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Why You Should Invest In More High-Quality Luxury Jewellery in 2021
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Why You Should Invest In More High-Quality Luxury Jewellery in 2021

Why You Should Invest In More High-Quality Luxury Jewellery in 2021

Happy New Year to our lovely Lillicoco customers and avid blog readers, we hope 2021 brings you plenty of love and light!

We all are privy to a new year’s resolution or two, whether it’s planning to exercise more or spend less time on social media. But for those who are jewellery lovers, perhaps your new year’s resolution should be to invest in more high-quality and luxury jewellery in 2021! 

With 2020’s trials and tribulations, we all deserve a treat, and in our opinion, jewellery truly is one of the best, and most decadent, presents you can give to yourself! Because, who doesn’t feel a flash of happiness gazing into a perfectly formed Diamond pendant?

Today the jewellery market, like many fashion items, are dominated by mass-produced pieces. A large proportion of the current jewellery industry are machine-made and cheap, rather than state of the art and handmade glittering pieces. Not to mention, the appetite for jewellery grows and grows each year, and the events of 2020 did not slow this down. So, a vast amount of cheaply made and unsustainable jewellery can be quickly bought at just the click of a button.

Of course, whilst a Cubic Zirconia and Gold-plated piece is perfect for a myriad of price points, investing in luxury jewellery that above all lasts is one of the best financial decisions you can make. And we are here to tell you why!

Value, Value, Value

At the end of the day, most things come down to the numbers and knowing how much your assets are actually worth are important for a variety of reasons. Unlike cars, houses and technology, luxury jewellery does not deplete in value if it remains in good condition. Which is why it is the ultimate investment for the most money-savvy and financially conscious consumer. With this in mind, if you do ever find yourself within a financial rut (touch wood!), you can pawn your jewellery. Pawn shops won’t buy pieces that aren’t solid Gold, Sterling Silver or crafted from precious gemstones, so your fashion jewellery won’t really cut it. 

But, it’s not just the monetary value that this piece possesses, but it's also the intrinsic and emotional value that it can possess too. No matter the price, investing in a piece that is inherently expensive gives it a value of prestige. And, to be honest, it feels amazing when you buy something that you have earnt with your hard work at saving or a new work bonus. Plus, luxurious jewels can also be passed down to future generations, making them truly priceless! Just imagine inheriting an Art Deco Diamond ring from your grandma, or a beautiful Emerald brooch!


Firstly, the most important thing when buying jewellery is that it looks good, the second most important thing you want when buying jewellery is that it will last. Cheaply made and quickly manufactured jewellery may fulfil the first criteria, but it certainly won’t pass the test of time. It’s vital that jewellery is long-lasting for a range of reasons. To be frank, if you spend lots of money, and especially more than you would usually spend, you want it to be worth the while. Jewellery is designed to be hardwearing and worn at all occasions, so you need it to be able to wear it when walking to work, out for drinks with friends or just popping to the supermarket! 

Of course, some pieces of jewellery are not designed for these occasions, and especially in the context of antiques, certain settings and gems can’t be worn in adverse weather conditions. That being said, it's very disheartening if you do purchase a piece that you have been saving up for and it breaks after a few wears. 

The great news is that the precious gemstones of Diamonds, Emeralds, Rubies and Sapphires are designed by mother nature herself to last. These are all very hard-wearing gems that won’t shatter or scratch easily, which is why they are perfect for engagement rings and wedding bands. 

The reason as to why fashion jewellery is affordable and accessible is because it has been made cheaply, often in over-stretched supply chains and from materials that aren’t good quality or infinitely wearable. These designs are quickly churned out in response to fast fashion trends, so it doesn’t have the security of well-made craftsmanship. 

Owning and wearing a durable piece of jewellery is also a more sustainable option too. Simply put, if a cheap piece of jewellery breaks, it is likely that you will throw it out rather than get it fixed. Probably because the price of getting it fixed will be more than the jewellery itself! Whilst this may a quick “fix”, it’s a classic example of “out of sight, out of mind”, as these will just end up in landfill.

Fashion jewellery is generally also made from non biodegradable materials, only further polluting the environment. A high-quality and luxe piece of jewellery is inevitably going to be valued more by you, so if in the instance that it does break, you can easily get it repaired. Not to mention, it is likely that higher quality pieces will be made from better sourced materials, so it is inherently more sustainable by design. 

Unique, Independent and Innovative Designs

It’s not just the lack of strength and durability that fast-fashion jewellery possesses, but also, dare we say it, they aren’t the most original either. 

Trends currently occur at lightning pace, and all high-street retailers are in competition with one another to essentially sell similar products at the best price to their ideal customer. In fact, a huge secret of this industry is that rather than spend lots of money designing and manufacturing new and original products themselves, many go to drop shipping sites to order the on-trend product and then sell for a greater price. In fact, it's expensive and time-consuming to create a singular piece of jewellery, not to mention you need to be adept at fine motor skills to be able to do it all. With that in mind, it's far cheaper for these big brands to outsource both the product and labour, all in all selling a piece that is literally the same in the next shop. 

Supporting independent and fine jewellery designers not only helps boost local economies and communities, but it also promises you unique designs that you can’t find anywhere else. We all have been there where we turn up to an event and another guest is wearing the same dress or has the same bag as you, so you certainly shouldn't do the same with jewellery. Plus, we all love being original, and there is truly something special when you invest in a piece that is one of a kind. 

Treat The Most Important Person in Your Life - You!

If there is a term to sum up the 2010’s to 2020, it's the well known phrase “treat yourself!”. The millennials are fast growing to be one of the most dominant spending powers in the west. Not only are these young’uns settling down later, thus having more disposable income for a longer period of time, but they also haven’t inherited the penny-pinching mindset of their grandparents (which grew from post-war austerity). Younger generations are having greater financial freedom, and it's clear that the boom of fashion, beauty and jewellery in the age of social media has relinquished this!

So why should you treat yourself in 2021? To put it bluntly, 2020 was pretty difficult for everyone, and whilst there is light at the end of the tunnel with the vaccine, we sadly won’t return to normality for at least a few more months. So, you shouldn’t feel any guilt at all for wanting to indulge in yourself and bring a soupçon of joy to your daily life! Getting well-dressed and feeling “put-together” is also a huge confidence booster, and as we know, just adding a lovely antique pendant or slipping on a gorgeous Gold ring can instantly up our mood!

We also just wanted to say a big thank you to all of our incredible customers, followers and antique jewellery enthusiasts who have supported us in 2020. Not only do you give us the impetus to find the most beautiful jewellery possible, but you also always inspire us to grow our independent small business into a blossoming antique jewellery empire! 


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