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September's Birthstone- Sapphire!


The summer is slowly drawing to a close and the temperature is dropping but that doesn't mean your jewellery should be drab! September's birthstone is the sublime Sapphire which comes in all shapes, sizes, and even colours!

Known for its endless array of beautiful blues -from pale cornflower blue, Royal blue, to deepest darkest blue-black, Sapphires also come in ALL the colours of the rainbow including pink, yellow, orange, purple, orange and even white. 


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You can see a spectrum of colour here is this fabulous statement necklace by Plukka. 


 Top 10

#Sapphire #Engagement #Rings

To celebrate this wonderfully versatile gemstone we decided to curate our top 10 Sapphire engagement rings available to buy now! 



You can't get much more class than a giant European cut Diamond bullet ring with deep trapeze cut Sapphires. A classic Art Deco design that simply does not age. Circa 1915 from Romanov Russia.

Price on application. 



Trust Tiffany to take a classic design and make it better! A modification n the classic round brilliant cluster, this time the Sapphire steals the show! 
The Diamonds here simply act to make that Sapphire all the more beautiful, and with a fine Diamond set band its fit for a Princess! From Tiffany & Co.






A stunning Sapphire & Diamond line cluster ring with a serious "Wow" factor. This vintage ring has over 1.00ct of Diamonds and seriously sparkles like no other! 
From Lillicoco.

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Simple, minimal and packs a super blue punch! Who wouldn't fall in love with this fabulous 2.24ct Ceylon Sapphire?! The antique setting dates from around the year 1900, and the horizontal setting makes the ring so much easier to pair with wedding band! From Msjewelers.


This beautiful cushion cut Sapphire in an Edwardian Platinum mount is so pretty! We'd certainly say "YES" to this! From Trumpet & Horn.

Price on application. 





There's a reason why everyone loves a cluster, it has fantastic proportions & the border of Diamonds highlights the colour & beauty of the centre stone. Ovals are particularly popular.. always have been and always will be!
From Erstwhile. 

 Price on application.




For the unconventional bride you can flash this precious Pink Sapphire from Sterle Paris with pride! If she loves pink and hates the status quo this may be "the One"!

Via 1st Dibs- £12,729.51





One of the prettest coloured Sapphires around and a classic for so many decades- the Cornflower Blue. This one's simple geometric design and mille-grain detailing will be the silent envy of all your friends! 

Circa 1920 from LuxeDelux Etsy. 

Price on application.







 If you love the classic vintage look , then this pairing of oval and round Sapphires is perfect for you! With classical proportions and extremely fine gemstones this ring is simply gorgeous! From Lillicoco.


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This spectacular Sapphire is of the finest Royal blue teamed with old cut Diamonds. It rivals even the infamous Princess Diana's engagement ring! What a feast for the eyes!
Circa 1930's from The Gryphon's Nest.
Price on application.


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Peridot for August... 

Antique Peridot earrings
-Circa 1900 via Pinterest
The birthstone for August is precious Peridot. One of the lesser known gemstones, it's known for its beautiful green colour, which ranges from bright eye-catching lime green to grassy Emeraldd green to subtle and complex olive tones. 

Peridot has been a sought after gem for thousands of years. It was used in the sumptuous treasures worn by Ancient Egyptian Kings & Queens, it was used by the women of the Suffragette Movement in 1903, and it is used in contemporary jewellery today.

Arts & Crafts Period Lavalier Pendant

-Circa 1890 to 1910 from Lillicoco



During the time of the Suffragettes they used 3 colours to symbolise their fight for equality for woman; Green, White & Violet. These colours reminded everyone of their mission: Give Women the Vote, and were embodied by the gemstones Peridot (green), Pearls (white) & Amethyst (Violet).



The Ancient Egyptians mined for ion the islands of the Red  Sea, and called it "the gem of the sun" due to it's sunny yellow undertones. It certainly does have a bright and lively feel to it! 


 Bulgari Egyptian Inspired
Tourmaline, Peridot, and Diamond Brooch

The links between Peridot and Egypt were strengthened again in recent history when the  discovery of King Tutenkhamun's tomb in 1922 sparked a renewed interest in Egyptian culture. Egyptian revival jewellery became an overnight success, and remained extremely popular throughout the 1920's and 30's.



Jewellery with Egyptian motifs such as lotus flowers, scarab beetles & the wings of the Goddess Isis were  to be seen on rings, pendants and cuff bangles.



The minimal geometric shapes and clean lines of Art Deco we know and love today were very much influenced the by Egyptian visual language of hieroglyphs, symbols and stylised flora & fauna. 

This Art Deco revival brooch by Henri Picq  has the simplified form of Egyptian lotus flowers set in Diamonds.


And these Art deco drop earrings are again typical in their pastiche of Egyptian motif. Their use of materials such as Lapis lazuli, Emeralds and Onyx copies mimics those used in traditional Egyptian jewellery, and their use of asbtract geometric shapes that not to those seen on the sarcophogi of ancient Pharoahs.




Did you know?...

According to the Gemmological Institute of America many historians believe that Cleopatra's infamous "Emerald" collection was not Emerald at all but the Egyptians beloved Peridot?! 





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Rubies for July... 


Follow us this month for the very best Ruby finds here at Lillicoco and further afield.

