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Victorian Aesthetic English Silver Locket c.1880

An incredibly stylish Victorian Aesthetic English Silver locket in supreme antique condition, crafted in the late Victorian period, circa 1880. This superb antique Silver locket is a delight in every which way. It's quite large with the body alone measuring 4.5cm long! It has a beautiful textured repousse design on one side and skillfully engraved initials on the back. The...

Victorian 9ct Gold Gentleman's Cufflinks c.1891

This fine pair of antique 9ct Rose Gold cufflinks are the perfect gentleman's accessory. They were hand-crafted during the Victorian era from a beautiful tone of 9ct Rose Gold, and feature a traditional engraved oval design that's easy to wear and looks great! These cufflinks are made from solid Gold, (not Gold plated or Gold-washed!) and are engraved in typical Victorian...

Antique Silver Paste Heart Charm Pendant c.1850

This pretty little Silver Paste heart pendant is a genuine Victorian piece, circa 1850, and is one of the sweetest and most versatile items of antique jewellery we have in our collection! It's dainty, sparkly and full of romantic antique charm! It's just under 3cm just from the sparkle-encrusted bale to the bottom of the heart so is the perfect size...

Antique Silver Malachite Charm Necklace c.1880

If you love have a penchant for unique antique jewellery then you'll love this antique Silver Malachite charm necklace! It's cute, quirky and incredibly versatile; and will take you from day to evening in style! These two Victorian Malachite charms are rare and collectible, so to find two that match so perfectly is incredible! The smooth green Malachite gems have...

Antique Victorian Silver Locket with Sweet Rose c.1880

This pretty antique Victorian Silver locket is full of romance and history. Made from Sterling Silver with sweet rose petals crafted from 9ct Rose and leaves rare green Gold, it seems to be an amulet straight out of a Fairytale. The locket is the perfect size; big enough to be noticed and small enough to wear daily with ease... and...

18ct Gold Diamond "Gypsy" Ring - Hallmarked 1894

This classic 18ct Gold Diamond "gypsy" ring is a genuine antique from the Victorian era, and bears rare English hallmarks for Chester 1894! With an old cut Diamond center and two twinkling rose cut Diamonds it really does capture the grace of an age gone by.  We love those traditional "star" settings and the pretty scrolled details to the shoulders add...

Victorian Paste Heart Pendant & Chain

This beautiful Silver Paste heart pendant is a genuine antique Victorian piece, circa 1900.  “Paste” or "Strass" is a special type of hard flint glass invented in 1724. It was skillfully cut & polished by hand until it appeared to glitter like Diamonds in the light and was an instant hit with the high society! Paste is really a charming...

Victorian Silver Spinning Fob Pendant c.1893

This antique Victorian Silver spinning fob pendant is a lovely example of Victorian jewellery, and is a great size for daily wear and the fob spins perfectly all the way around! It's a gorgeous piece to wear as it feels quite substantial to hold, and the cold glossy gems feel smooth and luxurious. It's fully hallmarked English Sterling Silver with  beautiful thick...

Victorian Aesthetic Silver Locket with Birds and Butterflies c.1880

A rare and beautiful example of jewellery from the Victorian aesthetic period, crafted with care during the late 1800's.  This stunning English Silver locket is one of the most unusual lockets of its kind that we've seen! It has a wonderful domed shape and extremely beautiful and detailed engravings where the Silver is worked into by hand by a skilled...

Antique Paste Drop Earrings with 9ct Gold Hooks c.1880

Such a classic pair of antique Paste drop earrings? This rare set of Victorian Paste earrings have an elegant double drop design and are set on 9ct Yellow Gold French hooks. Circa 1880, they're so timeless and classic it's hard to believe they were made over 130 years ago.  The earrings are an ideal size for any occasion, with graduated...

Antique Moonstone Pearl Cluster Ring

This superb antique Moonstone Pearl cluster ring is on of the most unique and beautiful Victorian rings we have in our collection.. We simply  love everything about it! From the deeply carved ornate band, the elegant flat profile and the gorgeous antique Moonstone, this ring is a complete one-of-a-kind! It's made from a beautiful mellow 9ct Rose Gold which compliments...

Antique Victorian Silver Swivel Fob Pendant - Hallmarked 1898

This antique Victorian Silver swivel fob pendant is a charming piece of history! Not only does it have an amazing design but it's fully hallmarked for the year 1898 and bears the rare and collectible old antique registration (or patent) mark or the period too! The fob is made from solid Sterling Silver (not plated or cased) and features two...

Victorian Paste Moon Brooch with Gold Back c.1850

By far and away this brooch is one of the finest pieces of antique Paste jewellery  we have ever seen anywhere, Let alone here at Lillicoco! So we're thrilled to have this exceptional brooch in our collection! Made in the 1800's, this antique crescent moon brooch exemplifies why we are so fascinated with antique jewellery today. It's charming, it's romantic,...

Antique Ruby Diamond "Gypsy" Ring c.1900

These beautiful antique "gypsy" rings are so popular right now, and we can see why! We love the charming star-like settings and the scrolled shoulders, and the over-sized old English hallmarks are a coveted quality for any antique jewellery collector. This antique 18ct Gold Gypsy ring has a bright old mine cut Diamond center and two deep pigeon-blood Ruby to either...

