Victorian Jewellery

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Antique 9ct Gold Chain Necklace 17.7"

Luxurious 9ct Gold wraps itself around your neck with undeniable antique elegance. If you love antique jewellery then this Victorian 9ct Gold chain would make a fine addition to your collection. Skillfully faceted links interlock, catching the light and letting it playfully dance across the flat surfaces.  Finished off with a neat barrel clasp, this is a wonderful piece of antique jewellery....

Antique Victorian Garnet Earrings in 9ct Gold c.1890

What a fantastic pair of antique Victorian Garnet earrings! These antique Garnet earrings are simply ablaze with colour! The glossy blood-red pear-shaped Garnet cabochons draw you in with their deep and sumptuous glow, whilst the small rose cuts sparkle fiercely. The earrings are set in 9ct Gold and have practical stud fittings so they shimmy and sparkle as you move - perfectly versatile...

Antique Watch Key Pendant with Chain

These Antique watch key pendants are such rare and beautiful treasures.  The ultimate combination of utilitarianism and decoration, they lie in the sweet spot where form and function meet. We adore the bright foiled paste stone with its shiny pink hue, lending this piece an air of pretty femininity.  It's unusual to find a Paste cut in a shield shape as...

Victorian Wax Seal Fob Spinner Pendant

If you love bold and simple jewellery then this Victorian fob pendant is definitely for you. Not only is it a stand-out piece of antique jewellery, but like most wax seal fobs it is totally unique to the person who once owned it. This one in particular is like none we have ever seen before, featuring a proud lion rampant...

Ornate Victorian Seal Fob Pendant c.1850 - 9ct Gold Cased

This ornate Victorian seal fob pendant is a wonderful example of the craftsmanship that makes Victorian jewellery so special to this day.  We love the deeply embossed detailing around the base of the fob, with floral patterns and swirls that are reminiscent of a fancy column or ceiling in a Georgian or Victorian manor house. The most popular method of...

Studded Victorian Aesthetic Silver Locket with Beaded Edge - Fully Hallmarked

This studded Victorian Aesthetic Silver locket is as lovely as they come!  Fully decked out with a beaded edge, embossed detailing and that amazing row of punk studs down the middle; there's something here for everyone. You'll love the remarkable attention to detail, the chic Victorian aesthetic detailing and the exceptional condition of the piece.  It's the perfect wearable size; big...

9ct Gold Victorian Belcher Chain Necklace 17"

Links of warm buttery Gold wraps itself around your neck with undeniable luxury. If you love antique jewellery then this Victorian belcher chain is an absolute must-have! With graduating links handcrafted from solid 9ct Gold she has a lovely weight to her which just feels magnificent when worn. Each link has been expertly faceted to catch the light from every direction...

Large Victorian Aesthetic Silver Locket with Rose Gold Flowers

This large Victorian Silver locket with rose gold flowers is the finest of its kind we've ever come across, and we've had some amazing examples before!  It has every single desirable feature that you could possibly be looking for, and is presented here in immaculate condition.  It's a museum-grade antique locket and we're immensely proud to hold it in our...

Victorian Five Stone Opal Ring

A Victorian five stone Opal ring in fantastic antique condition. Elegantly chased shoulders draw your gaze to scrolled golden waves curling around the gallery proudly displaying five vivid Opals. Snippets of glowing pink, green and blue are shrouded in a lilac haze, as though the cabochons were carved from the aurora borealis out of the depths of the Northern sky. Delicate yet sturdy settings...

9ct Gold Lucky Leprechaun Horseshoe Charm Pendant

Well, what can we say, if you're after that perfect lucky charm then look no further than this 9ct Gold lucky Leprechaun horseshoe charm pendant! This cheeky little Leprauchaun sits nonchalantly on a horseshoe reading his book, reminding us to take pleasure in the little things! Go forth with confidence knowing that this little fellow will shower you with the luck...

Antique Watch Key Fob Pendant with Chain

A sweet and petite antique watch key pendant featuring a Bloodstone on one side and a yellow Paste on the other. Which way round will you wear it today? Skillfully handcrafted over a century ago, ornate patterns whimsically sweep around the borders of the gemstones culminating in a decorative trinket ready to adorn your collar bones.  One of the aspects...

Victorian Pique Drop Earrings with 9ct Gold inlay

A superb decorative pair of Victorian pique drop earrings, sure to make a very welcome addition to your jewellery box. Smooth dark surfaces inlaid with warm yellow Gold create the most luxurious pair of antique drop earrings, like delicious baubles dancing beneath your earlobes. One has to admire the highly skilled craftsman who hand-engraved the patterns adorning the surfaces of these magnificent Victorian...

Silver Victorian Aesthetic Large Locket with Beaded Edge

This is a fabulous Silver Victorian Aesthetic large locket with a beaded edge. Behold in it's luxurious, beautiful glory! This majestic locket would look incredible with a chunky silver antique chain to match in size and stature.  It has a lovely domed front with intricate engraved markings of foliage that the Victorians so often loved to depict on their jewellery.  We...

Victorian Garnet and Pearl Ring with Engraved Shank

This Victorian Garnet and Pearl ring embodies everything that we love about antique Victorian rings. You'll be drawn in by the attention to detail in the engraved shank and the contrast between the colourful foiled Garnets and the lustrous white pearls.  Put it on, and you're struck by the delicate antique charm of this piece; with its ornate settings and scrolled...

