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Antique Rock Crystal Teardrop Pendant with Vintage Silver Chain

Be careful not to get lost gazing into this antique Rock Crystal pendant!With one of the largest natural Rock Crystals we've had through our doors you're guaranteed to draw many admirers as you walk down the street! Skillfully faceted and formed into a three-dimensional teardrop, she catches the light with every move sending bright and colourful reflections in every direction!  The Silver acorn and...

Georgian Black Dot Paste Star Pendant - Gold Backed with Silver Settings

This Georgian black dot Paste star pendant is one of the finest pieces from the Georgian era we've ever held in our collection here at Lillicoco.  It is rare that we would describe an items condition as perfect, but here it is justified.  There is nothing we would want to change about this beautiful piece, and for something around 200...

Antique Silver and Bloodstone Fob Pendant c.1889

Simple and bold this Victorian Bloodstone fob pendant is the perfect accessory for everyday wear! Encased in Sterling Silver sits a smooth dark green Bloodstone speckled with red. Creating an edgy piece of antique jewellery, this pendant is forever timeless and engulfed in antique charm.  This would make a perfect gift for women with an alternative taste in fashion. A fascinatingly...

Georgian 'Croix de Saint Lo' Black Dot Paste Cross c.1800

Make a statement wherever you are with this stunning genuine Georgian Cross pendant! One can only imagine the delectable parties this antique pendant has seen in its life, being swung across the room at a masquerade ball twinkling fiercely as it catches the candlelight with every turn. Black dot Pastes were made by painting black dots on the foiled backing to create the illusion of collate...

Large Moonstone Star Pendant c.1890

If you're looking for a large moonstone star pendant then you really couldn't do much better than this!  What a fabulous example of Victorian jewel-crafting.  The Moonstones are absolutely gorgeous, with a bright white shimmer and blue-grey undertones.  Mounted in a handcrafted Sterling Silver setting which makes the most of the proportions of the stones, this pendant is seriously impressive...

Antique Silver Shaker Locket with Mississippi Pearl Drop c.1901

Full of decadent antique charm this antique Silver shaker locket is a real show stopper! Stunning antique Paste skirts glass-encased loose rough Diamonds, and a magnificent Mississippi Pearl drop tops it off... You really couldn't ask for a more luxurious piece of antique jewellery! Handcrafted during the Edwardian era one can only imagine the time and skill that went into creating...

15ct Gold Georgian Watch Key Pendant, with Chain c.1800

Put a spin on life with this stunning Georgian watch key pendant! Crafted from the finest 15ct yellow Gold this pendant is guaranteed to add an edge of elegance to anyone's life. Hung on a watch chain suspended at the waist and used to wind up the owner's pocket watch daily, watch keys were an essential item in Georgian times. Being...

9ct Gold Antique Peridot Pendant - Edwardian Pearl "Flower" Pendant c.1901

The poise grace of the Edwardian era will forever be etched in our memories, and this beautiful antique Peridot pendant will bring a little of that elegance with you wherever you go. The pendant is made from 9ct Yellow Gold which complements the zingy green of the Peridot perfectly, and openwork flower design is so sweet and feminine! The addition...

Georgian 9ct Gold Fob Pendant with Pearl Flower c.1820

We do love fob pendants at Lillicoco, and this solid Gold Georgian pendant is a great example of why! With deep decorative scrolls and expertly executed repousse Goldwork, it's easy to understand why antique jewellery is so sought after.  What makes this Georgian fob pendant so unique is the blank base. It's an ideal item to be personalised with an engraving...

9ct Gold Victorian Bloodstone Intaglio Fob Pendant - Antique 9ct Gold Wax Seal Fob

Steeped in intrigue and mystery, this Victorian Bloodstone intaglio fob pendant is an exciting collector's piece offered in fantastic condition! With beautiful Victorian Goldwork in solid 9ct Gold (not plated or cased!), the intaglio wax seal Bloodstone depicts Herme's head in a stunning carving.  In Greek mythology, Hermes was the Son of Zeus and Maia and often associated with luck...

Antique Carnelian Fob Pendant - 14ct Gold Antique Wax Seal Fob Charm

We all love antique Gold fobs because of their versatility, style and the unique messages, mottos and motifs we find covertly scrolled across their faces. This 14ct Gold antique Carnelian fob pendant is one of the fanciest we've seen! Although a fairy dainty size, the deep and vivid burnt orange of the Carnelian really commands a presence when combined with...

Victorian Citrine Fob Pendant - 9ct Gold Cased

This Victorian Citrine fob pendant is perfect for a November birthstone baby, or any other Citrine lover!  The gorgeous 9ct Gold casing is a perfect match for the sunshine-yellow gemstone, which is presented here in beautiful antique condition.The beauty of this design lies in its simplicity.  Resembling a stirrup, this fob is elegantly understated.  The Citrine is unembellished; possibly ready...

