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Antique Silver Paste Star Charm Pendant c.1903

Here we have an impeccably kept antique Silver Paste star charm pendant to feast your eyes upon!   This delightful pendant has the most gorgeous white Paste sparkling inside its Silver star design, brightly showing off its ageless beauty almost as if it has stolen a piece of starlight and trapped it inside this pendant. It's that sparkly and we love...

Antique Watch Key Pendant with Chain

These Antique watch key pendants are such rare and beautiful treasures.  The ultimate combination of utilitarianism and decoration, they lie in the sweet spot where form and function meet. We adore the bright foiled paste stone with its shiny pink hue, lending this piece an air of pretty femininity.  It's unusual to find a Paste cut in a shield shape as...

Victorian Wax Seal Fob Spinner Pendant

If you love bold and simple jewellery then this Victorian fob pendant is definitely for you. Not only is it a stand-out piece of antique jewellery, but like most wax seal fobs it is totally unique to the person who once owned it. This one in particular is like none we have ever seen before, featuring a proud lion rampant...

Ornate Victorian Seal Fob Pendant c.1850 - 9ct Gold Cased

This ornate Victorian seal fob pendant is a wonderful example of the craftsmanship that makes Victorian jewellery so special to this day.  We love the deeply embossed detailing around the base of the fob, with floral patterns and swirls that are reminiscent of a fancy column or ceiling in a Georgian or Victorian manor house. The most popular method of...

Antique Watch Key Fob Pendant with Chain

A sweet and petite antique watch key pendant featuring a Bloodstone on one side and a yellow Paste on the other. Which way round will you wear it today? Skillfully handcrafted over a century ago, ornate patterns whimsically sweep around the borders of the gemstones culminating in a decorative trinket ready to adorn your collar bones.  One of the aspects...

Rare Antique English Silver Compass Charm Pendant

What a rare and intriguing little Antique English Silver compass charm pendant we've happened upon here! Even though this compass is rather dainty it still packs a punch with it's exquisite engraved designs both front and back. If you so desire you can wear it back to showcase the hidden floral etchings on the rear. Two pendants in one... lovely! ...

Blue Edwardian Silver & Enamel Pendant with Pearl - Silver Chain Included

This blue Edwardian Silver & Enamel pendant is one of those antique pieces which still feels completely at place in the 21st century.  We love finding pieces like these which still have a contemporary feel even a hundred years after they were made! You'll love the fine embossed details in the blue enamel ring, the harmonious ensemble of the materials and...

Solid Gold Antique Fob Seal Charm Pendant with Large Natural Citrine

Oh how we love an antique Fob pendant at Lillicoco, and this solid Gold Antique fob seal charm pendant with a large Citrine gemstone certainly tickles our fancy!  The large sparkling Citrine glimmers with tones of the palest oranges and sunshine yellows in the light. This Citrine works harmoniously with the solid Gold which wraps around the stone with beautiful delicate...

Large Antique 9ct Gold Opal Pendant - 4.03ct Antique Opal Pendant

This extraordinarily 9ct Gold antique Opal pendant is simply enchanting!  The large 4.03ct Opal captivates you straight away with its mesmerising pool of bewitching beauty... Every angle you look at holds deep bursts of colour; from intense indigo blues, sunset orange flashes, and incredible fluorescent green sparks that are out of this world.  This beauty looks stunning on a simple Gold chain, putting...

Rare Victorian Silver Paste Flower Pendant with Original Wide Gem-Set Bale

This deliciously rare Victorian Silver Paste flower pendant is up for grabs for anyone who is looking to add a little more antique pizzaz and sparkle to their life! When we come across a stunning Paste antique like this one we do get so excited about how beautifully kept the Paste stones are. They are delightfully sparkly and have been stunningly...

Arts and Crafts era Moonstone Drop Pendant

Oh how we love a Moonstone at Lillicoco, and this Arts and Crafts era Moonstone drop pendant tickles all of our Moonstone fancies! This pendant certainly has a lovely organic fluidity about her. We love the winding Silverwork wrapping elegantly around all the enchanting Moonstones, as well as the Silver drop chains allowing some of the Moonstones to hang gracefully down...

Austro-Hungarian Silver Pendant with Mother of Pearl and Garnets

This gorgeous Austro-Hungarian Silver pendant holds a certain gothic quality to it, adorned with blood red Garnets and beautifully crafted Silver work! Where do we sign up!? This pendant added to a velvet ribbon and worn as a choker would add some antique chic to any outfit. Alternatively, add it to a matching Victorian Silver chain to set it aside...

