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Six Ways To Style An Antique Gold Chain
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Six Ways To Style An Antique Gold Chain

Six Ways To Style An Antique Gold Chain

Arguably the most timeless, luxurious pieces in any jewellery collection, the antique Gold chain deserves its coveted position as the undisputed queen of metals. Existing in myriad forms, antique Gold chains are beloved by all for their endless versatility. Whether chunky or dainty, longuard or choker, each Gold chain has a worthy place in our hearts!

Antique chains, owing to their rich histories and idiosyncratic beauty, possess a particularly irresistible charm. So, what makes a Gold chain antique? For a Gold chain to be a genuine antique piece, it has to be over 100 years old, meaning that only chains which were produced prior to 1922 are authentic.

Feeling disillusioned with your Gold goods? Whilst you’d be forgiven for overlooking the humble Gold chain in favour of their sparklier counterparts, here, we make the case for the antique Gold chain. With countless possibilities, we’re here to help you style your Gold chains, providing you with the inspiration you need to help create some uniquely stunning looks. Never again will Gold chains be synonymous with “boring” or “unoriginal” in your mind. Leave your preconceptions at the door as we breathe life into your styling repertoire. Read on as we reveal a few of our favourite ways to style these sumptuous treasures, ensuring that you never run out of ideas!

1) Layered Chains

The ultimate way to fashion your antique Gold for the modern age, you simply cannot go wrong with layered chains. When worn as part of a necklace stack, antique Gold chains are given their time to shine; glossy, sleek and sumptuous, they truly need no embellishment.

Here, we have styled antique Gold chains with different textures, lengths, links and findings to supremely gorgeous effect. From the 16.5” French 18ct Gold fancy filigree beauty, to the timeless 9ct Gold Albert chain, to the lengthy 23” 9ct Gold mariner marvel, we have a delectable selection to satisfy your every Gold craving.

When wearing a chunky necklace stack, consider the neckline of your outfit and how it will best complement your antique Gold chains. We’ve styled our layered stack with a sweetheart neckline, making the various chains truly pop. A ravishing red lip would also not go amiss for this look, adding a flirtatious pop of colour amidst the glorious Gold goodness. This look is so easy to recreate at home, simply select a variation of widths and lengths for maximum impact. Sitting solid and cool against your skin, your antique Gold chain stack will look oh so flattering. We also adore a square neckline; the angular edges provide a gorgeous contrast to the luscious looping lengths of Gold.

The wonderful thing about antique Gold chains is that they go with every colour imaginable, so you needn’t worry about them gathering dust in your jewellery box. So if your wardrobe is composed exclusively of blacks, whites, pink, or greens - whatever your colour, a layered antique Gold chain stack will make it sing.

However you decide to wear your layered antique Gold chains, you are certain to be the most elegant in the room. All envious eyes will be on you and your gorgeous Gold!

2) Paired with Antique Rings

If you’re looking to elevate your chain game even further, let us introduce you to the most natural of pairings: the antique Gold chain and the antique ring. They complement each other perfectly - the more the better of each in our opinion! Whilst a dash of gemstone sparkle is never a bad idea, when worn with antique Gold chains, you will be the epitome of luxury.

Here, we’ve paired our lovely layered chains with Ruby, Diamond and Pearl studded Gold rings. The combination of rich hues and chunky bands with the layers of Gold is just exquisite. We adore a Gothic look, so we have matched our rings with a pair of divine black lacy gloves. Gorgeously dramatic, this has the effect of making an ever glamorous statement, which never goes out of fashion. The black Enamel rings likewise bring the drama, adding some wonderfully sleek textures into the mix.

For the bold and brave amongst you, this sumptuous look can be recreated on an everyday basis. Or you may choose to dial up the drama only on special occasions. Whenever it takes your fancy, however, even a single antique Gold chain coupled with a ring or two will prove irresistible. You are sure to turn heads!

