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Motifs and Gemstones for New Beginnings
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Motifs and Gemstones for New Beginnings

Motifs and Gemstones for New Beginnings

The antithesis of the sparkling and euphoric Christmas period, for many, dreaded January is concerned with scrimping precious pennies, indulging in a myriad of weight loss and diet regimes, and wrapping up against the biting cold weather. 

For these reasons, January has become ubiquitous with being a little drab, and dare I say, boring?! Yet, the start of a new year, January gives us a chance to reflect, start new resolutions and create exciting goals. 

A new chapter, if there is an old habit you want to curb or a hobby you have always wanted to master, this is the apt time of year to try! 

Here at Lillicoco, we have all made various pledges to ourselves. However, we are all too familiar that the aim to pursue these can significantly waiver as we head through the year. If this sounds like you, then why not invest in a charm, gemstone or piece of jewellery that will keep you motivated, revitalise your energy and symbolise this fresh change in life? 

Read on to learn more about motifs and gemstones that symbolise new beginnings. The proof that beautiful things can possess equally beautiful and powerful qualities. 


If you need a dose of good luck to keep your New Year’ resolutions on track, then the cooling gemstone of Aventurine could be just what you need. 

The name itself comes from the Italian ‘a ventura’, meaning ‘by chance’, a gem exuding opportunity and luck! If you’re planning on completing a major athletic challenge, you’re going travelling, or you’ve generally decided to push yourself out of your comfort zone, then aventurine can soothe your mind and give you an extra bit of security. 

We also need to mention that Aventurine can be found in a myriad of gorgeous colours, yet the crisp and fresh hues of green Aventurine are the most well-known. This beautiful antique Aventurine ring in the Victoria and Albert collection is simply to die for!

Aventurine Quartz Gold Ring, 1800-1869 (Source - The Victoria and Albert Museum)

Quartz Crystal 

One of the earth’s most abundant gemstones, clear Quartz has accrued a variety of ethereal symbolic meanings. For instance, there is an ancient belief that they are living beings that only take one breathe a century - how beautiful is that?

Raw Quartz Crystal from Tibet - (Source - Wikipedia). 

 Notably, clear quartz crystal directs positive energy into our body and environment when worn. Also, quartz crystal jewellery amplifies the energy of any other gemstones that you are wearing, so all of your jewellery is positively charged and at maximum effect. This makes quartz crystal the perfect gemstone to imbue you with positive energy in the new year. 

Rock Crystal Figa Pendant, 17th Century, (Source - The Metropolitan Museum of Art). 

Crescent Moon

A stunning celestial motif, the moon has had a close relationship with jewellery throughout the centuries. In fact, the crescent moon is an apt motif to wear at this time of year, symbolising the ebb and flow of time and changing seasons - perfect for January. 

What’s more, crescent moons were viewed as a fitting gift to new couples and relationships, a beautiful way to start a new life together. 

Moonstone and Diamond Moon Brooch, 1888 (Source - The Victoria and Albert Museum


Perhaps a motif that may not instantly come to mind when you think of new beginnings and renewal, but in fact, since ancient times serpents have represented both fertility and new beginnings. 

A potent and culturally diverse symbol, the natural process of a serpent shedding its skin is associated with rebirth, transformation and healing.

Georgian Pearl Serpent Brooch, Source - The Victoria and Albert Museum

From Adam and Eve to Cleopatra and Queen Victoria, the serpent has adopted a multiplicity of meanings, each shedding and adopting a new persona as each century passes. For instance, Queen Victoria’s engagement ring from Prince Albert was a coiled serpent inlaid with a dazzling emerald upon its head, making Serpents too a symbol of everlasting love.  

Adopted by the luxury artistic jewellery house of Bulgari, the serpent remains to be a powerful symbol that will always look striking as a piece of jewellery.



Akin to a serpent, the metamorphosis of a butterfly from a caterpillar is a symbol of transformation and new beginnings.

Not only is this an incredible example of mother nature working at her very best, but also it is a captivating image that has enchanted jewellers for centuries. Whether it is real butterfly wings immortalised within a pendant or just the motif perfectly rendered itself, this symbol is a great gift to yourself if you know this year will bring plenty of exciting change. 


Black Moonstone 

You may be most familiar with the gorgeous icy blue moonstones that we have on our website, yet black moonstones are also equally highly sought after in the jewellery and gemstone world. Black moonstones are believed to hold the power and energy of the new moon, giving you plenty of vitality to kickstart a new project or life-phase. 

Black moonstones can be offset by the glimmering tones of rich Gold or perfectly complemented with elegant Silver. Possessing a smoky adularescence they ooze mystery and intrigue. 


Nothing short of vibrant, Chrysocolla signature serene hue of turquoise, green and blue, is believed to help dispel negative energies and allow your inner truths to surface.


Bringing both peace and prosperity to the wearer, chrysocolla can help strengthen your character, imbuing you with plenty of optimistic spirit when approaching a new challenge. Plus, even more exciting is that chrysocolla is a gemstone that has been associated with divine feminine energy, helping you awaken your inner goddess!



Another stone for good luck, Jade is a popular gem for incorporating into meditation as it can help you shed negative attitudes like ‘I won’t try this because I cannot do this’ - sound familiar? Just when you feel as if you are on the brink of giving up a new years resolution, jade can help you steer your mindset towards a more positive direction. The stunning vivid green hues that characterise Jade can help you grow and are symbolic of wealth, perfect if 2020 holds plenty of important financial decisions. 

Jade Chrysoprase and Ruby Earrings, c.1825, Source - The Victoria and Albert Museum

Jade has been used in jewellery, ornament and even weaponry for thousands of years, with it holding particular potency with ancient Chinese culture. Many religious figures from Buddhism were carved in Jade, a testament to its spiritual significance.  


We hope you have enjoyed reading this blog and are equipped with the gemstone tools to aid your new years resolutions!

Love Lillicoco xx

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