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Planning a Christmas Engagement? Our Top Tips For a Precious Proposal
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Planning a Christmas Engagement? Our Top Tips For a Precious Proposal

Planning a Christmas Engagement? Our Top Tips For a Precious Proposal

A time of merriment, magnificence and mayhem, Christmas is the awe-inspiring magical time of year enchanting all ages. It is no secret that the Christmas spirit is infectious, from the incandescent glow of fairy lights draped over towns and Christmas trees to sparkly baubles, enticing presents and a wealth of delicious food, simply emanating joy, love and gratitude. From little kids to big kids (the adults!), Christmas joins the whole family and for many couples, a wonderful time of year to be thankful for and appreciate your other half.

It won’t be surprising to hear that all of these elements combined, especially with the New Year on the horizon, will make you think more deeply about how you want to live your life in the next few years, what your future goals are, and also whether you are truly ready to make that lifelong commitment to your partner.

With this in mind, many couples become engaged over the Christmas period, surrounded by all of their loved ones. In fact, it has been estimated that a third of couples get engaged at Christmas time. If you are thinking about joining them and getting down on one knee during November and December, below are our top tips to create a precious proposal that is priceless! 

Consult their friends and family

Although we don’t doubt that you know your partner incredibly well, it is always wise to consult their nearest and dearest to truly get a sense of what they like. They may have already shared their favourite engagement rings with their friends and envisaged their perfect proposal. Plus, if they are a hopeless romantic, then they may have curated a Pinterest board of engagement pictures, rings and wedding ideas. 

Their family and friends will most likely know your partner inside and out, they have raised them, and been with them through both difficult and joyful times. With this in mind, although they will certainly know what they will like, they definitely will know what they
don’t like! If you envisage a grand elaborate gesture complete with dressed up-elves, and an enormous faux Christmas pudding that you jump out of, this could easily contradict with your partner’s vision of a sweet, understated and intimate proposal. So, always consult their friends and family before popping the question!

Even if you aren’t a couple that always keeps with tradition, it is always a nice touch to speak to their family members before proposing! Asking for their parent’s blessing is a beautiful way to incorporate them into one of the most magical moments of their daughter or son’s life! 

Understand your budget

No matter you or your partner’s vision, this is the time where you shouldn’t scrimp on sentiment. Whether you keep it low key and cook their favourite meal on Christmas eve, or you just propose to them in your pyjamas on Christmas morning, there are plenty of adoring gestures that won’t break the bank if you are low on funds. Especially as Christmas, despite it being a happy time for all, is infamously also known for not being the cheapest time of year too!

Alternatively, you may have plenty of pennies to splurge on this occasion. Which, if this the case, then the world is your oyster and your beloved is your pearl! 

Whether you are planning an engagement with all of the trimmings, fringes and festivities, make sure to always factor in the most important cost of all: the engagement ring. This aptly leads us on too…

Choose an engagement ring 

This one may seem obvious, but is so completely integral to a precious and priceless Christmas proposal that we couldn’t exactly not include it! 

Choosing an engagement ring is actually more difficult than it sounds. There are a myriad of different gemstones, cuts, settings and metals to choose from. If you don’t know your cabochon from your marquise, then it is vital that you clue yourself up on the popular cuts of gemstones. Plus, what idea do you have in mind for the type of gemstone?

The most popular choice is a Diamond, due to it being the hardest stone in the world, it has become synonymous with long,  unbreakable bonds like matrimony! Yet, you and your partner may envisage something more alternative like Aquamarine, Emeralds, Citrines, Garnets, Pearls, Moonstones and Sapphires.

Engagement ring prices will heavily depend upon the weight and size of the stones, as well as the metal used. From Yellow Gold to Rose Gold, Platinum and Silver - there are endless possibilities to creating a unique engagement ring that will look resplendent on your partner. 

If you are looking for an engagement ring, why not choose an antique piece? Antique engagement rings are a rarity in themselves as they have truly stood the test of time. Plus, it is incredibly special to have a piece that has its own original story behind it!  You could choose an Art Deco Emerald cluster ring or Georgian Garnet piece, imagining that these were originally adorned on Regency gentlewoman or a frolicking flapper girl! 

If you are looking for an antique engagement ring, then do not hesitate to browse our wealth of gorgeous stock at! We hand-select the finest pieces, posting them to you in a gorgeously wrapped pink box with a free polishing cloth too! Plus, if the ring you love is slightly too big or too small, we can resize any rings on request to make sure it fits your partner’s ring size. 

If you have any enquiries, do not hesitate to contact us at or give us a call on +44(0)117 925 4798.

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