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Georgian Paste Buckle Brooch in 800 Silver

This Georgian Paste buckle brooch is a lovely antique conversion piece.  In the early 1800's it would have been a buckle on a fancy shoe or dressage, before having been repurposed (most likely in the Victorian era) to be worn instead as a brooch when buckled court shoes were going out of fashion. We love the bright cuts of the Pastes...

Antique Garnet Cabochon Cufflinks - Solid 15ct Gold Cufflinks

What a gift these antique Garnet cabochon cufflinks would make for the man in your life!  Jewellery gifts for men are often hard to shop for but these cufflinks definitely simplify the process.  Let's not be sexist though, these would look amazing on anybody with a bold and classy sense of style. You'll love the immaculate antique Garnet cabochon stones...

Georgian Paste Mourning Brooch in 9ct Rose Gold and Silver with Antique Box

To find a Georgian Paste Mourning Brooch in such excellent condition as this really is a rare thing indeed. You have to appreciate the care and attention that this venerable piece of antique jewellery has received from its previous owners, as it really is pristine throughout.  The Paste stones, in particular, are exemplary.  Each individual hand-cut Paste is bright, clean and sparkly,...

Victorian Turquoise Flower Brooch in Silver

This Victorian Turquoise flower brooch in Silver will add a dash of colour to any outfit! We love how the bright Turquoise stones contrast with the dark patina that has developed on the antique Silver over the years, giving the piece an appealing boheminan vibe. You can wear this on a jacket, a hat, a bag, a scarf or anywhere else...

Antique Five Stone Paste Bar Brooch

Your gaze is drawn across five superb Paste gemstones glimmering brightly across this Victorian Paste bar brooch. Pastes were often considered as valuable as Diamonds in some circles during Victorian times, and when you come across expertly faceted gemstones like this it's easy to understand why! Set ontop a striking filigree gallery and decorated with tiny Silver beads, this antique brooch would...

Georgian 9ct Gold Moonstone and Jet Brooch c.1837

It is always so interesting coming across a piece of mourning jewellery like this stunning Georgian 9ct Gold Moonstone and Jet brooch. The mesmerising central Moonstone has lovely blue ethereal tones flashing through that change colour in different lighting. Bordering the Moonstone is a cluster of ten deep black sparkly Jet stones encased in warm and comforting Solid 9ct Gold. Other than...

15ct Gold Victorian Pearl and Diamond Star Pendant c.1900

If you adorn yourself with only the finest antique jewellery then this exquisite Victorian star pendant is definitely for you! With the brightest Diamond displayed proudly in its centre and rows of lustrous Pearls spilling out from every direction, this Victorian Pearl and Diamond star will garner attention or all the right reasons! Not only is it a superb quality antique pendant,...

Victorian Paste Star Brooch set in Silver c.1880

Become the star you were born to be wearing this incredible Victorian Paste five-pointed star brooch! This little stunner has magically captured the sunlight inside her, bedazzling us with her intense brightness and shimmering beauty!  This Victorian Paste Star Brooch is encased in gorgeous Silver and doesn't seem to have aged in the slightest. A remarkable feat for an antique over...

15ct Gold Georgian Brooch with Red Enamel and Pearls

An ornately beautiful 15ct Gold Georgian brooch with red enamel and Pearls to tickle your antique fancies!  The unique enamel has lovely luscious red detailing that creates a stunning textured centrepiece to this antique brooch, unlike anything we've ever seen before. The opulent Pearl border doesn't go unnoticed on this stunning brooch. It exudes a decorative antique charm perfectly reflecting the design of...

Georgian Foiled Garnet and Seed Pearl Brooch

A wonderful natural Garnet and seed Pearl brooch created during the Georgian era and kept in pristine condition for you to wear and enjoy today!  This Georgian Garnet brooch is a great example of antique jewellery and a rare treat for a very lucky lady to add to her jewellery collection. Featuring a set of Garnets that flash with deep blood red,...

15ct Solid Gold Antique Agate Brooch

This beautiful antique Agate brooch brings with its age a certain depth and mystery about it.  Each of her nine Agate gemstones vary in the magical tones and colours. Blushing raspberry ripple collides with blood red, paint-like brush strokes and then plunge into misty tans and burnt orange... It's really quite a treat to behold the autumnal colours changing in...

Victorian Silver Paste Brooch

Absolutely exquisite! This Victorian Paste brooch is a superb one of a kind piece of antique jewellery sure to make a very welcome addition to any woman's jewellery collection! Featuring an array of wonderfully faceted and foiled Pastes, this brooch twinkles fiercely with every movement casting shards of light with a playful vigour! We love the movement created by the six...

9ct Gold Georgian Garnet Brooch c.1800

Here we have an exquisite, unique statement piece of Georgian jewellery that is rare as it is gorgeous! This antique 9ct Gold Georgian Garnet brooch just screams of decadence and luxury! It's made of solid Yellow Gold and the flat-topped Garnets have been expertly foiled, to enhance the natural splendour of those sumptuous sparkling Garnets. The most unique part of...

