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Victorian Aesthetic Silver Book Chain Bracelet

We absolutely love Silver book chains here at Lillicoco, and this Victorian book chain bracelet is such a treat!  Victorian's sure were ahead of their time, this is one stylish antique bracelet! As fashionable today as it would have been when it was first created over a century ago, it's a fantastic addition to any outfit! Featuring two rows of...

15ct Gold Victorian Emerald and Opal Trilogy Ring c.1868

Once you see this Victorian Emerald ring in person you won't be able to take your eyes off her. It's impossible to capture the splendour of this ring in photographs, she's truly enchanting!  Two vibrantly colourful Opals accompany the deep forest green Emerald as it sits proudly on your finger. The beautifully scrolled settings handcrafted from a warm 15ct yellow Gold emerges...

9ct Gold Victorian Five Stone Pearl and Garnet Gypsy Ring

What a fine example of a Victorian gypsy ring this is!  A joyful rosy 9ct Gold band sprinkled with the most lustrous natural seed Pearls and two of the prettiest pink Garnets shimmering with every move, you really can't go wrong with this genuine antique ring!  The term "gypsy" comes from the type of setting used for the stones in this style...

18ct Gold Edwardian Five Stone Ring with Sapphires and Diamonds c.1905

Adorn your finger in Sapphires and Diamonds with this beautiful Edwardian Gold ring! Featuring a row of delightful gemstones this antique ring is sure to make any woman go weak at the knees! Carry pools of deep blue ocean wherever you go with these striking old cut natural Sapphires. And carefully placed on each side beam two twinkling Diamonds as if...

Large Victorian Silver Locket with Rose Gold and Yellow Gold Detail c.1882

Step into the Lillicoco office and feast your eyes on this superb Victorian Silver locket!  When it comes to style the Victorians had it down, and this antique locket is as trendy today as it was when it was first created almost 150 years ago! With rows of skillfully embossed patterns surrounding a beautifully feminine floral design in Rose and Yellow Gold...

Antique Silver Niello Chain with Gilded Links, Dog Clip & Bolt Ring

We love a nice antique Silver Niello chain here at Lillicoco and this really is a very fine example.  At its core, this necklace is made of Sterling Silver links which have been alternately treated with Niello stripes and Rose Gold plating.  The result is a gorgeous three tone statement necklace that is sure to draw the admiration of friends...

Rare Victorian Niello Chain with Enamel Detail

This rare Victorian Niello chain is as versatile as it is cool! A lovely niello chain necklace made of high-purity Silver with expertly placed dark grey enamel and alternating links of Yellow Gold plated Vermeil. It has the original large bolt ring and the niello dog-lip too, both of which feature enamel stripes creating a dramatic finish on each end. There are endless...

Antique 18ct Gold Diamond 5 Stone Ring ( 0.18ct)

This beautiful antique 18ct Gold Diamond 5 stone ring was made during the Victorian era and is set with a row of twinkling graduated old cut Diamonds alone its centre. As Victorian rings go, the design of this one is quite unusual, with the Diamonds forming an elongated eye or lozenge shape within a simple 6mm band.  An excellent dress...

Victorian Pearl & Rose Cut Diamond Ring in 18ct Gold

There's so much to love about this Victorian Pearl & Rose Cut Diamond ring that it's hard to know where to start!  The gemstones are gorgeous.  The Pearls are clean and well matched with a lovely lustre and a silvery-ivory colour tone.  The Rose Cut Diamonds are bright and sparkly, drawing in your eye and holding your attention. We love...

Antique Victorian Book Chain Necklace with Buckle Locket

What an absolutely stunning piece of antique jewellery this Victorian book chain necklace is! She really is the epitome of all things Victorian and offered in fantastic condition, anyone would be lucky to call her theirs! This antique necklace encapsulates everything we love about Victorian jewellery, she's bold, striking and exudes feminity down to every last detail. Perfectly symmetrical and...

9ct Gold Edwardian Oval Locket - Back and Front

This 9ct Gold Edwardian oval locket is so sweet.  This is a classic design, with many period features which are commonly seen in Victorian jewellery.  The ivy leaf engravings, the shield and the foliate mount where the bale is attached all appear frequently in pieces from this era. This locket is packed with sentimental symbolism.  Ivy leaves represent everlasting love, this...

Georgian Black Dot Paste Star Pendant - Gold Backed with Silver Settings

This Georgian black dot Paste star pendant is one of the finest pieces from the Georgian era we've ever held in our collection here at Lillicoco.  It is rare that we would describe an items condition as perfect, but here it is justified.  There is nothing we would want to change about this beautiful piece, and for something around 200...

Silver Victorian Aesthetic Cuff Bangle with Rose and Yellow Gold Detail

This Silver and Gold Victorian cuff bangle is such a beautiful piece of antique jewellery.  We love the use of Gold to highlight the bird and the butterfly, bringing this bangle a step above the usual Silver Victorian cuff. This piece depicts a beautiful island paradise with a beach, the ocean and some wildlife that invokes feelings of relaxation and calm. ...

Antique 9ct Gold Bracelet with Turquoise c.1900

If you're a stylish lady who loves a bit of Turquoise then this antique 9ct Gold bracelet is definitely for you!  Vividly blue Persian Turquoise stones contrast beautifully with the warm 9ct rose Gold chain... and she sure would look fine draped across your wrist! The bright Gold reflects the light beautifully as the as the stones dance with every move. Capturing...

