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Art Deco 18ct Gold and Platinum Ring with a Sapphire and Diamond Cluster

What an absolutely beautiful Art Deco 18ct Gold and Platinum ring with Sapphire and a Diamond cluster we have for you. The deep blue tones of the large, rectangular cut Sapphire are overwhelmingly beautiful. They entice you in like a Siren calling you into the ocean, beckoning you in to see what secrets lie beneath.  Surrounding this incredible Sapphire are...

Art Deco Platinum Diamond Full Eternity Ring (0.35ct) Size M/ Size 6

This stunning Art Deco Platinum Diamond full eternity Ring has a lovely sparkle all the way around.  The Platinum lifts up all of the Diamonds beautifully in a uniformed twinkling manner. A simple design with high impact There are twenty-four glittering Diamonds surrounding the eternity ring, one diamond for every hour of the day... symbolising the never-ending spark of your love-...

Art Deco 18ct Gold Sapphire Diamond Trilogy Ring c.1920

Here we have the finest quality Art Deco 18ct Gold Sapphire and Diamond trilogy ring for you to admire! The Sapphire is an exquisite cornflower or indigo blue, an impressive and rare natural beauty that looks amazing against the Yellow Gold. The Diamonds either side of the Sapphire twinkle, oh so splendidly! And, along with the pretty gallery and feminine...

Art Deco Diamond Cluster Ring

You can't get a more classic design than this Art Deco Diamond ring! Architecturally strong and prominent, she's handcrafted from warm yellow Gold and bright Platinum illusion settings and scattered in twinkling Diamonds. To finish she is decorated with Diamond accents on each shoulder giving her a beautifully feminine appeal sure to receive many compliments as she sits proudly on your...

Art Deco Trilogy Ring c.1920 - 9ct Gold Art Deco Diamond Ring

This classic 9ct Gold Art Deco Diamond ring is undeniably stylish and full of vintage charm! With an intricate hand engraved design tip-toeing the Platinum top she's understated, elegant and demure! The craftsmanship is truly breathtaking and she exudes that inimitable authentic Art Deco flavour that we all love so well. The flat, smooth profile makes her perfect for everyday wear....

18ct Gold Art Deco Diamond Trilogy Engagement Ring (0.25ct)

This classic and elegant 18ct Gold Art Deco trilogy ring features 0.25ct of bright white Diamonds and exudes vintage charm. We love the romantic sentiment behind the three stones as they're said to represent your past, present and future together as a couple, so it would make a perfect choice as an engagement ring or promise ring! With three brilliant Diamonds set in 18ct...

Rare 18ct Gold Art Deco Emerald and Diamond Fan Ring c.1920

There is something very attractive about Art Deco fan rings, and this is the only one we've ever found with a beautiful, glossy, grass-green Emerald at its heart!  A fine 18ct Gold band winds around your finger holding up a bright green Emerald centre. The Platinum settings fan out like a peacock's tail presenting seven pretty old cut Diamonds along...

Art Deco Platinum and Diamond Eternity Ring (1ct)

An absolutely stunning and elegant Art Deco eternity ring. Get lost in an endless pool of shimmer! This vintage ring features a delectable row of twinkling bright Diamonds set in an expertly handcrafted Platinum band. She's minimal and elegant and would make a perfect wedding band. Eternity rings symbolise the endless love between you and your life partner, the perfect romantic...

Art Deco Diamond "Toi et Moi" Platinum Engagement Ring

You couldn't ask for a better Art Deco "Toi et Moi"  Engagement ring if you tried! For you to have in it's absolutely exquisite original state from when it was made in the 1920's.  "Toi et moi" transfers to "You and Me" in english. This platinum ring is encased with tiny rose cut Diamonds set on the band and shoulders. The shoulders lift...

Art Deco 1920s Platinum Wedding Band

An absolutely stunning original Art Deco 1920s platinum wedding band could soon be yours! This ring has a subtle but distinguishably beautiful faceted orange blossom motif that runs all around the band, leaving any bride to be blushing with happiness. Put next to a beautiful Art Deco engagement ring would be so very fitting. A match made in heaven! If...

Art Deco Rock Crystal Necklace c.1920

If you're after a decadent vintage necklace then look no further! This Art Deco necklace is simply stunning and would catch your eye from across the room. Featuring a row of graduating hand cut Natural Rock Crystals glimmering delightfully across your collar bones as you sway with the music. In between each one is a small Rock Crystal spacer ensuring...

Art Deco Sapphire and Diamond Ring

An unusual and fun Art Deco Sapphire ring! With two beautifully faceted Sapphires twinkling like pools of deep blue ocean, offset by six precious twinkling Diamonds. The structural Art Deco design sees the setting constructed with a double tier allowing light to travel and beam up through the glorious, faceted gemstones! Watch the display of faceted shards glimmer with every...

Art Deco Diamond Flower Ring c.1920

A pretty and stylish Art Deco Diamond ring steeped in vintage elegance.  Beautifully textured Platinum flower setting showcases an array of twinkling Diamonds catching the light from every direction, finished off by a Diamond encrusted petal on each side. The settings are constructed in such a way to allow maximum light through and creating a bottomless pool of shimmer. A fine example of...

