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Feeling Burnt Out? Here are the Gemstones For Stress, Anxiety and Low Mood
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Feeling Burnt Out? Here are the Gemstones For Stress, Anxiety and Low Mood

Feeling Burnt Out? Here are the Gemstones For Stress, Anxiety and Low Mood
With all of us still reeling from 2020, it’s imperative that you look after your mind, your heart and your body. No matter whether you have been furloughed, are an essential worker or working from home, the world is still a little crazy right now and self care should certainly not fall off the priority list. 

There are numerous ways you can help yourself in times of stress and pressure; making sure you speak to your loved ones regularly, try and get some daily fresh air, eating a nutritious and balanced diet (with some indulgence of course!), and getting enough sleep. 

Source - Alina Vilchenko

Although for many millennials, celebrities and homeopaths, there is comfort to be found within the enchanting and magical world of crystals. Whether as decorative objects or pieces of jewellery, crystals have been used since ancient civilisations as an antidote to life’s unexpected twists and turns. 

Whether you are crystal-curious or crystal-crazy, here is a comprehensive gemstone guide for stress, anxiety and low mood that you can use within your daily wellness practises.

Source - Alina Vilchenko

Amethyst - The Gemstone For Sleep

While Amethyst is infamous for its ability to help with inebriation, one of Amethyst’s lesser known qualities is its ability to settle unhelpful mind chatter. This powerful energy is one of the reasons why we included Amethyst in our “Self-Care” stack for the 2020 jewellery advent. 

Just click on this image above to see our current antique Amethyst jewellery collection!

With everything going on, people are way more prone to insomnia and racing thoughts before bed. Whether you are exercising less, you are constantly surrounded by blue light from computer, phone and television screens, or you just find it hard to not worry about everything and anything, it is likely that this will affect the quality of your sleep. 

Source - Karolina Grabowska

Sleep is super important to our daily functioning, so why not incorporate the soporific Amethyst into your nighttime routine! There are many ways you can do this:

  • Place Amethyst stones around your bath when you need an evening soak
  • Use an Amethyst face roller during your nighttime skin routine
  • Place Amethysts next to your bed 

In fact, some people may find it helpful to place an Amethyst on your forehead when meditating to help calm inner thoughts and bring a general sense of peace. 

Victorian Enamel Gold Amethyst Pearl Pendant, Pasquale Novissmo, ca.1880. Source - The Victoria and Albert Museum

Whether a pale Rose de France shade, deep lavender or rich cadbury purple, Amethyst is believed to help protect, heal and purify, so why not give it a try?

Rhodonite - The Gemstone For Feeling Secure

It can be really difficult to grapple with the amount of uncertainty right now, which can really affect our emotions. Whilst sometimes it can feel good to push all of these feelings and worries down and put on a brave face for everyday, suppressing your feelings can come to bite you back in future. 

Having healthy coping mechanisms for dealing with unwanted emotions is paramount, as it can help you have a clearer mind, think positively and move forward. Rhodonite is a lesser-known gemstone that can aid you with releasing any worries that have bottled up over time. Crystal lovers deem this stone as a compassionate crystal, and is also colloquially known as “the releaser”!

Rhodonite Cluster Source - Wikimedia Commons

Our main suggestion for using Rhodonite is to hold it when you are having a conversation with a family member or friend. But, you can also incorporate it with journaling or your exercise regimens.

 Both journaling and exercise are promoted as helpful ways to deal with stress and overwhelming thoughts, with the latter scientifically proven to boost endorphins. Why not place Rhodonite near you when you are doing a home workout or place it in your pockets when going on a run?

When journaling, you can hold the gemstone or place it near you when articulating your thoughts and feelings.You may find that your suppressed thoughts come out more cogently or that you can easily identify ways you can move forward with your day. Some people prefer to journal first thing in the morning to set and clarify intentions or journal before bed to stop their mind natter before sleep. No matter your preference, Rhodonite is the gemstone for feeling grounded, calm and secure.

Citrine - The Gemstone for Creativity and Motivation

Stress, worry and low mood can severely impact your motivation and creativity. It’s easy to feel overwhelmed by the world, making us retreat into a duvet cocoon. And whilst this is completely okay, it could eventually get you into negative thinking cycles, like feeling bad about not completing a piece of work, cleaning your room or making time for a passion project. 

Negativity only breeds negativity, and once it starts to snowball it can be hard to see the wood for the trees. Citrine’s warm assuring tones are perfect for these moments, and can alleviate your physical and mental tensions. There is something so comforting about the rich honey deliciousness of Citrine, just like basking in the sun’s rays on a warm summer’s day. 

If you want to add a touch of sunshine to your collection, check out our beautiful array of antique Citrines. Just click the photo above!

No matter if you aren’t naturally artistically inclined, being creative is the perfect mood booster and absorbing for your mind.  Taking part in your creative projects or just completing that final piece of work, can help establish a sense of control and routine amongst all the chaos. 

