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Looking for the November Birthstone? Five Lillicoco Topaz and Citrine Pieces We LOVE!
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Looking for the November Birthstone? Five Lillicoco Topaz and Citrine Pieces We LOVE!

Looking for the November Birthstone? Five Lillicoco Topaz and Citrine Pieces We LOVE!

If you are born in November, or you have a loved one who is, it is likely you may be struggling for present ideas, especially with Christmas being on the horizon. To make life a little easier, we have collated five gorgeous Topaz and Citrine pieces that we currently have listed here at These stunning pieces of jewellery are perfect for over-zealously dropping hints to your loved ones, or treating yourself to a little birthday delight. 


What is wonderful about both Topaz and Citrine is that they come in the most delicious colours of orange, red and yellow; the perfect complement to the changing hues of leaves at this time of year.  

Used for centuries, some believe that the word ‘Topaz’ in fact comes from the Sanskrit word ‘tapas’ meaning fire, pertaining to its signature hue. Others believe that its origins came from the Ancient Greek word topazos, a hidden island in the Red Sea where Greek historians discovered gemstones the colour of fresh olive oil. 

Like many other gems, Topaz has a deep link to spirituality and mystical belief. From strength-giving properties to protection from spells and the alleviation of anger, Topaz’s quintessential fiery hue has remained integral to its interpretation through time. 

The most sought after and rare type of Topaz is the pinkish-orange toned Imperial Topaz. Yet, Topaz tones can come in a variety of different hues including colourless, light blue, yellow, pink, violet, brown and red. 

Georgian 15ct Gold Topaz Cross Pendant

Here at Lillicoco, we have an incredible Imperial Topaz piece that we think will certainly enchant you as much as us!  To call this a statement piece is certainly an understatement, as this divine Georgian 15ct Gold Cross Pendant glows against the skin. Considering that it is approximately 200 years old, it’s immaculate condition is a testament to its perfect preservation and survival. If you love bold and bright antique jewellery, then this is the perfect piece to add to your collection. 


Taken from the French word for lemon “Citron”, Citrine’s signature light yellow hue is resplendent in natural light. A semi-precious gemstone, Citrine has often been mistaken for Topaz and vice versa, because of their similar tones. 

However, Citrine typically has a cooler colour overall, which has led some to believe that it can soothe tempers and bring calm and tranquillity to the wearer. 

Adored by jewellery creators for thousands of years, the use of Citrine was particularly prominent in Scottish jewellery during the Victorian era. Archaeologists have even found it to be present in some surviving Roman jewellery!  Today, Citrine still remains a popular choice for jewellers and buyers alike. It’s buttery tones perfectly complement Gold and it is often more affordable than other semi-precious gemstones.

Here at Lillicoco, we have an abundance of richly-hued Citrine pieces on our site. Below are our picks:

Antique Citrine Briolette Earrings 

We adore these dainty Citrine briolette earrings! Fashioned into a teardrop cut, these earrings beautifully capture the light, making them appear like a drop of sun against your skin. Perfectly finishing the piece are complementary Garnet beads. 

At an initial glance, you may think that these earrings are fairly modern or perhaps Art Deco, however, they are in fact from the Victorian era! Surviving almost 200 years and in such impeccable condition, they are a must-have for any jewellery box. 

Edwardian Citrine and Pearl Heart Pendant

If you are looking for a beautiful piece of jewellery that encapsulates the Edwardian aesthetic, then this pendant is perfect. The Edwardian era (1901-1909), epitomised opulence, romanticism, youth, and extravagance, the antithesis of the strict and austere Victorian period. 

Here, this is evident with the abundance of pearls, heart cut Citrine and the pretty bow atop the pendant. Draped over the collarbone, this is a resplendent relic from another era. 

15ct Gold Georgian Citrine Riviere Necklace 

A versatile piece, this 15ct Gold Georgian Citrine Riviere necklace is dripping in decadence. Boasting a variety of hues, from burnt oranges to smoky Quartz, it is a fitting necklace to celebrate the end of Autumn in! 

The versatility of this necklace is not just in its display of different Citrine hues, but also its ability to be worn as a bracelet too. It is incredible to think that this necklace was originally worn by a Regency woman, perhaps on the search to find her Mr Darcy!

Antique 9ct Gold Citrine Brooch

If you are obsessed with Citrines, and if you are reading this far you probably are, then this bold and bright brooch may be what you need to get your Citrine fix! A whopping 30 carats, this incredible piece will certainly capture the attention of passersby. You could display this brooch on a fine velvet scarf, dinner jacket or formal dress to give this brooch the place of pride it deserves. 

This wonderful brooch is also Georgian, and is fashioned in 9ct Yellow Gold.


To find out more about these striking jewellery items or to see the rest of our magnificent collection of historic jewellery, simply browse our website or Etsy page! This is where you can filter and find our one-of-a-kind pieces through searching a keyword or period. Alternatively, we display our favourite picks on our Instagram @Lillicoco regularly, so be sure to give us a follow to see our newest pieces in stock! 

Based in Bristol, we pride ourselves on not only picking the finest ornamental jewellery for all occasions! We include free international shipping on all orders as well as simple 14-day returns. To find out more or if you have any questions about the pieces you see on our website, please email us at or call +44(0)117 925 4798. 

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