Small 9ct Gold Fob Pendant with Green Gem

Many good things come in small packages, and that's certainly true for this Victorian fob pendant!  She's demure, elegant and wonderfully ornamental and would make the perfect everyday pendant for all you antique lovers out there! With deep scrolled hand engravings and the signature Victorian bead, she encapsulates all the elements we love about genuine Victorian jewellery, and the bright green...

Victorian Silver Tassel Charm Pendant

Feel regal as you decorate yourself with this sweet little Victorian Silver charm pendant. With rows of Silver beaded tassels leading up to the crowned bead, this antique pendant would make a great choice for your everyday jewellery needs, either on its own or teamed up with your other favourite pendants. We love a good tassel charm and it's no...

18ct Gold Antique Seal Fob with Amethyst Intaglio c.1840

It isn't very often that you come across an antique seal fob quite as lovely as this!  Featuring a pale Amethyst which flashes light purple and yellow (thanks to the warm 18ct Gold that sits behind it) this stone feels like it has two distinct personalities. From some angles, it is unmistakably an Amethyst, from others it looks like a...

Antique French Silver Pools of Light Locket

Casting shimmers of light with every movement this antique pools of light locket would make a pretty addition to any collectors jewellery box.  With an orb of magnifying Rock Crystal, this antique pendant is a playful piece for those who love simple jewellery! The Rock Crystal consists of two halves allowing for a photograph or a lock of hair to be added in its...

Art Deco Rock Crystal Teardrop Pendant, with Chain c.1920 (65.71ct)

Rock Crystal is often referred to as a "Master Healer"- a gem capable of cleansing energy, promoting health and amplifying positive thoughts! This pendant is by far one of the most striking pieces Rock crystal jewellery we've ever had the pleasure of seeing here at Lillicoco, with a phenomenal 65.71cts pear-shaped natural Rock Crystal! It's certainly one of the sparkliest Crystals we've ever laid eyes...

Large Silver Butterfly Wing Pendant, with Chain c.1920

This gorgeous vintage butterfly wing pendant is so beautiful! Exuberant with iridescent greens and blues of pure azure blue, you can't help but be beguiled by it! The pendant was crafted by the well-renowned Silversmith Mr T. H. Mott in England around the Art Deco period in England, and as we now know his craftsmanship was second to none.  As...

Antique Silver Tassel Charm Pendant

Simple and stylish this antique Silver tassel pendant has got your Victorian jewellery needs covered. With a beautifully decorated bead and eight playful tassels you really can't go wrong with this classic example of antique jewellery. We've paired this one with a thick 18" Sterling Silver chain so she's ready to be gifted or worn straight away. The size of...

Antique Banded Agate Seal Fob Pendant c.1880

This is by far the most unusual antique seal fob pendant we've had the pleasure of encountering, she's a very particular piece of antique jewellery! We just can't get over the skill that has gone into hand cutting the banded Agate, it's absolutely astounding! The straight lines and angles created with movement alongside the graduating natural Agate bands creates a...

9ct Gold Antique Moonstone Pendant & Chain - 2.5ct Edwardian Moonstone Pendant

Here we have a stunning antique Moonstone pendant crafted in 9ct Gold and highlighted beautifully with dainty Seed Pearl above and below. It used to be a simple antique bar brooch but we thought it would get more love as a pendant, and we can't overstate how happy we are with the result... this pendant is pure Moonstone magic! The...

Antique 9ct Gold Star Pearl Pendant (Chain included)

We are serious fans of Victorian star jewellery here at Lillicoco and this conversion piece is a perfect example! Expertly constructed from 9ct warm yellow Gold and set with 23 lustrous Pearls, this antique Gold star pendant is truly irresistible!  This pendant is a converted from an antique brooch. We loved it so much and felt it would get more use as...

Sweet Antique Shaker Locket (with Pink Sapphires, Pearls & Diamonds)

This sweet antique shaker locket is one of the prettiest pieces we've added to our collection recently! Made during the Edwardian era it's crafted in gilt metal and opens and closes easily, so you can switch the gems inside as often as you switch your outfits. We love the twist design around the rim, and the fact it's gilded metal...

Antique Silver Tassel Charm Pendant

SOLD! This pendant is antique yet modern and forever timeless, be the envy of all your friends with this Victorian tassel charm pendant! This one is particularly stunning with elegantly long tassels and a beautifully decorated bead, we've paired her with an extra thick silver chain making her stand out even more, what's not to love about this genuine piece of antique...

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