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The 7 Jewellery Blogs You NEED To Follow!
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The 7 Jewellery Blogs You NEED To Follow!

The 7 Jewellery Blogs You NEED To Follow!

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If you love vintage jewellery as much as we do and you're wondering where you should go to find the latest news, trends and gossip then look no further!

We know you want to make sure you've always got your finger on the pulse, so to help you stay ahead we've decided to compile this list of some of our favourite jewellery blogs and influencers who we think give you the freshest commentary on all things sparkly!


Diamonds in The Library's Becky Stone not only has the best name in the business but she lives and breathes jewellery! Her jewellery blog is a magical journal recording where she goes, who she meets and all the treasures she finds along the way.

You'll often find her best picks for up-coming auctions and updates on her favourite finds which are sure to impress. She also maintains a comprehensive index of jewellers she's shopped with and what she thinks of their pricing, attitude and product offerings. With a penchant for "books and bling" Becky also writes the occasional book review too! 

Leslie Hindman December Important Jewellery Auction, Lot 24.


Daniele Miele's tagline is "Endless talk of all things Sparkly". What an excellent opening line!  This bio still sells her talent short though as her website is definitely more action than talk. Think of it as a sharp, colourful, visual diary with enticing and beautiful, large-scale photography broken up by short, easily digestible snippets of text.


All images GemGossip. Left: Starling Jewelry. Middle: On her middle finger Daniele's own ring designed by Osnat Har Noy, the bottom ring on her ring finger is by Tiro Tiro and on top of that is a stretched out snake ring. The pointer finger has 3 rings from GemGossip's own jewelry line. Right: Jessie V E Jewellery.

Reading her writing is like listening to a friend you've known for years guide you through all the coolest gemstone and style trends. Her quirky bohemian style and knack for combining different styles of jewellery together effortlessly is certain to leave you feeling inspired!


All images Gemologue. Left: Glenn Spiro's Papillon Ring. Right: Earrings by Siliva Furmanovich.


Gemologue is like the Vogue of jewellery blogs. It's slick, fashion focused and glamorous, with artful photography and well conceived, thoughtful articles. The subject matter is all encompassing; from high jewellery reviews featuring a stars rating to insightful thoughts on the use of age-old crafts in modern jewellery design Gemologue has got it covered. 

We particularly liked their article on the use of wood in fine jewellery, and their review on Glenn Spiro's gorgeous Ruby and Platinum "Pappilon" ring. If you're into Art, Photography & Fashion as well as jewellery then this is the blog-spot for you.

(Click the images above to read the full reviews!)


 All images GemObsessed. 


Gem Obsessed is the brain child of Cheryl Kremkow, a formidable lady who's jewellery addiction truly knows no bounds. As a jewellery editor, forecaster and self-confessed "diamond diva", she'd got her finger on the pulse of what's cool, and better yet... what's about to be cool!


Gem Obsessed has a fantastic jewellery blog for the fashion and trends savvy amongst us. We love their report from the Spectrum Jewellery Awards this year featuring this phenomenal ring by Derek Katzenbach. 

Spectrum Award Winner Derek
Katezenbach's Bi-colour Tourmaline Ring. 

They foretell the biggest trends, profile hot new designers and snoop into the jewellery boxes of the rich and famous!  If you love to keep in the loop with want to know what celebrities like Beyonce, Ariana and Michelle Obama are wearing then Gem Obsessed is one to watch! 



Founded in 2010, The Jewellery Editor is the leading online luxury magazine and social media hub devoted exclusively to high-end jewellery and watches. This London based company have huge reach, with thousands of dedicated readers each month and with experts and contributors around the globe they are always right up to date with latest news and reviews. 


All images: The Jewellery Editor

They also post some of our favourite jewellery videos featuring exclusive one on one interviews with the big-wigs of jewellery design, opinion pieces, reviews, style tips and so much more!

For example, in this video editor in chief Maria Doulton expertly guides us step by step on how to choose the perfect tiara...





All images: Jewels Du Jour. 


Jewels du Jour is a wonderful resource for the jewellery connoisseur; with news on rare Diamonds and exceptional jewels at auction, and which gemstones they think will become rare collectibles in the future. Their "Jewelry in Focus" section is really interesting with absorbing articles on vintage high-end brands such as Cartier & Boucheron, jewels worn by royalty and musings on the enjoyment of Diamonds by gas-light in days of olde. 



Not for the novice...but for the jewellery obsessed you'll find a wealth of information, beautifully curated with an elegant, educational edge.


 All images Gemhunt. @icerock-Diamonds.


Catherine Cason's Gemhunt is a place..... no, a retreat! for those of us who are infatuated with Diamonds. Huge Diamonds, small diamonds, coloured Diamonds, natural Diamonds, lab Diamonds... you name it, they've blogged about it. You can even buy hyper-trendy "FEED ME DIAMONDS" T-shirts from their website!


In their own words Gemhunt is "The place for interviews with the best in the fine jewellery business", and we have to say, we agree! Its choc full of chats all kinds of people in the idustry; from designers who specialize in custom-made engagement rings, to vintage-loving entrepeneurial women, to GIA Diamond graduates. 


Ring Concierge, New York. 

We love the laid back, friendly tone of their interviews and the "Real women, Real jewellery" section on their website is full of awesome women within the jewellery industry showing you exactly what they wear and how they wear it. Gemhunt is more than just a blog- it's a sisterhood, a community, a family... It's a place for like-minded, jewellery revellers to come together; admire, reflect and get motivated.

Life really is "Better with Diamonds"!  

8. (As a little bonus for reading all the way to the end!)


Of course, we're not going to miss this excellent opportunity to promote our own jewellery blog: Love, Lillicoco!  We're passionate about all things vintage and sparkly so we wanted to create this space to bring together everyone from the vintage virgin to the seasoned antique addict! 

From the basics on birthstones to the age old conundrum of how to choose the perfect engagement ring, we have got you covered!  And believe us, we're just getting started... 

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