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9ct Gold Art Deco Jade Drop Earrings

Make your friends green with envy with these stunning Art Deco Jade drop earrings! Super fun and edgy these vintage earrings are perfect for women who love alternative jewellery. With smooth expertly cut Jade stones set in warm 9ct Gold and featuring cute Chinese symbols these Art Deco earrings are just darling! Jade is often used as a symbol of...

9ct Gold Vintage Victorian Revival Creole Hoop Gypsy Earrings

Created from bright 9ct Yellow Gold, these vintage creole hoop earrings are a super fun and cute everyday accessory!  These Victorian revival earrings showcase the beaded edging known and loved feature often used in Victorian jewellery. Perfectly smooth and beautifully patterned, they catch the light and shine wonderfully in the sun as you walk down the street!  They're also very lightweight meaning...

18ct Gold Georgian Paste Earrings

Well, these truly are something very special. These 18ct Gold Georgian Paste earrings are possibly the finest pair of antique studs we have ever held in our collection here at Lillicoco. All Georgian jewellery has a special place in our hearts but these earrings go above and beyond the competition in terms of quality, craftsmanship, materials and condition. Feature two...

Exquisite 18ct Gold Antique Amethyst Drop Earrings c.1890

The simplest things are often the best, and that's certainly true of these fine 18ct Gold antique Amethyst drop earrings. Made during the Victorian era, circa 1890, they're beautiful, finely crafted and feel magnificent on! The hooks are original and made from rosy 18ct Yellow Gold that perfectly match the handsome collet settings and the earrings themselves from natural Amethyst.  The Amethysts are set "a jour"...

Stunning Arts and Crafts Era Blue Glass Drop Earrings c.1890

Like droplets of the great Ocean, these antique blue Glass earrings are both striking and elegant, and what better way to wear them than framed by than rich Yellow Gold?!  The craftsmanship during this era is admirable and these antique earrings are no exception; beautifully cut and polished blue Glass cabochons, allow yourself to be transported by the deep blue abyss...

Lovely 9ct Gold Citrine Drop Earrings

These vintage 9ct Gold Citrine drop earrings are so juicy and delicious! They have beautiful rosy Gold settings and the faceted Citrines sparkle with that unmistakable golden glow. The settings themselves are open backed so plenty of light floods through the stones - making them just as magical on an overcast Autumn afternoon as they are on a bright Summer's...

Fine Silver Art Deco Rock Crystal Drop Earrings c.1930

What a pretty pair of Art Deco Rock Crystal drop earrings we have here!  Imagine these worn with a striking black dress for an evening out, or with a smart suit to show them who's boss at the office. Absolute glamour! These original vintage Art Deco earrings have that classic Deco aesthetic that's become so sought after in recent years and the...

Antique Victorian Paste Double Drop Earrings c.1880

A classic pair of antique Victorian Paste double drop earrings that will see you through every season! This rare set of Victorian Paste earrings have a timeless and elegant drop design and look gorgeous in the ear. They're dainty enough for daily wear but special enough to wear to a wedding or a date to remember! Circa 1880, these beautiful antique Paste...

Superb Georgian Cut Steel Tassel Earrings c.1800

If you're in love with antique cut steel jewellery like we are you'll adore these fabulous Georgian cut steel tassel earrings! These long metallic tassels were originally designed to glimmer in candlelight, way back during the 17th Century! But today they look just as good with a business suit as they do with an evening dress. It's amazing to think that...

Antique Paste Drop Earrings with 18ct Gold Hooks c.1880

This rare set of Silver Victorian Paste earrings have an elegant single-stone design where the Paste has been cut like old rose cut Diamonds with high domes and incredible fire!  The Paste gems provide the equivalent sparkle of a 5.09ct Diamond in each ear so they really are quite striking! The earrings are set in quality Sterling Silver with their...

18ct Gold Diamond Hoop Earrings (0.30ct)

These fantastic Diamond hoop earrings are often called "huggies" because of the way they hug closely around the ear -making them an excellent choice if you're looking for earrings you can wear all day! The earrings are designed as an oval shape rather than round, so they stay in place in the ear and have a beautiful, elegant look. The...

Edwardian Blue Paste Drop Earrings c.1901

These gorgeous Edwardian Paste drop earrings display everything we love about fine antique jewellery! They're elegant, feminine, well-crafted and amazingly versatile! The earrings have vivid Royal blue Pastes and look fantastic glammed up for an evening event, or paired down with jeans and a casual white tee. The Diamond-like white Pastes glimmer and shine like stars in the night sky, and we...