Victorian Crescent Moon Paste Brooch c.1900

What a wonderful addition to our collection of Victorian jewellery this antique crescent moon brooch is!  As far as crescent moon brooches go this one has it all! A highly decorated Gold gilt moon set with Pastes twinkling like stars hung in a midnight sky, this romantic antique brooch would make a welcome addition to any outfit! With a row of alternating blue and...

Antique Silver and Bloodstone Fob Pendant c.1889

Simple and bold this Victorian Bloodstone fob pendant is the perfect accessory for everyday wear! Encased in Sterling Silver sits a smooth dark green Bloodstone speckled with red. Creating an edgy piece of antique jewellery, this pendant is forever timeless and engulfed in antique charm.  This would make a perfect gift for women with an alternative taste in fashion. A fascinatingly...

Exquisite 18ct Gold Antique Amethyst Drop Earrings c.1890

The simplest things are often the best, and that's certainly true of these fine 18ct Gold antique Amethyst drop earrings. Made during the Victorian era, circa 1890, they're beautiful, finely crafted and feel magnificent on! The hooks are original and made from rosy 18ct Yellow Gold that perfectly match the handsome collet settings and the earrings themselves from natural Amethyst.  The Amethysts are set "a jour"...

Large Moonstone Star Pendant c.1890

If you're looking for a large moonstone star pendant then you really couldn't do much better than this!  What a fabulous example of Victorian jewel-crafting.  The Moonstones are absolutely gorgeous, with a bright white shimmer and blue-grey undertones.  Mounted in a handcrafted Sterling Silver setting which makes the most of the proportions of the stones, this pendant is seriously impressive...

Antique Bohemian Garnet and Marcasite Bracelet

A majestic Victorian Garnet bracelet for all you sparkle addicts out there... Made in France during the reign of Queen Victoria, she exudes gothic elegance. The craftsmanship in this piece is next to none and the attention to detail is astounding, we particularly love the four leaf style settings on the smaller stones adding to the uniqueness of this piece....

Victorian Silver Bracelet with Large Tassel Charm

Fantastically feminine this Victorian Silver bracelet is the perfect accessory to adorn your wrist! With boundless elaborate decorative scrolls and varying chains she captures the essence of Victorian jewellery vividly.  The attention to detail is next to none, you could get lost exploring the array of varying patterns and textures, she's a feast for the eyes! We're in love with the...

9ct Gold Victorian Revival Brooch

This 9ct Gold Victorian revival Gold brooch is bound to bring endless joy to its wearer! It's bright, sunny, and, to us, looks like three beautiful golden sunflowers! With great craftsmanship and impeccable attention to every detail, this vintage brooch is simple yet bold and features three beautifully detailed flowers in a typically Victorian style. The three large central spheres perfectly reflect their...

Victorian Silver Brooch with Rose Cut Garnet Glass

A genuine piece of antique jewellery, this Victorian Silver brooch is small but fierce, and boasts an amazing huge multifaceted gem centre. A beautifully rose cut Garnet coloured glass with a geometrically faceted domed surface, you can't help but gaze as she catches the light joyfully with every movement. Set in wonderfully textured Silver and a stunning bezel she is the epitome...

9ct Gold Victorian Bloodstone Intaglio Fob Pendant - Antique 9ct Gold Wax Seal Fob

Steeped in intrigue and mystery, this Victorian Bloodstone intaglio fob pendant is an exciting collector's piece offered in fantastic condition! With beautiful Victorian Goldwork in solid 9ct Gold (not plated or cased!), the intaglio wax seal Bloodstone depicts Herme's head in a stunning carving.  In Greek mythology, Hermes was the Son of Zeus and Maia and often associated with luck...

Small 9ct Gold Fob Pendant with Green Gem

Many good things come in small packages, and that's certainly true for this Victorian fob pendant!  She's demure, elegant and wonderfully ornamental and would make the perfect everyday pendant for all you antique lovers out there! With deep scrolled hand engravings and the signature Victorian bead, she encapsulates all the elements we love about genuine Victorian jewellery, and the bright green...

Elaborate Victorian Jewellery Creations

Victorian jewellery was made during the reign of Queen Victoria, an influential period spanning from 1837 to 1901. Within this era are three distinct periods: the Romantic, the Grand, and the Aesthetic. All of these periods used different motifs, metals and gems as well as fabrication techniques that resulted in a broad variety of stunning and highly sentimental jewellery.

The jewellery made from this era featured the finest materials and was made by skilled craftsmen, making it some of the most valued antique jewellery for its quality and beauty. Choose from our selection of Victorian jewellery including antique brooches, vintage necklaces, and rings.

Unique Vintage Victorian Jewellery Pieces

Antique Victorian jewellery is distinct in its impressive combination of complex and feminine motifs. Some common styles you’ll see in Victorian jewellery incorporate natural, celestial, and floral designs as well as crowned and flaming hearts. Precious stones such as Rubies, Diamonds, and Sapphires are often used as accent pieces as well as semi-precious stones like Jet, Agates, Amethysts and Garnets.

A great thing about this era is that it includes influences from Egyptian and Etruscan empires which resulted in a wide array of style fusions that you don’t find elsewhere. Aside from vintage Victorian Jewellery pieces, Lillicoco also curates other antique jewellery creations from the Edwardian and Georgian eras!