Victorian Aesthetic Silver Rectangular Locket

Let this Victorian aesthetic locket transport you to a bygone era. Engraved flowers dance across its surface like an untamed wild garden of symbolic romanticism. Leaves entwine with forget-me-nots symbolising true love, perhaps this locket was gifted as a secret love token during a time when such conversations were forbidden. The rectangular shape is unusual, making this antique locket the perfect piece of Victorian jewellery...

Antique Victorian Aesthetic Silver Bangle with Floral Detailing and Punk Studs

This Victorian aesthetic Silver bangle is one of those antique pieces which looks completely at home in the 21st Century. You'll love the rock-solid construction, with the sturdy hinge and clasp making this piece perfect for everyday wear.  We're also a big fan of the classically Victorian buckle motif that is presented here with two raised studs that give the...

Rare Antique English Silver Compass Charm Pendant

What a rare and intriguing little Antique English Silver compass charm pendant we've happened upon here! Even though this compass is rather dainty it still packs a punch with it's exquisite engraved designs both front and back. If you so desire you can wear it back to showcase the hidden floral etchings on the rear. Two pendants in one... lovely! ...

Victorian 9ct Gold Chain with Long and Fancy Links - 21.7g

This is a very special Victorian 9ct Gold chain.  We love the warm, golden hue that you can only find in well-loved antique Gold and the exceptional condition that this piece is presented in.  Coming across such a fine and lovely example is rare indeed! The necklace is made out of two alternating link designs; The longer, minimal albert-style links and the shorter...

Victorian Turquoise Flower Brooch in Silver

This Victorian Turquoise flower brooch in Silver will add a dash of colour to any outfit! We love how the bright Turquoise stones contrast with the dark patina that has developed on the antique Silver over the years, giving the piece an appealing boheminan vibe. You can wear this on a jacket, a hat, a bag, a scarf or anywhere else...

Solid Gold Antique Fob Seal Charm Pendant with Large Natural Citrine

Oh how we love an antique Fob pendant at Lillicoco, and this solid Gold Antique fob seal charm pendant with a large Citrine gemstone certainly tickles our fancy!  The large sparkling Citrine glimmers with tones of the palest oranges and sunshine yellows in the light. This Citrine works harmoniously with the solid Gold which wraps around the stone with beautiful delicate...

Exquisite Victorian Silver Bangle with Celtic Motif and Curved Body

This is an exquisite Victorian Silver bangle with a Celtic motif on the front face and beautiful curved lines.  The brightness of this gorgeous Sterling Silver bangle draws your attention to the beautifully embossed and engraved Celtic knots and floral front face that is just stunning! Wearing this bangle it feels as if it is giving your wrist a hug in the most comfortable...

Antique Victorian Banded Agate Drop Earrings on 9ct Gold Hooks

What an exquisite pair of antique Victorian banded Agate drop earrings for you to feast your eyes upon!  Not very often do we come across such beautiful and symmetrical banded Agate stones. They compliment each other exceptionally, looking balanced when worn with a dash of elegance and class!  The deep blackness contrasting with the light, natural stripe and the warm...

Victorian Silver Turquoise Cabochon Ring with Beautiful Patterned Band

We at Lillicoco find this Victorian Silver Turquoise cabochon ring utterly charming! Sweet floral patterned Silver wraps delicately around the whole of the band and up the shoulders lifting up that gorgeous, bright antique Turquoise which features that  wonderful marbling that is so desired.  This beauty would look fabulous stacked with a hand full of other Silver antique rings, complementing each other...

Large Antique 9ct Gold Opal Pendant - 4.03ct Antique Opal Pendant

This extraordinarily 9ct Gold antique Opal pendant is simply enchanting!  The large 4.03ct Opal captivates you straight away with its mesmerising pool of bewitching beauty... Every angle you look at holds deep bursts of colour; from intense indigo blues, sunset orange flashes, and incredible fluorescent green sparks that are out of this world.  This beauty looks stunning on a simple Gold chain, putting...

Elaborate Victorian Jewellery Creations

Victorian jewellery was made during the reign of Queen Victoria, an influential period spanning from 1837 to 1901. Within this era are three distinct periods: the Romantic, the Grand, and the Aesthetic. All of these periods used different motifs, metals and gems as well as fabrication techniques that resulted in a broad variety of stunning and highly sentimental jewellery.

The jewellery made from this era featured the finest materials and was made by skilled craftsmen, making it some of the most valued antique jewellery for its quality and beauty. Choose from our selection of Victorian jewellery including antique brooches, vintage necklaces, and rings.

Unique Vintage Victorian Jewellery Pieces

Antique Victorian jewellery is distinct in its impressive combination of complex and feminine motifs. Some common styles you’ll see in Victorian jewellery incorporate natural, celestial, and floral designs as well as crowned and flaming hearts. Precious stones such as Rubies, Diamonds, and Sapphires are often used as accent pieces as well as semi-precious stones like Jet, Agates, Amethysts and Garnets.

A great thing about this era is that it includes influences from Egyptian and Etruscan empires which resulted in a wide array of style fusions that you don’t find elsewhere. Aside from vintage Victorian Jewellery pieces, Lillicoco also curates other antique jewellery creations from the Edwardian and Georgian eras!