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Superb 18ct Gold Georgian Amethyst Brooch (28.62ct)

All of us jewellery lovers go wild for huge foiled Georgian gems, so get ready! This superb Georgian Amethyst brooch is fit for a Queen! The Amethyst itself is large and stately, weighing in at over 28 carats and set in high purity 18ct Gold! The colour is somewhat magical, with sweet candy pinks, heady lavender, royal purple and tones of deep...

9ct Gold Edwardian Amethyst and Pearl Brooch with Safety Chain

Created during the Edwardian era one can only admire the craftsmanship that went into creating this charming antique Amethyst and Pearl brooch! The Edwardians didn't skimp on decadence and this antique brooch is no exception! With deep purple natural Amethysts set in luxurious warm yellow Gold and offset with perfectly lustrous natural seed Pearls, she's enough to fill anyone's heart with...

Victorian Crescent Moon Paste Brooch c.1900

What a wonderful addition to our collection of Victorian jewellery this antique crescent moon brooch is!  As far as crescent moon brooches go this one has it all! A highly decorated Gold gilt moon set with Pastes twinkling like stars hung in a midnight sky, this romantic antique brooch would make a welcome addition to any outfit! With a row of alternating blue and...

Arts and Crafts Era Silver Crescent Brooch - Antique Moonstone Brooch

There is nothing more romantic than a piece of crescent moon jewellery and we are simply in love with this antique Moonstone brooch!  With a beautiful openwork Silver base and varying irregular shaped Moonstones, this Arts and Crafts Era brooch is just full of antique charm and timeless style. The Moonstones are all uniquely different and each one holds a glint...

9ct Gold Victorian Revival Brooch

This 9ct Gold Victorian revival Gold brooch is bound to bring endless joy to its wearer! It's bright, sunny, and, to us, looks like three beautiful golden sunflowers! With great craftsmanship and impeccable attention to every detail, this vintage brooch is simple yet bold and features three beautifully detailed flowers in a typically Victorian style. The three large central spheres perfectly reflect their...

Victorian Silver Brooch with Rose Cut Garnet Glass

A genuine piece of antique jewellery, this Victorian Silver brooch is small but fierce, and boasts an amazing huge multifaceted gem centre. A beautifully rose cut Garnet coloured glass with a geometrically faceted domed surface, you can't help but gaze as she catches the light joyfully with every movement. Set in wonderfully textured Silver and a stunning bezel she is the epitome...

Antique Georgian Silver Paste Brooch c.1820

One of our absolute favourite brooches in the collection, this gorgeous Georgian Silver Paste brooch features a squared-off oval outline of the most dazzling Diamond-like gems you'd ever wish to see! Made in the early 1800's, this piece exemplifies why we are so fascinated with antique Georgian jewellery today. It's chic, it's elegant, charming, but most of all is a...

Antique 9ct Rose Gold Shamrock Stick Pin c.1890

What a great little piece this antique shamrock stickpin is!  With lovely clear hallmarks, this stickpin dates back to 1890 and was created in London during Queen Victoria's reign. As often found with Victorian jewellery there's been great attention to detail and this pin is no exception! Each leaf has been delicately hand-engraved and the stems are beautifully patterned, even...

Gorgeous Antique Silver Pink Paste Brooch c.1901

This pretty antique Silver pink Paste brooch is delicious! With juicy magenta pink sparkles and dainty millegraine settings galore, she's a vision of Edwardian elegance! The brooch is un-hallmarked, as was common at the time, and tests as Sterling Silver.  In remarkable, pristine condition, with a strong steel pin and original c-clasp closure - perfect for any pink Princess!  ERA: ...

Antique Silver Scottish Agate Brooch - Victorian Agate Brooch c.1880

Antique Silver Scottish Agate Brooch - Victorian Agate Brooch c.1880If you collect or simply admire the beauty of antique Scottish jewellery then this stunning Victorian Agate brooch is sure to pique your interest! Crafted by hand in Victorian Britain, this fine antique Silver Scottish Agate brooch is full of charm. The elegant lozenge of eye shape is so striking and the bright,...

Fine 18ct Antique Opal Stick Pin (1.81ct Opal) c.1900

This fine antique Opal stick pin is one of the finest accessories we've found to date!  The pin is crafted from 18ct Yellow Gold and at its centre lies a luminous 1.81ct natural Opal bursting with a rainbow of juicy pastel colours. With every tilt and shift of light a new hue or dazzling vibrancy reveals itself! The Opal is...

Antique Garnet and Diamond Stick Pin c.1900

We do love a good Garnet, especially when it's surrounded by Diamonds and encased in Gold! And what makes this Garnet and Diamond stick pin even more special is its wonderful colour; delicious deep red with flashes of purple throughout, such a delightful piece of antique jewellery! This Garnet and Diamond stick pin would look fantastic on coat or shirt...

Antique Paste Buttons c.1820

It's not every day you see a set of 5 antique Paste buttons from the 19th Century, so when we spotted these beauties we snapped them up straight away! Likely of French origin, these gorgeous accessories would have been sewn onto a jacket or waistcoat during the1800's. Today sets of antique Silver buttons are mainly sought after by specialist button...

