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Let’s get spooky with our Halloween lookbook
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Let’s get spooky with our Halloween lookbook

Let’s get spooky with our Halloween lookbook

Halloween is just around the corner and we couldn’t resist showing off our 2021 Halloween lookbook. With accumulated jewels and New Find’s from this Friday’s Drop, this lookbook is gorgeous and ghoulish in every way! 

Last year, our Halloween style guide gave you a variety of costume ideas, but with that antique jewelry finesse you all know and love. From saucy vampire queens to malevolent witches and ethereal fortune tellers, we celebrated the powerful forces of Rock Crystal, got seduced by the twinkle of bohemian Garnets, and set our eyes alight with the popping gunmetal tones of Cut Steel.

This year, we wanted to do something a little different! We felt that it was the perfect time to curate a seriously too-good-to-be-true New Finds and have an accompanying Friday Drop that was equally devilish.

For us more is always more, because what better way to embrace your inner maximalist than on All Hallow’s Eve!

Jewels are the perfect way to connect with your inner Goth. For this selection, we have chosen the creepiest of scarab crawlies and deep pools of banded Agate that will send a shiver down your spine. We have also delved into the depths of Victorian symbolism too, uncovering two beautiful crescent moon brooch pendants and a Victorian serpent necklace that will charm even the coldest of hearts.

Do you want to shop the drop?

What’s more, we are always thinking about our commitment to sustainability. Which is why we also chose antique jewellery that you can wear, not just in the spooky months and eerie nights of October and November but beyond. Our stunning Georgian Garnet cascade necklace certainly has a little “festive” air about her, and the floral rose cut Diamond dormeuse earrings can be worn for many more moons!

Which Halloween jewellery takes your eye? Let us know below!

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