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Antique Rock Crystal Teardrop Pendant with Vintage Silver Chain

Be careful not to get lost gazing into this antique Rock Crystal pendant!With one of the largest natural Rock Crystals we've had through our doors you're guaranteed to draw many admirers as you walk down the street! Skillfully faceted and formed into a three-dimensional teardrop, she catches the light with every move sending bright and colourful reflections in every direction!  The Silver acorn and...

Arts and Crafts Era Silver Crescent Brooch - Antique Moonstone Brooch

There is nothing more romantic than a piece of crescent moon jewellery and we are simply in love with this antique Moonstone brooch!  With a beautiful openwork Silver base and varying irregular shaped Moonstones, this Arts and Crafts Era brooch is just full of antique charm and timeless style. The Moonstones are all uniquely different and each one holds a glint...

Stunning Arts and Crafts Era Blue Glass Drop Earrings c.1890

Like droplets of the great Ocean, these antique blue Glass earrings are both striking and elegant, and what better way to wear them than framed by than rich Yellow Gold?!  The craftsmanship during this era is admirable and these antique earrings are no exception; beautifully cut and polished blue Glass cabochons, allow yourself to be transported by the deep blue abyss...

Art Nouveau 9ct Rose Gold Spider Pendant c.1900

Whether you're a spider lover or just love all things Art Nouveau let this antique spider pendant weave a web of admiration around your neck!  The Art Nouveau era is known for drawing its inspiration from nature and when you see a necklace like this it's easy to understand why. With each leg having it's own uniquely stamped and shaped finish and...

Antique French Diamond & Pearl Art Nouveau Ring - new product 1907

This whimsical antique French Diamond & Pearl Art Nouveau ring truly exemplifies an era.  The delicate openwork design and foliate shoulders are both synonymous with the Art Nouveau movement, and the luscious central pearl flanked by two chunky Old European Cut Diamonds work together to make this a truly outstanding piece of antique jewellery. Set in 18ct Gold and Platinum,...

Fine Arts and Crafts Silver Chrysoprase Drop Necklace c.1890

This enthralling Arts and Crafts Silver Chrysoprase necklace crafted by hand and we can see by its fine condition that it's been well looked after for over a Century! Chrysoprase or green Chalcedony was said to be the favourite gem of Alexander the Great, and we can see why! Its vivid apple-green colouring is juicy and enticing, and its glowy, waxy...

Art Nouveau Amethyst and Pearl Drop Necklace

We are totally in love with this Art Nouveau Amethyst drop necklace, there really is no better combination than Amethyst and Pearl especially when adorned by intricate Silver detail - she emits endless femininity and sophistication!  The faceted cuts on the Amethysts catch the light beautiful as you move, and the three drops add and extra playful element creating an exciting...

Art Nouveau 14ct Gold Opal Pendant with Chain c.1910

Oh, what a sight for sore eyes! ... A garland of sumptuous Rose Gold swirls and leaves surround a large 1.09ct Opal drop, and it moves gracefully as turn about the room.  The top of the pendant is embellished with a flourish of foliage (possibly grapes?!) and yet another gorgeous Opal cabochon! It's difficult to accurately describe Opals in a way which...

Antique Silver Citrine Statement Necklace c.1910

What an incredible work of Art! This rare antique Silver and Citrine statement necklace is a masterclass of design and craftsmanship... It was made in Austria around the turn of the last century and features some of the finest and most beautiful filigree work we've ever seen! As is the style of most antique Austrian jewellery this necklace has a wonderful...

Antique Paste and Natural Pearl Pendant with Chain c.1890

For all of the Art Nouveau jewellery fans out there, this pretty antique Silver, Paste and natural Pearl pendant is such a quality piece. It's so feminine and beautiful you just can't help but fall in love with it! With sparkling gems, flowers and delicate tendrils it really has it all, and the natural grey Pearl is such an elegant addition. We adore the attention to...

Antique White Chalcedony Drop Earrings

These pretty little Antique Chalcedony Drop Earrings super cute and versatile! Made during the Arts and Crafts Era these earrings really showcase the great craftsmanship that makes antique jewellery so unique! We can't help but admire the the care that has gone into creating the detailed Gold settings which boast two expertly cut briolette Chalcedony gemstones.    These Antique Chalcedony...

French Art Nouveau Silver Sliding Mirror Pendant c.1890

This genuine Art Nouveau Silver sliding mirror pendant is a real statement piece, measuring nearly 6cm from top to bottom (excluding the bale)!!! The pendant slides open to reveal two perfectly preserved antique mirrors inside, and on the outside lies a gorgeous romantic view of an ornate Art Nouveau mirror; complete with a tangle of roses in a typical raised repousse design. ...

Antique Moonstone Earrings on 9ct Rose Gold c.1900

These lovely antique Moonstone earrings are some of the prettiest we've seen!  The earrings are set in a flattering warm 9ct Rose Gold mount and are the perfect size for daily wear, as well as being eye-catching enough for a romantic evening.  They shine incandescent, like the Moon on a Summer's night; all cool and light and luminous, with pale silvery...