For practising crystal healers, Citrine is often used with meditation and yoga, but why not try using Citrine when manifesting?  You could place Citrine clusters on your desk for when you want to do some creative writing or drawing, in your kitchen for when you want to rustle up a delicious meal or just place a small Citrine cluster in your back pocket (or wear a beautiful piece of Citrine jewellery) for when you need that lightbulb moment.

Source - Madison Inouye

Moonstone - The Gemstone for Mums and Mothers to Be

It is no secret that the Covid-19 pandemic has completely altered family life and daily routines. One of the biggest chains is the mainstream introduction of homeschooling and home learning to families across the globe. For the modern mum, juggling family life and work is now more different than ever, and it can be really hard to take a break for yourself when there are children constantly running around.

We have some beautiful antique Moonstone pieces at the moment, just click the photo above to be transported to another magical world!

Rich in feminine energy, Moonstones are the perfect antidote to all of the stress for mums and mothers to be. Moonstones are often used in compliance with your monthly hormonal cycles, so if you are feeling out of control because of your hormones, then perhaps Moonstone is the best choice for you. 

Women’s bodies and emotions are a constant form of navigation, with every woman individual and different in their own beautiful way. Not to mention, society has placed plenty of expectation upon women’s heads, from looking a certain way to acting perfectly and just BEING this modified version of ourselves. 

Moonstones are one of the most well-known gemstones for jewellery, and can be available at a variety of prices. So, rather than purchasing a raw Moonstone crystal, why not treat yourself to a Moonstone ring, Moonstone earrings or Moonstone pendant to wear? Plus, wearing jewellery is in our opinion an instant mood-lift, making you feel put together and ready for the day ahead. This Moonstone piece can help you stabilise any unwanted feelings, and move forward with positivity, strength and confidence. 

Rose Quartz - The Gemstone For Self Love 

You have to look after yourself and your mental health, and sometimes you just have to make it a priority above all else. Making time for self care, self fulfilment and self love are sure fire ways to uplift your mood and make you feel good about yourself! Because trust us, we are completely confident that you are doing great things in the world, and you deserve a treat. 

Source - Karolina Grabowska

Everyone has different ways that they can channel self love. For some it's doing a face mask, making a nice meal, making time for sole creative projects, writing down positive affirmations, or just having alone time to yourself and preserving your energy. The main gemstone for self love has always been Rose Quartz. Rose Quartz is a lovely colour of pale pink and is believed to be connected to the heart chakra which can boost your own feelings of love and compassion. 

You can use Rose Quartz to amplify the loooveee just by placing it on your heart and doing gentle breathing exercises. Alternatively, why not place Rose Quartz in parts of your home where self-conflict could take place, like next to your mirrors or on your dressing table. You can also find Rose Quartz in a variety of skincare tools like Gua Shuas, Face Rollers and even Rose Quartz infused face mists!

Source - Viva Luna Studios

Celestite - The Gemstone For Stress 

For a direct relief of stress, Celestite is the gemstone you need. A beautiful and gentle colour of grey-blue, Celestite was believed to have been sent from the heavens and is inherently imbued with divine angelic powers. With this in mind, Celestite is perfect for stress, anxiety and unwanted obsessive behaviours, three feelings that can easily manifest in these uncertain times. 

Because of its angelic nature, Celestite can help connect you to a higher greater consciousness. So, Celestite can be easily incorporated with meditation and gentle breathing exercises.  

In fact if you are using wellness apps like Headspace or you practise meditation, why not place Celesite clusters around you or hold them within your palm to open your mind and clarify your thoughts. It may also bring you peace at bedtime to place Celestite next to your bed with the Amethyst to help you have a restful nights sleep. 

Clear Quartz & Rock Crystal - The Gemstone For Feeling Centred

Because it's all so hectic, it's vital that you stay feeling centred and in control. Use Clear Quartz clusters with Celestite to help abate the overwhelming feelings and regain a sense of clarity and control. 

We have a stunning range of Clear Quartz (Rock Crystal) jewellery in our collection.

Clear Quartz, also known as Rock Crystal, can also be used in journaling too. If you have had a disruptive nights sleep and you wake up feeling anxious and uncertain, then Clear Quartz is a great way to start your day. Because of Clear Quartz structure and composition, it contains powerful refractive energy with light. This is why Clear Quartz has also been known as a “window of light” which is perfect for letting you see the good when you first wake up.

If you are prone to journaling in the morning, a Clear Quartz can help you set and amplify your intentions no matter how big or small. For instance, you might just want to hoover the whole house or apply for 5 jobs that day. With its icy translucent centres Clear Quartz can help you do just that. 

Source - Castorly Stock

Apophyllite - The Gemstone for Happiness

Stress, anxiety and low mood is the direct opposite of happiness and fulfilment, so whilst you are using the other gemstones and crystals to alleviate worries, its also important that you are using gems to help boost your happy hormones too!

