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Spice Up Your Life with Our Autumn “Pumpkin Spice” Lookbook
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Spice Up Your Life with Our Autumn “Pumpkin Spice” Lookbook

Spice Up Your Life with Our Autumn “Pumpkin Spice” Lookbook

Autumn, or shall we say fall for our US readers, is easily one of our favourite times of year. There is always something so magical about cosy evenings, hot chocolate in hand, the beautiful changing colour of leaves and the refreshing cooler air.

Whether you love the nights drawing in or not, you cannot deny that autumn/winter fashion definitely comes into its own - especially in Britain. We are no stranger to a thick woolly knit, a raincoat and cashmere scarf (as well as always having an umbrella to hand when we step out the door!).

This year, we wanted to celebrate all that is wonderful about autumn, especially through the lens of antique jewellery. It is the perfect time to embrace the glowing warm tones of Amber, Agate, Carnelian and Gold, and with Citrines and Topaz being the November birthstones, these additions make our ensembles all the more merrier.

For our Autumn lookbook we took inspiration from the very best of autumnal dressing including sumptuous knits, cosy faux furs and a sprinkling of fierce leopard print. In our opinion, you shouldn’t just be layering your clothes to combat the cooler weather, but layering chains, brooches and pendants are a beautiful way to finesse a humble cardigan or knit. The ripples in Agate, or the subtle flicker of a faceted link catching the light will not only add more texture, but it will elevate your look overall.

So, without further ado, here are our 3 tips for nailing your autumn winter look for 2021 and beyond!

1. Embrace the Gems of Amber, Agate, Carnelian and Topaz and Citrine

There is nothing more equally soothing and invigorating than the coffee pumpkin spice hues of Amber, Agate, Carnelian, Topaz and Citrine. Because why not wear, as well as drink, your pumpkin spice latte!

Not to mention, are you aware of these gemstone healing powers? Due to their zesty colour and flavour, Amber, Carnelian, Topaz and Citrine possess both invigorating and calming properties, warming your soul from the inside out.

Carnelian, the orange Chalcedony, can help boost your energy levels as well as stimulate creative thoughts and passion. Known as the “sunset stone” by the Ancient Egyptians, Carnelian can help reinvigorate and revitalise your inner strength for the new day. These calming and soothing properties perfectly balance with it’s energy-boosting features, altogether making this a fine gemstone for autumn and winter.

Similarly to Carnelian, Amber is also a gemstone that can help boost your energy. Not only is this perfect for the darker evenings, but also our antique and vintage amber jewellery will make you look and feel fabulous too. Amber is also a gemstone of wisdom and courage, known as “the soul of the tiger”.

Want to learn even more about Gemstones?

Due to their similar hues, Citrine and Topaz also match in gemstone healing properties and symbolism. Helping to prosper joy, energy, and wealth, these self-confident gems are also the November Birthstone. Not to mention, the golden apricot and zingy lemon hues of some Citrine and Topaz gemstones, also make them very wearable for spring and summer too!

Agate, one of mother nature’s most abundant gems can be found in a myriad of tones. For our Autumn lookbook, we have curated the spiciest of Agate gems. From cappuccino tones to flecks of deep orange, rust and pumpkin, our antique Agate pieces are truly a cut above the rest - the Georgians and Victorian’s certainly knew what they were doing! Just like Amber and Carnelian, Agate’s are known for helping to rebalance the mind, giving you all the positive vibes you desire.

Last but certainly not least is Jasper and Bloodstone. Technically from the same family, these gemstones are better suited to the moodier and more macabre festival in Autumn - yes, we are talking about Halloween! The Victorian’s LOVED Bloodstone and Jasper, and these gems are often set into rings and fobs, hugged by high carat Gold.

Other autumnal gems are Smokey Quartz, Goldstone and Garnet - Divine!

2. Layer Up!

Why wear one Gold chain, when you can wear 5, 8 or even 20? For those who want a dramatic autumn look, with a soupçon of effortless elegance, then layering bold, bright and beautiful Gold chains are the perfect way to do this.

For our Autumn lookbook, we mixed and matched with a variety of chains. Our favourite ways of styling these are by placing the characterful antique clasps at the front, being not afraid of texture, and letting the lovely links do the talking. Of course, some antique charms and Gold pendants won’t go amiss, and some beautiful chunky Gold rings too.

3. Co-ordinate with your outfit

You can never go wrong with a coordinated colour palette, and what better way to tie your entire outfit together than connect with the deep orange, brown and yellow leaves? In our lookbook, we have specifically chosen the chocolate browns, rusty oranges and frothy whites of knits, coats and dresses, making the jewellery pop!

We simply love this time of year! The warm caramel, orange and neutrals warm our spirits and show us how cosy and sweet life can be when you have the right company, and jewels of course!

Let us know what you think below, we'd love to hear your thoughts on the looks we put together for you!

Love, Lillicoco!


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