9ct Gold Antique Masonic Orb Pendant

This large 9ct antique Gold Masonic orb pendant is more than what it first appears at first glance! A 9ct Gold gilded sphere sits sweetly on a gold necklace or even on a charm bracelet. The warm Gold colour has a lovely feel to it and it has been topped with a beautiful Gold engraved crown. The secret to this beautiful pendant...

15ct Gold Victorian Pearl and Diamond Star Pendant c.1900

If you adorn yourself with only the finest antique jewellery then this exquisite Victorian star pendant is definitely for you! With the brightest Diamond displayed proudly in its centre and rows of lustrous Pearls spilling out from every direction, this Victorian Pearl and Diamond star will garner attention or all the right reasons! Not only is it a superb quality antique pendant,...

Austro-Hungarian Silver Pendant with Pearl Garnets, and Turquoise

This Austro-Hungarian Silver pendant with Pearl, Garnet and Turquoise is as uniquely rare as it is utterly beautiful!  The filigree openwork Silver has been masterfully crafted and has a strong Austro-Hungarian aesthetic. Ornately decorated with a fabulous, show-stopping Pearl in it's centre, surrounded by flashes of orange from the wonderful Garnets and two frosty pale Turquoise cabochons!  Now let us turn your attention to the back which...

Victorian Paste Heart Pendant with Green Centre c.1850

If this Victorian Paste heart pendant doesn't blind or get your heart a-flutter then we don't know what will! The hand cut white Paste that surrounds this gorgeous Silver pendant has aged beautifully, still holding on to its magnificent brightness and shimmer that was so loved and appreciated back when it was made in the Victorian era.  The unique emerald...

Antique Silver Paste Heart Pendant c.1840

The sweetest and largest antique heart pendant we have in our current collection, and the perfect Victorian love token to give the one you love!  Expertly handcrafted during the Victorian era, she just exudes antique charm and is sure to make a welcome addition to your jewellery collection. What sets her apart from the rest is the bright red central Paste grabbing...

Antique Garnet Drop Pendant - Bohemian Garnet Pendant c.1870

Here at Lillicoco, we adore a juicy Victorian Garnet number, and this antique Garnet drop pendant has really got our hearts racing! The pendant is choc-full of the most vibrant and delicious vamp-red natural gems you could ever wish to see, and the double-drop is both striking and elegant. The Garnets themselves are chunky old rose-cuts with high domes and glittering...

Antique Scottish Thistle Wax Seal Pendant

We do have a soft spot for antique fob pendants, and there are many aspects which make this Georgian wax seal particularly unique. The main feature is the engraved thistle motif in the centre of the white Agate, both the royal symbol of Scotland and emblem of nobility and graciousness. Around the thistle the words "DINNA FORGET" is engraved into Scottish Agate,...

Fine Antique Silver Paste Pendant c.1890

If you're looking for a glamorous piece of antique jewellery to make you feel like a Queen, then look no further! This exquisite Victorian antique Paste pendant is just exuding antique charm and would add a touch of elegance to any outfit! As though she's been plucked from a ball in the 1800s, one can only imagine the fabulous soirees she's...

9ct Gold Antique Moonstone Pendant - Moonstone Cluster Pendant

Proudly presented in warm 9ct Yellow Gold open claw settings this antique Moonstone pendant exudes pure quality!  Superbly handcrafted from the finest materials available, bright and curvaceous Moonstones cast flashes of Silver and ice blue across their surface and fine Yellow Gold settings hold it all together. The gems are set in a beautifully simple and well-proportioned cluster design. It's perfect for...

Carnelian Intaglio Seal with Little Bird Motif c.1840

What a stunning Carnelian Intaglio seal with a little bird motif we've managed to find for you! This antique beauty is a real testament to the early Victorian period, showcasing the gorgeously ornate and unique style the individual who had this fob made would have been. It's a pleasure to get a unique glimpse of history that's lasted so far...

Victorian Silver Tassel Charm Pendant

You really can't go wrong with a Victorian tassel charm, and what a fine example this pendant is! Ornate patterns adorn the circumference of this wonderful antique pendant with eight tassels hanging freely beneath, she's the perfect accessory for any outfit! Whether you're off to a glamorous party or just getting ready for work, this tassel charm is so versatile she'll...

Victorian 9ct Gold Fancy Heart Shaped Padlock Charm Pendant

 Oh how the Victorians loved a charm, just like this Victorian 9ct Gold fancy heart shaped padlock charm pendant.  We love the warm Golden hues of this padlock, hand engraved with a fancy little floral motif. Very subtle but it just adds to that perfect texture and tone of the 9ct Gold in such a beautiful way. Worn with a...

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