Art Deco Sterling Silver Paste Brooch - Vintage Paste Bar Brooch

This sparkling Art Deco Sterling Silver Paste brooch is a gorgeous example of fine Art Deco costume jewellery! It's elegant, refined and yet full of bursting colour and pizzaz!  As brooches go this one's fairly large. Measuring just over 7cm long it certainly makes a statement... and the colour of those azure blue Paste is just divine!  It's rare that...

Antique 9ct Gold Aquamarine Diamond and Pearl Brooch

What a sight for sore eyes this antique 9ct Gold, Aquamarine, Diamond and Pearl brooch is. She's certainly one of the most beautiful and ornate pieces of jewellery we've ever had the pleasure of holding in our collection. This stunning brooch boasts elegance and grace with a unique and opulent design. The gorgeous, sparkling ice blue Aquamarine catches your eye...

Antique French Crescent Moon Brooch

There really is nothing more romantic than crescent moon jewellery and what a fine example this antique brooch is! Symbolising strength and guidance she's the ultimate talisman to bring you feminine strength and empowerment. Crafted from Sterling Silver over a century ago, she features a row of 23 delightfully bright hand cut and polished Paste gemstones. Each Paste has a clear foiled backing reflecting the...

Art Nouveau Moonstone Insect Brooch

Quirky and fun this Art Nouveau insect brooch is the perfect piece of antique jewellery for women who love to stand out from the crowd!  Glowing like a shimmer of magic caught beneath the surface, the Moonstones sit defiantly in the centre of the curved Silver legs. If you hold the brooch up to the light you can visibly see the...

15ct Gold Turquoise Dragonfly Brooch c.1900

If you love Art Nouveau jewellery then this Antique dragonfly brooch is for you! Displaying a range of wonderfully colourful gemstones set in bright sold 15ct Gold, this antique brooch would be the perfect accessory for any an outfit and a fun way to add a splash of colour.  We love the graduated step tail set with an array of varying...

Victorian Silver Moonstone Brooch

Carry a touch of magic around with you everywhere you go with this Victorian Moonstone brooch. Displaying 12 fantastically iridescent natural Moonstones sitting proudly on top of a handcrafted Silver setting. Each one is wonderfully unique in shape an size, a quality very specific to antique jewellery from the Victorian era, and one of the reasons why we love Victorian jewellery...

Victorian Acorn Brooch with Beaded Edge

Sweet as a nut! This fun and versatile Victorian acorn brooch is the perfect accessory for everyday wear and would look great with many an outfit!The Victorians were known for their use of symbolism and were keen on the acorn motif believed to bestow luck upon its wearer. Three expertly hand engraved and embossed acorns adorn the front of this...

Victorian Citrine Pansy Brooch and Pendant

A Victorian Citrine brooch bound to put a smile on your face! Beautifully scrolled Gold patterns dance around the bright yellow Citrines, complimenting the multifaceted stones and sending shimmers of light cascading with the slightest of movements. All arranged in the form of a Pansy with a dainty solitary Pearl in its centre.  Not only is this a fantastical antique brooch, but it has...

9ct Gold Edwardian Amethyst and Pearl Brooch with Safety Chain

Created during the Edwardian era one can only admire the craftsmanship that went into creating this charming antique Amethyst and Pearl brooch! The Edwardians didn't skimp on decadence and this antique brooch is no exception! With deep purple natural Amethysts set in luxurious warm yellow Gold and offset with perfectly lustrous natural seed Pearls, she's enough to fill anyone's heart with...

Victorian Crescent Moon Paste Brooch c.1900

What a wonderful addition to our collection of Victorian jewellery this antique crescent moon brooch is!  As far as crescent moon brooches go this one has it all! A highly decorated Gold gilt moon set with Pastes twinkling like stars hung in a midnight sky, this romantic antique brooch would make a welcome addition to any outfit! With a row of alternating blue and...

Antique Garnet Horseshoe Brooch

Step into our office and feast your eyes on this spectacular Victorian Garnet horseshoe brooch!  With two rows of spectacular deep, blood red Garnets glowing and glimmering with every move she'd make many an outfit look fantastic. Beaming rose cut diamonds grabbing your attention from across the room, expertly cut and polished and set using granulation settings, one can only admire...

A Wide Range of Vintage Brooches and Collectibles to Choose From

The quirky collection of vintage brooches and collectibles here at Lillicoco is a constantly changing treasure chest. Our selection ranges from simple oval stick pins to intricately designed antique brooches and everything in between! We specialise in sourcing brooches and collectibles of all ages which have originally been made in the Victorian, Edwardian, and Art Deco eras, to name just a few.

Whether you’re looking for a retro style or for an old-world sophisticated look, our collection has something to offer all tastes.

Antique Brooches and Collectibles For Any Occasion

Many of the antique brooches and collectibles here are convertible items, which can be fashioned to your tastes. Do you think that brooch would make a perfect pendant? Or perhaps that pin would see more use as a ring? Get in touch if you have questions about conversion and we’ll let you know what can be done!

As they are, antique brooches are very versatile pieces which you can wear on your hats, lapels, handbags or even on your shoes! Get creative and bring back the brooch!