Victorian Revival 9ct Gold Diamond Stud Earrings

These lovely 9ct Yellow Gold Victorian Revival earrings capture what we love best about classic Victorian jewellery; great craftsmanship, a beautiful design, and of course two twinkly little old cut Diamonds! We love the pretty flower-like shape and the raised textures catch the light just so, so they look beautiful by day or by night, and whether you like to...

Antique White Chalcedony Drop Earrings

These pretty little Antique Chalcedony Drop Earrings super cute and versatile! Made during the Arts and Crafts Era these earrings really showcase the great craftsmanship that makes antique jewellery so unique! We can't help but admire the the care that has gone into creating the detailed Gold settings which boast two expertly cut briolette Chalcedony gemstones.    These Antique Chalcedony...

Antique Moonstone Earrings on 9ct Rose Gold c.1900

These lovely antique Moonstone earrings are some of the prettiest we've seen!  The earrings are set in a flattering warm 9ct Rose Gold mount and are the perfect size for daily wear, as well as being eye-catching enough for a romantic evening.  They shine incandescent, like the Moon on a Summer's night; all cool and light and luminous, with pale silvery...

Antique French Paste Long Day and Night Drop Earrings

These stunning antique French Paste drop earrings are a wonder to behold! Crafted from Silver, glittering Paste gems, we can't quite believe the beauty of them! "Pendoloque" earrings were popular during the late 18th Century and were classified as long or drop earrings with a signature pear or teardrop shape. Their beautiful shapes and proportions were all exceedingly flattering and...

Antique Paste Earrings with Natural Amethysts c.1905

These antique Amethyst & Paste drop earrings are an absolute delight!  Made circa 1905, they embody everything we know and love about the Edwardian era; its grace, elegance and femininity. These pretty antique drop earrrings are crafted from Silver and Diamond Paste, with stunning briollette cut natural Amethysts that twinkle beautifully in the light. Each section of the earring is articulated...

Antique Georgian Paste Earrings on 18ct Gold Hooks c.1820

These antique Georgian Paste earrings are simply spell-binding! Made from 18ct yellow Gold hooks and high quality closed back Silver settings, enclosing a precious 4.41ct Paste gemstone in each earring, mimicking the fire and radiance of large Diamonds. The setting itself is beautifully simple, with a typical Georgian crimped edge and a smooth rounded back.  Paste is a heavy, very...

Antique Victorian Paste Drop Earrings

This pair of elegant Victorian Paste Drop Earrings are truly spectacular! Set on solid 9ct Gold French Hooks and fully foil backed they make the perfect accessory for any special occasion.  With four immaculate glistening Paste gemstones they're sure to catch the eye and brighten up any outfit! Watch them dance and glimmer in the candlelight on your first or hundredth...

Art Deco Silver Paste Drop Earrings c.1920

A lovely pair of Art Deco Paste drop earrings which are high purity Sterling Silver and set with Diamond Paste and faux Pearls. Made in the early 20th Century these fabulous drop earrings have a beautiful long and slender design. They're the perfect size to add a touch of glamour to any outfit and are extremely flattering! Each paste stone...

Georgian Black Dot Paste Jewellery Set c.1820

An exceptional pair of Georgian paste earrings together with a matching Paste pendant. This fabulous antique Paste jewellery set is absolutely spectacular, with exquisite old cut antique Paste drops that shine bright like Diamonds.. they are foiled for a beautiful luminous sparkle and are the ultimate find for an antique jewellery collector.  The earring and pendant are set in Silver...

Antique Paste Earrings with Screw-Backs c.1900

A pretty pair of antique Paste earrings from the Edwardian era set on Silver-tone with screw-backs. These earrings are a great wearable size and the Paste is some of the most lively we've ever seen!  Offered in exceptional condition. We simply cannot overstate the sheer elegance and glamour of these earrings! They're chic, elegant, and have great sparkle factor.  The...

Georgian Paste Drop Earrings in Silver & 9ct Rose Gold c.1820

These Georgian Paste Drop Earrings are so rare and beautiful! Set with beguiling black dot Paste with typical Georgian closed back settings, these earrings are full of authentic antique charm. They're crafted from quality Sterling Silver with beautiful Rose Gold details, and the way the sparkle is just magical!  Here at Lillicoco we adore antique Paste jewellery, but these are...

Art Deco Rock Crystal Earrings with 9ct Gold Screw-backs c.1920

A fine and lively pair of Art Deco Rock Crystal earrings with 9ct Gold screw-backs! These cute vintage earrings are a lovely example of Art Deco jewellery. They're simple structure and architectural look is chic, elegant and fun!  The earrings consist of two spheres of natural Rock Crystal; one large and one small, fashioned by hand into gleaming beacons of...

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