Art Deco Diamond Solitaire Ring c.1920

If you love vintage jewellery then this Art Deco solitaire ring could be for you! Boasting a 0.2ct Diamond sitting tall and proud from your finger when worn. It's held securely in place by a beautifully textured Platinum illusion setting accentuating the Diamond perfectly. The ring has a smooth profile safeguarding the Diamond from catching or snagging, making it perfect for everyday...

Art Deco Emerald and Diamond Ring

This sweet Art Deco ring is as versatile as it is unique. It's not every day we come across Emeralds, especially on Art Deco jewellery, so this vintage ring is a real treat! With a mint green Emerald in its centre, this ring is the epitome of Art Deco design; it's simple, beautifully understated and exudes elegance. The craftsmanship is...

Art Deco Natural Rock Crystal Necklace

A glamorous and elegant piece of vintage jewellery, just imagine the swinging parties this Art Deco necklace has seen! Typical of the Art Deco era the attention to detail is next to none and the architectural aspect is vividly clear; even the chain links have been expertly formed. The array of shapes and varying facets create a wonderful exhibition of...

9ct Gold Art Deco Jade Drop Earrings

Make your friends green with envy with these stunning Art Deco Jade drop earrings! Super fun and edgy these vintage earrings are perfect for women who love alternative jewellery. With smooth expertly cut Jade stones set in warm 9ct Gold and featuring cute Chinese symbols these Art Deco earrings are just darling! Jade is often used as a symbol of...

Art Deco Coral and Marcasite Ring in Silver with 9ct Gold Band

Art Deco truly was an era of explosive style for jewellery, and this Art Deco Coral and Marcasite Ring is proof!  Alongside major political events, people gaining their voice and a movement of architectural designs - people's approach to jewellery and fashion were also changing The name 'Art Deco' is also known for being called 'Style Moderne'. Clearly, society as a whole was...

Art Deco Amethyst Bracelet on Silver

This Art Deco amethyst bracelet is such a dazzler!  Featuring 12 gorgeous well matched natural Amethyst stones set in vintage Silver with a dark patina, this piece has some neo-gothic undertones that give it a bit of an edge.We love that you can see some natural formations in a few of the stones.  In Amethyst, you can often find some light...

Pretty Faceted Art Deco Platinum Wedding Band c.1920

You can't get more classicly beautiful than an Art Deco Platinum wedding band, and this one is one the prettiest we've seen!  This 2mm wedding band has a simple faceted design with dainty little hand-engraved patterns that catch the light all the way around. It's elegant yet robust, versatile but not boring... and of course, it's enduring, just like the never-ending love...

18ct White Gold Art Deco Solitaire Diamond Engagement Ring (0.20ct)

18ct White Gold Art Deco Solitaire Diamond Engagement Ring (0.20ct)Have you ever seen a more adorable Art Deco Diamond engagement ring?! It's simple, sleek design is charming and full of unique and beautiful 1920's design details.  The ring is crafted in 18ct White Gold throughout and features a stunning 0.20ct round Diamond. It's set with a smooth square-shaped design that's...

9ct Gold Art Deco Platinum Diamond Cluster Ring c.1920

We love Art Deco jewellery and when we come across a piece like this Art Deco Diamond cluster ring it's easy to see why! With a strong architectural design and a beautifully patterned surface, featuring a warm 9ct Gold band and Platinum settings sprinkled with five lively Diamonds, what more could you want from a vintage piece of jewellery?!This Art Deco...

Pretty Art Deco Silver Paste Necklace c.1935

Feel like you're walking on cloud 9 with this ethereal Art Deco Silver Paste necklace. Isn't she just exquisite?!  Created in Spain, circa 1935, she just emanates feminity and elegance! Watch her sparkle and shine as she sits proudly across your collarbones catching the eye of every passer-by. With the original chain still intact she would make the perfect addition to...

Stunning Art Deco Silver Paste Necklace c.1930

Here at Lillicoco, we adore Art Deco jewellery! It's glamorous, it's lively and it's elegant.. everything a wanna-be flapper could want! This beautiful Art Deco Silver Paste necklace is pristine, with 37 immaculate twinkling gemstones -faceted for pure brilliance! It's set in Sterling Silver with open-backed settings and it drapes beautifully on the neck. Rhodium plated for long-lasting quality and durability, it's a great investment...

Distinctive Art Deco Jewellery Pieces

With its striking look and unique appeal, Art Deco jewellery is particularly sought after. It’s one of the most popular styles amongst our customers and it’s easy to see why; it perfectly embodies influences from years 1920 to 1935 and has an old world sophistication that is sure to elevate any style you pair it with.

Particularly noted for a classic style that’s unmistakably its own, it carries eclectic and versatile cross-cultural references. A fun, stylish design is often hard to express in just one piece but the Art Deco jewellery offered here at Lillicoco perfectly does it with panache.

Quality Features of Vintage and Antique Art Deco Jewellery

A vintage Art Deco jewellery piece is often designed with ornate, linear patterns that are geometric in nature. You can easily set a piece of art deco jewellery apart with its clean lines as well as outstanding contrast and colour.

The result? A standout piece that grabs attention for all the right reasons. Over the years, it has evolved to include other different styles but is still able to retain its high-spirited and bold, expressive style. There’s truly no other treasure like an antique Art Deco jewellery!