For those of you lucky enough to be born in the month of July, your birthstone is glorious Ruby. Just look at this splendid Gold, Ruby, Diamond & Pearl tiara! It was presented to Queen Victoria by King George V in 1924, and now resides in the Indian Collection of the Crown Jewels. 


Ruby, Gold and Pearl ring Circa 1575

Rubies have been sought after and used in jewellery since as early as the first century AD! They were rumoured to posses numerous magical powers as well as that well-known, fierce red colour. Some early cultures treasured rubies for their similarity to the redness of the blood, and they believed that rubies held the power of life, whereas ancient Hindus thought those who offered fine rubies to the God Krishna were granted rebirth as emperors.



Did you know that to commemorate the 50th anniversary of The Wizard of Oz, Harry Winston created real ruby slippers set with 4,600 rubies?!!



Elizabeth Taylor's Angara..

Designed by Cartier, this  is one of the most well known and beautiful pieces of ruby jewellery ever created! Mike Todd gifted this ruby and diamond necklace to his iconic wife and famous actress Elizabeth Taylor.

After her death in 2011, Taylor’s necklace was auctioned at Christie’s for $115,932,000 and became the most valuable jewelry auction in history. The proceeds went to charity.




Contemporary craft with Rubies by Stephen Webster.


"Desire for ruby is just as great today as it always has been. As a symbol of passion, ruby makes an ideal romantic gift. Consumers are drawn to the lush color because it also signifies wealth and success."

GIA (Gemmological Insitute of America")



 "Murder She Wrote" collection by Stephen Webster




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Whether contemporary, vintage or antique the allure of Rubies is undeniable. Often combined with Gold, Diamonds & Pearls too...Ruby jewellery reminds of Ancient Eastern riches, Royalty & Romance. But unlike days of old you don't need a Prince to buy them for you!





Pearls for June...

Let's talk about Pearls! 

Somebody once told me that Pearls are the workhorse of the jewellery world. And it's so true! An absolute darling to any vintage enthusiast- Pearls are demure, elegant and timeless. They always look chic and they never go out of fashion. 

They are also the birthstone for June. So here's a couple of beauties if you're after an affordable piece of jewellery that will stand the test of time.  

This stunning 9ct Gold, Pearl and Citrine brooch is one of ours. A perfect gift for June with a beautiful, dainty seed Pearl halo. Just click on the image for details.



So ...

What else is cool in the world of Pearls right now? Well, finding vintage or antique Pearls in great condition in quite difficult. So how do we get over this? Go for pendant or earrings instead of rings as these items get much less wear. 

Look at this beautiful Victorian heart pendant with a Ruby centre from my Instagram journey. I absolutely adore it!

Just click on the image for vendor details.



Pearls don't have to be boring!

The most popular Pearls by far are a light white, cream or magnolia colour, but if you're not a shrinking violet go for a splash of colour like these red and Peacock blue Pearls.


 Above: Peacock Pearl necklace & Edwardian Emerald Green earrings via Lillicoco.






 So what else is happening in June?

Trending now....brooches!




Some people may think that brooches are a bit old fashioned, but they are gaining popularity fast. Brooches are so on trend right now!


                     Antique hair Art by Circa1700  


The whole Dolce & Gabbana show this year is about La Famiglia- especially mothers, so they created this look where a woman can just pop her hair into  neat chignon very quickly and easily, and then decorate it with a flower, a hairband or a brooch for a feminine & beautiful look. 


Paired with sharp tailoring or seductive simplicity, this is brooch love Italian style.

- Dolce & Gabbana


The brooches used  can be precious Gold & Pearls if you like, but it also works with costume brooches you might find in your mother or grandmother's jewellery box. (Topmost image). Give it a try and experiment with a 1950's rhinestone brooch or a lovely 1940's enamel piece.

Whether you wear them the traditional way like on a shawl, coat or jacket lapel, or experiment with putting them on your handbag or as hair accessories... one thing's for sure, they ain't going away!



Also in June..


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 Emeralds for May... 


Inspiring envy wherever they go, the greenest of gemstones Emeralds are the birthstone for May.


Sought after for centuries Emeralds rare rare, beautiful and vivid green. Worn by the likes of movie stars such as Angelina Jolie and Julia Roberts you can see their immediate appeal. 


 Above: Images via our Pinterest board "Make a Statement".


Above: Vintage Emerald Teardrop Earrings from Lillicoco





Miss Queen B herself is also  fan of these majestic jewels. Here she is at President Obamas Inauguration wearing 80 carat Lorraine Schwartz Colombian Emerald & Blackened Rhodium earrings!   




Vintage Emerald jewellery is both ethical & affordable.

A wonderful,  memorable gift!


Emeralds are considered one of the 4 "original" gemstones, the most sought after and enduring of all the jewels on Earth- the others being Diamond, Ruby & Sapphire.

With natural inclusions as one of their key characteristics it's very difficult to find clear and bright Emeralds. For that reason some of the finest quality Emeralds are even dearer than Diamonds. 


Image via The Jewellery Editor


In 2011 Sotheby’s Auction House made a new World record for the most expensive piece of Emerald jewellery ever sold. This rare Emerald tiara was sold for an astonishing $12 million!!