Antique Victorian Gold Book Locket c.1880

This charming Victorian book locket is a genuine antique, made during the reign of the Queen Victoria of England around the year 1880. We love the quirky style and beautiful engravings on both sides, and to top it of there are two original black and white photographs inside! The locket is made from 9ct Gold back and front, with metal...

9ct Gold Antique Watch Key Pendant c.1870

This pretty 9ct Gold antique watch key pendant is cute, stylish and an amazing conversation started! The cool spinning mechanism is testament to the Victorians ingenuity, and its amazing to think these were among the first "fidget-spinners"! Crafted with care from a gorgeous slab of natural Bloodstone and deep brown Agate you'd think this spinning fob would be quite masculine,...

Antique Victorian Silver Paste Heart Charm Pendant -c.1900

This superb Silver Paste heart pendant is a genuine Victorian piece, circa 1900.  “Paste” or "Strass" is a special kind of flint glass invented in 1724. It was cut & polished by hand with pain-staking skill until it appeared to shimmer like Diamonds in the light, and was an instant hit with the high society! It really is a charming...

18ct Gold Victorian Turquoise and Diamond "Gypsy"Ring c.1899

This lovely 18ct Gold Victorian Turquoise ring is a genuine antique and is hallmarked for the year 1899. It was made in Birmingham and features those rare and collectable over-sized English hallmarks that all antique jewellery lovers adore! The ring has that wonderful warm tone that only antique jewellery has- a warm and comforting rosy yellow Gold! The ring is...

Antique Georgian Paste Silver Cross Pendant c.1800

This rare and beautiful Sterling Silver Paste cross pendant is a genuine Georgian piece, circa 1800.  The French jeweller Georges Frédéric Strass invented “Paste" in 1724. It's crafted from a special leaded glass that was the painstakingly cut and then polished by hand with metal powder until it appeared to shimmer like a Diamond. It was an instant success with the chic...

Antique 18ct Gold Signet Ring c.1850

This stylish antique 18ct Gold signet ring is a lovely example of fine Victorian jewellery. Elegant and refined, the ring is of English origin, and is set with a beautifully smooth Sardonyx Agate hardstone.  The ring bears the faint English hallmarks depicting the number "15" for 15ct Gold but actually tests as higher, 18ct Gold. (This is quite typical of...

Antique 9ct Rose Gold Keeper Ring c1896

This genuine antique keeper ring was hand-crafted in the year 1896 and has a typical woven or plaited design. It's made from a beautiful coloured 18 ct Yellow Gold and is both pretty and comfortable to wear. Suitable for everyday wear. The woven front of the keeper ring is 7mm wide and tapers to 2mm at the back.  "Keeper rings"...

18ct Gold Antique Garnet Stick Pin c.1900

This gorgeous antique Garnet stick pin is ideal accessory for any occasion, be it a wedding, birthday or you simply want to look your best. It's been crafted from a 2.15ct natural Garnet and set in 18ct Yellow Gold, and has a fine barley twist detail.  The Garnet is held is a traditional bezel setting so the surface is smooth....

9ct Rose Gold Antique Garnet Fob Pendant

What a rare and fantastic piece of antique Garnet jewellery! This lovely antique Garnet fob pendant is a really rare item, crafted from a beautiful mellow Rose Gold and a superb 11.5ct Garnet.  Although un-foiled this delicious Garnet gives all its foiled brothers and sisters a run for their money! It has a deep dark red wine colour and when...

9ct Gold Victorian Garnet Stick Pin c.1850

Have you ever seen a more beautiful stick pin?! This rare Victorian Garnet stick pin is crafted from 9ct Rose Gold and features the most sumptuous oval Garnet cabochon.  Bound in place by a popular Victorian motif; a belt or buckle, the Garnet shines out with a deep red wine colour and undertones of juicy rasberry! Well crafted and well cared...

Elaborate Victorian Jewellery Creations

Victorian jewellery was made during the reign of Queen Victoria, an influential period spanning from 1837 to 1901. Within this era are three distinct periods: the Romantic, the Grand, and the Aesthetic. All of these periods used different motifs, metals and gems as well as fabrication techniques that resulted in a broad variety of stunning and highly sentimental jewellery.

The jewellery made from this era featured the finest materials and was made by skilled craftsmen, making it some of the most valued antique jewellery for its quality and beauty. Choose from our selection of Victorian jewellery including antique brooches, vintage necklaces, and rings.

Unique Vintage Victorian Jewellery Pieces

Antique Victorian jewellery is distinct in its impressive combination of complex and feminine motifs. Some common styles you’ll see in Victorian jewellery incorporate natural, celestial, and floral designs as well as crowned and flaming hearts. Precious stones such as Rubies, Diamonds, and Sapphires are often used as accent pieces as well as semi-precious stones like Jet, Agates, Amethysts and Garnets.

A great thing about this era is that it includes influences from Egyptian and Etruscan empires which resulted in a wide array of style fusions that you don’t find elsewhere. Aside from vintage Victorian Jewellery pieces, Lillicoco also curates other antique jewellery creations from the Edwardian and Georgian eras!