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Professional Jewellery Valuations

"Is it really worth the bother?" 

Do you know how much your jewellery would cost to replace, or have re-made in the event of loss or theft? It's not nice to think about but it's essential to know the true value of your jewellery should you need to make a claim one day.

Most insurance companies ask that you have an independent valuation done at least every two years, especially on high value items such as engagement rings and Gold, otherwise you may not be covered!

It's in your best interest to find out the current, up-to-date value of your jewellery so you can make sure you're not over-insured or under-insured. In other words you can make sure you're properly covered for what you own, and that you're not paying too much!

Who can professionally value my jewellery?

It's essential that jewellery valuations are carried out by a professional with a high level of qualification to ensure accuracy and validity for insurance purposes.

Lillicoco are proud to be working in collaboration with Clarity Valuations whose Director Gareth Brown is a Member of the National Association of Jewellers Institute of Registered Valuers.

Working in partnership with an independent organisation ensures that all valuations that we commission are properly regulated and completed by fully trained, independent and & professional valuers. 



Some valuers charge a percentage of the value of your item. We don't think that's fair so at Lillicoco we charge a flat, one off fee to have your item valued. For as little as £75 we will arrange for your item/s to be appraised by a valuations specialist. 

Your valuation includes professional photographs of your item alongside a detailed report with it's current value. The valuation fee is a one off payment and includes a neat file to keep your valuation safe as well as fully insured transportation of your jewellery to and from Lillicoco. 

We'll also give you a discount for up-dating previous Clarity Valuations so you can make sure that it remains up to date!

Some things are easier to value than others. For instance a modern single stone Diamond engagement ring is fairly straightforward, whereas a multi-stone antique necklace may take a bit more time and research. For that reason we always give quotes based on a case by case basis. 

Lillicoco's co-founder, Stacey, has worked as a jewellery valuer specifically for insurance replacement for many years. If you'd like a quick chat about our valuations service, need a quote or just need some friendly impartial advice please get in touch!

In Association with G.Brown (Cert GA, MIRV 96316)