Apophyllite Crystal, Source - Wikimedia Commons

Apophyllite is a crystal that is believed to contain high vibrations that is believed to help fill you with good spiritual energy. Apophyllite is also a crystal that is widely used in crystal healing with your third eye chakra, making you feel more at peace with the world. Plus, the way that Apophyllite transmits and radiates light appeals to your heart chakra too. 

Due to trace minerals, you can find some Apophyllite with a hint of green. These particular variants are believed to possess grounding properties, making them all the more important when consumed with unwanted anxious thoughts. 

Black Tourmaline - The Gemstone for Self Confidence

It's no secret that we are surrounded by screens all day, and its not just the blue light that can harm your eyes and skin, but the constant consumption of news and social media is never going to be good for our psyche and our ability to stay switched off. If you find yourself constantly scrolling on Instagram and comparing yourself to others (not recommended during a global pandemic) then you might need some Black Tourmaline. 

Black Tourmaline, Source -iStock

Black Tourmaline’s intense look is due to its powerful grounding properties, bringing you back to earth and neutralising your negative thoughts. It also is inherent in supportive energy, so can help you realise your inner power and in turn boosting your self confidence. 

Just like Rose Quartz, place black tourmaline in areas of mental conflict like mirrors, next to your computer screen for radiation and next to your bed so you can fall asleep and wake up feeling supportive and happy. 

Pink Opal - The Gemstone for Worrying

Pink-hued Opals are a lovely sweet gemstone. Like Rose Quartz, Pink Opal is in contact with your heart chakra, so it inherently helps with the emotional side of your body and soothes your soul. 

Most importantly, Pink Opal is colloquially known as a worry stone, and many crystal lovers actually practise with tumbled Pink Opal for helping with children’s worries and stress. 

Just like Moonstone, Pink Opal is widely used in contemporary jewellery as it is a fairly affordable jewellery gemstone. So it's just another excuse to treat yourself to something sparkly!

Our antique Opals will certainly add a touch of happiness to your jewellery collection!

Blue Lace Agate - The Gemstone for Communication

Just like Rhodonite, Blue Lace Agate is a great stone for communication. So you should certainly consider using both gemstones together to amplify your intentions and bring about positive permanent change. 

Blue Lace Agate Geode, Source - iStock

Whether you want to communicate your feelings to your friends, your family members or journaling, the calming oceanic hues of blue lace Agate can be the gentle nudge you need to speak about things that could be on your mind. Not only is a worry shared a worry halved, but communicating your stresses and worries can help you with problem-solving. 

It is also believed that Blue Lace Agate can help with clarity and confidence, allowing your thoughts to flow with ease and grace. You should always know that your worries and feelings are valid, and that it's okay to feel this way, especially during a time of turmoil and turbulence.  

Fluorite - The Gemstone For Overthinking

Sometimes you just need to snap out of it, and Fluorite’s arresting colours of deep blues and purples can help you break all of that unhelpful rumination. Has overthinking really helped anyone at all?

Source - Castorly Stock

The natural inclusions of Blue and Purple fluorite are like open rivers that will wind into your mind. It is believed that blue fluorite is connected to your throat chakra which opens communication and purple fluorite can help you connect to your rational mind. We can all be privy to overthinking, whether in romantic relationships, workplace issues or just nagging fears and uncertainties over the state of the world. In fact, it is believed that the millennials and Generation Z are known as “Generation Panic”, and we are now worrying more than ever!

A great way to also take a step back is to make time for activities you love, exercising or getting out into nature, which is why the next gemstone is also a must for those who are burnt out.

Agate and Jasper - The Gemstone for Connecting to Mother Nature

The symbiotic relationship between gemstones and nature are organically ingrained within the very structures of the crystal itself. Which is why that it is not surprising that Moss Agates and Ocean Jasper looks the way that it is! The beautiful inclusions of these tumbled gemstones are akin to dense forests and pools of water, just like you are looking down on planet earth itself. 

Jasper is actually part of the Agate family, and is technically any opaque Agate itself. Jasper gems have grounding properties, instantly making you feel at home and secure. Our stunning Victorian and Georgian Agate pieces will make you feel as if you are at one with mother nature.

Moss Agate and Ocean Jasper could be the gemstone you need to remind yourself that getting out and immersed within nature is vital to your mental and physical health. Place these in the spots of your home where you seek both comfort and the unruly wildness of nature. If it’s not possible to venture outside for health reasons, it’s dappled surface and bucolic look could be the comfort that you need. 

Even though we want to all leave 2020 behind us, there is definitely light at the end of the tunnel. Whilst many are doubtful over crystal healing, it is an ancient practise that resonates all over the world. These crystals could bring you comfort and joy in even the hardest times, which makes them all the more important. 

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