

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Vintage rings are sought after today for their distinctively elegant appearance. Each ring represents a different part of history, beautifully reflecting the era from which it originated. Browsing the Lillicoco antique and vintage ring collection will take you on a trip through history and is time well spent if you’re looking for rings that are a bit out of the ordinary!

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