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Rare Victorian Enamel Stomacher Brooch - Antique French Paste Statement Brooch

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This rare antique French Paste brooch is a magnificent piece of Victorian jewellery, steeped in history and beauty...

It was crafted during the mid to late 1800's, during the reign of Queen Victoria, and possesses a bold regal character that we just love! In those times it would have been worn just beneath the bust, or above the stomach- hence the name "stomacher", but is such a versatile thing why would we want to limit ourselves?!

The spectacular brooch is certainly a statement piece whether worn as a brooch on a jacket, securing a diaphanous silk scarf or pinned smartly to a velvet ribbon about the neck as a choker.

The brooch is set with 14 natural Pearls which contrast beautifully with the black and white "polka-dot" enamel, and the way the drops tremble gently as you move is just magic!

Combine that with delicious pink Sapphires Paste and Aquamarine Pastes and you really have something special. "C'est magnifique"!

Item Details:

ERA:  Victorian (French origin), circa 1860-1890

MEASUREMENTS: The brooch is 50mm wide by 100mm long in total.
The dangling drops are 40mm long at the sides and 50mm long in the middle.
The pastes vary in size from 2mm to 7mm.
The pearls vary from 2-3mm. The brooch pin is 45mm long.
Weight: 23g

MATERIALS:  Silver, Pink Sapphire Paste, Aquamarine Paste, natural Pearl, Enamel.

HALLMARKS:  None Present. The body of the brooch tests as high purity 900 Silver. The brooch pin tests as Sterling Silver.


EXCELLENT:  This amazing antique French Paste brooch is very rare and collectible piece, in excellent condition! We're simply thrilled to have it in our care! All of the Paste gems are still bright and lively, and the enamel is in superb condition. Often we find these antique enamel jewels almost completely devoid of enamel or otherwise with a large proportion of damaged or lost enamel, but this brooch is exemplary. The enamel we see here is almost mint, and any areas with slight wear are subtle and extremely small. (Please see more detail below).

The brooch pin works well and is strong and sturdy. The Pearls also have a good lustre and good nacre coverage.

There is a little loss to the enamel on the centre tassel. Also, a little above the pink Paste on the central drop, and a minuscule amount to the east side of the main brooch. Allin all a magnificent piece of period jewellery to be treasured for generations.

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