Edwardian Amethyst & Pearl Lucky Shamrock Brooch c.1901

This delightful Edwardian Amethyst brooch is simply delectable! The brooch is made in Silver with the most scrumptious heart-shaped Amethysts and a flourish of seed Pearls. Every detail has been crafted to the highest standard; from the pretty claw settings to the detail of the stem and the c-clasp, everything has been crafted beautifully. The star of this show is, without doubt,...

Victorian Antique Paste Star Brooch

If you love Victorian Paste jewellery then this antique Paste star brooch is definitely for you!  Set with 16 glimmering Paste gemstones this brooch makes it easy to understand why the Victorians often valued Paste above Diamonds, this antique brooch really catches your eye from any direction! The foiled backings accentuate the facets even more making this an undeniably exquisite accessory for...

Art Nouveau Style 9ct Gold Sapphire and Moonstone Insect Brooch

A whimsical Sapphire and Moonstone insect brooch in 9ct Gold, sure to set your heart a-flutter! Made in the Art Nouveau style with beautiful cabochon Moonstones this charming bug brooch was actually made mid-century, so features an excellent safety catch to the reverse to ensure it doesn't fly off (pun intended)! The whole thing is set in 9ct Yellow Gold whilst the wings have been...

Antique Paste Cluster Brooch

Paste, glorious Paste! We just can't seem to get enough! This superb antique Paste cluster brooch is truly mesmerising... with chunky old rose and old cut stones and a fierce and fiery sparkle that rivals the finest Diamonds! The brooch is formed in a traditional cluster style that rises towards the centre, creating a strikingly beautiful flower design.  It's set...

Superb Amethyst and Citrine Trilogy Brooch - Antique Silver Amethyst Brooch

This superb Amethyst and Citrine trilogy brooch has really got our hearts a-flutter! Its gleaming bright facets and joyous colour combination is all you need to take you from Spring and Summer through to Fall and Winter with a smile! The brooch was hand-made from Sterling Silver and features two oval golden Citrines and a single round Amethyst centre with...

9ct Gold Art Deco Bug Brooch with Diamonds Rubies & Pearl

This frolicking fun Art Deco bug brooch is full of life and character! With Diamonds wings, Ruby eyes and an abdomen of Pearls and Gold how could we not love him?! He was made during the Art Deco period and the dainty mille-graine details along with the illusion- style of his wings are typical of this time in history.  We simply...

Art Deco Bow Brooch // Art Deco Silver Paste Brooch c.1930

This sweet little bow or ribbon design brooch is an absolute gem and the perfect accessory for any occasion! The brooch is full to the brim with bright and sparkly Diamond-like Paste and has pretty millegraine detailing all around.  We love its dainty size and feminine allure! You can wear it as it is on a cardigan or lapel and...

Georgian Garnet Brooch, with Blonde Hair c.1820

A beautiful and most Georgian Garnet brooch full of personality! This exquisite antique Georgian brooch was made by hand during the early 1800's, and we can only imagine the love and care that went into crafting it. At the centre, a lock of rare blonde hair-work has been plaited and preserved under a glazed panel, whilst all around it a halo...

Georgian Silver Amethyst & Diamond Brooch

This Georgian Diamond brooch is good enough to eat, with its glittering rose cut Diamonds (and one table cut Diamond!) and superb natural Amethyst centre-stone! Set in Silver with a Gold back as was customary at the time, this stunning antique brooch is the perfect size for daily wear. It's small enough to be worn discreetly by day on a...

Antique 9ct Gold Georgian Pearl Brooch Pendant, with Chain c.1820

There's something really special about this Georgian Pearl brooch... it's hard to put your finger on whether it's the natural luminous Pearls, the curved glass, beautiful shape or the combination of those with the Rose Gold, but all in all, it's a real delight!The brooch is set in mellow 9ct Rose Gold, and we've simply added a Rose Gold chain...

Rare Victorian Enamel Stomacher Brooch - Antique French Paste Statement Brooch

This rare antique French Paste brooch is a magnificent piece of Victorian jewellery, steeped in history and beauty... It was crafted during the mid to late 1800's, during the reign of Queen Victoria, and possesses a bold regal character that we just love! In those times it would have been worn just beneath the bust, or above the stomach- hence...

A Wide Range of Vintage Brooches and Collectibles to Choose From

The quirky collection of vintage brooches and collectibles here at Lillicoco is a constantly changing treasure chest. Our selection ranges from simple oval stick pins to intricately designed antique brooches and everything in between! We specialise in sourcing brooches and collectibles of all ages which have originally been made in the Victorian, Edwardian, and Art Deco eras, to name just a few.

Whether you’re looking for a retro style or for an old-world sophisticated look, our collection has something to offer all tastes.

Antique Brooches and Collectibles For Any Occasion

Many of the antique brooches and collectibles here are convertible items, which can be fashioned to your tastes. Do you think that brooch would make a perfect pendant? Or perhaps that pin would see more use as a ring? Get in touch if you have questions about conversion and we’ll let you know what can be done!

As they are, antique brooches are very versatile pieces which you can wear on your hats, lapels, handbags or even on your shoes! Get creative and bring back the brooch!