3) Chains & Belt Loops

One of our favourite antique Gold chains is undoubtedly the Albert chain. Effortless and elegant, today, Albert chains are highly sought after slabs of Gold. Traditionally used by men to secure their pocket watches in place, the Albert chain is named after Prince Albert, husband to Queen Victoria (1837-1901). Prized for their chunky, solid appearance, Albert chains are one of the most versatile pieces out there.

Borrowing from history, we have styled our 9ct Gold graduating curb link Albert chain as a “belt”, threading it through a couple of belt loops. Perfect for the modern-day, jean-loving woman, this look is playful, but full of attitude. Turning the traditional parameters of femininity on its head, we are obsessed with how perfectly the maple-hued 9ct Gold stands out against the rich navy denim.

When paired with a crisp white blouse, this classic combination is given a marvellously modern twist. Plus, this look is so easy to recreate at home. Who out of us doesn’t own a pair of blue jeans and a white shirt?!

4) Chains as Bracelets

As we have already established, there are no rules when it comes to antique Gold chains. Who said that chains were only supposed to be worn around your neck? They also make beautiful bracelets. From delicious honey hues to richly saturated, buttery tones, Gold chains have it all.

Take this look as your inspiration, where we’ve looped a stunning trombone link Albert chain around our wrist. Chunky and charming, this chain looks as at home caressing a wrist as it does a neck. Not to mention, fashioning your antique Gold chains in this way gives the illusion of multiple bracelets, meaning you can get the maximum wear out of your chains.

This is surely the perfect solution for those of you who don’t want to break the bank whilst building up your antique Gold chain collection. With an antique Gold chain doubling up as a necklace, belt accessory or bracelet, you’ll definitely be wearing one every day!

5) Crossbody Chains

By now, we are well acquainted with the brilliant versatility offered by antique Gold chains. Taking this up a notch, our penultimate look involves utilising chains for their luxurious length and varying links. We have styled our Gold chains by connecting them in unconventional fashion, looped around the torso and waist.

 Bejewelled bodies have long been fashionable throughout history, and here we take from embellished bodies and the like to fashion our own unique look. Paired with rich brown and burgundy hues, the Gold takes centre stage in this styling, with a delicate, feminine feel.

Although this look may not be the ideal styling for everyday wear, it would be so fabulous worn for special occasions. Calling all festival and party goers, this look is the one for you! Or perhaps you simply want to spice up an old maxi dress on a summer’s day. Maybe you even wear this crossbody combination over your office outfit, with a blazer on top, allowing for the occasional glimpse of Gold to be caught. Who said workwear had to be boring?

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6) Chains & Pendants

We couldn’t conclude our blog about antique Gold chains without giving mention to the most classic combination there is. Much like chains and rings, chains and pendants are another match made in jewellery heaven. With luscious lengths of Gold coupled with a pretty pendant, anything is possible, and you can really have a lot of fun!

Luckily for this pairing, antique Gold chains often feature fabulous findings, each highly sought after for their own unique, quirky charm. Chunky antique dog-clips, bolt-rings and jump-rings are the most common, offering the perfect chance to add some embellishment to your Gold chains, be that a pendant, locket or charm.

For our pendant pairing, we have suspended a gorgeously rosy 9ct Gold Pearl heart pendant from a fine, fancy Gold chain. Making use of her divine antique dog-clip and large jump-ring, this pendant is given space to shine in all her glossy glory, lustrous Pearl gleaming in her centre.

Again, making use of amazing antique findings, you could even attach a split-ring, enabling even greater fun to be had. Here, we’ve chosen a gorgeous Georgian 15ct Gold chased split-ring to affix to the chain’s dog-clip, from which we have hung an exquisite Art Nouveau 18ct Gold portrait locket. The combination of shapes, textures, and sizes make this so mesmerising to rest your eyes upon. Circular pendants are ever so timeless, and will dangle prettily from a chain of any length, width and texture.

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