Art Nouveau Enamel Rose Locket

This Art Nouveau Enamel Locket is one of the cutest we've seen here at Lillicoco! Handcrafted from high purity 800 Sterling Silver and Enamel this locket is the perfect piece of antique jewellery for everyday wear! Its pastel green guilloche decoration perfectly sets off the pretty little hand-painted pink roses creating such an endearing piece of jewellery! Wear it every day...

Arts & Crafts Era Antique Carnelian Drop Necklace c.1900

We often say that there's beauty in simplicity, and that couldn't be more true of this superb Arts and Crafts era Carnelian drop negligee necklace. It's amazing to think what this necklace would have seen during its life! Circa 1900 it's a genuine antique and this assymetrical double drop style was incredibly popular throughout the Arts and crafts period and...

Art Nouveau Enamel Guilloche Locket

This cute Enamel Guilloche locket is a beautiful example of Art Nouveau jewellery. The light pastel colours, rose detail and skilful enamel work combine together to make this a perfect feminine pendant, filled with antique charm.  This adorable little guilloche locket is crafted from solid Sterling Silver, and boasts the most delightful pastel baby blue enamel guilloche with hand floral details. So...

Antique 18ct Gold Diamond Engagement Ring (0.25ct)

If you're looking for the perfect classic engagement ring that is timeless, elegant and beautiful then look no further! This stunning antique Art Nouveau Diamond solitaire is just as lovely today as it would have been over 100 years ago.  Crafted from high purity 18ct Gold with a quality 0.25ct Diamond, it's simple paired back elegance will never go out...

Art Nouveau Diamond Cluster Ring c.1900

This gorgeous 18ct Gold antique Diamond cluster ring was made in the Art Nouveau era, and is one of the prettiest Diamond cluster rings we've ever come across! In the center we have a traditional daisy flower or cluster crafted from 7 old cut Diamonds, and around this the most beautiful swirl design - so typical of Art Nouveau jewellery....

Antique 9ct Gold Pearl Bird Brooch, with Box c.1900

What a glorious little bird brooch! This antique 9ct Gold Pearl bird brooch is a real thing of beauty, made around  the year 1900. It has a whimsical, elegant design, and we simply adore the way the bird is carrying a tiny Seed Pearl in its mouth... it's just charming! It comes with what appears to be the original E.Selgroves satin...

Art Nouveau 18ct Gold Diamond Engagement Ring c.1900

An Art Nouveau 18ct Gold Diamond engagement ring of superb quality made around the turn of the century; circa 1900. If you're looking for the perfect antique engagement ring then this might be "the One"! It has a delicate design that looks feminine when worn but is both practical and comfortable to wear. The beautiful old European cut Diamond is held securely...

Art Nouveau Silver Marcasite Necklace c.1910

The use of Marcasite in jewellery was extremely popular during the early 20th century, and this pretty Silver swag necklace has them in abundance! The beautiful stylized flowers and foliate links are elegant with all the sparkle and glitter you would expect from the Art Nouveau era. It's perfect for casual wear or special occasions that you've been looking forward...

Antique French Silver Bangle with Wild Ivy c.1900

This darling antique French Silver bangle is just as beautiful today as it would have been when it was first made, at the turn of the 20th century circa 1900! The bangle features a whimsical embossed design of ivy leaves and sweet little berries all the way around. When you look closely the fine detail achieved is staggering - especially when...

Antique Silver Coral Panel Bracelet c.1930c

This unique antique Silver Coral panel bracelet is absolutely beautiful! With it's romantic swirling leaves and dotted Coral flowers it simply exudes elegance and charm, and is wildly romantic! The bracelet is crafted from high purity 835 Silver and is likely of Continental origin. The way the deeply carved foliate patterns coil and whirl is reminiscent of the Rococco period...

Austro-Hungarian Silver Garnet Bracelet & Ring Set c.1918

This romantic Austro-Hungarian Silver Garnet bracelet is an absolutely gorgeous thing! So to find it with its original partner, and equally seductive antique rose cut Garnet ring has us thrilled! The bracelet consists of 8 ornate Silver panels, each set with a beautiful rose cut Garnet. The ring has its own unique design which is quite different from the bracelet,...

Magnificent Art Nouveau Jewellery for Your Private Collection

Art Nouveau jewellery pieces make for great collection items because of their originality and design. Whether you plan on making it the highlight or just an accent of your look, any of the items on our site would make an excellent addition to your collection.

Pieces from this era are rare, making them highly desirable. Here at Lillicoco we carry a wide range of Art Nouveau jewellery including rings, necklaces and brooches to suit all budgets.

Vintage Art Nouveau Jewellery Origins

Vintage Art Nouveau jewellery reigned from 1890 until 1915 and still has a lasting impact on art and jewellery design to this day. What made it particularly special was its radical expression of new styles based on innovative ideas and avant-garde materials.

Its design principles made waves for its distinct aesthetics. It was heavily inspired by nature and utilised a mix of precious and semi-precious gems and metals together in new and unusual combinations. Artistic expression and craftsmanship were held in higher esteem than the intrinsic value of the materials alone.

Not only did Art Nouveau jewellery convey nature in a way that had never been done before through the use of precious stones and metals, it also glorified the female body through its daring and striking designs. When it comes to artistry, you can never go wrong with jewellery from this era!