Genuine Antique Jewellery You Can Treasure

Antique jewellery are pieces which have been loved and adored for a century or more. These are prized pieces which have been created by master craftsmen with the finest materials and techniques available to them, making them perfect heirlooms to cherish and pass on to future generations.

Antique jewellery has a style and quality which you rarely see in modern mass-manufactured pieces. All of the items here are unique one-of-a-kind treasures which are sure to help you stand out from the crowd.

Lillicoco curates antique jewellery from many different eras; from Art Deco and Art Nouveau to Victorian classics, you’ll also find vintage pieces here to suit all tastes!

Stylish Vintage Jewellery With Timeless Appeal

Wearing vintage jewellery will put an elegant spin on your look and adds an old world charm to any outfit. This kind of jewellery is typically at least twenty years old and there are many styles to choose from.

Buying vintage jewellery is an investment you won’t regret. It only becomes more rare and beautiful as time goes by. The key is to find authentic pieces that you love today and think will become future classics!

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18ct Gold Art Deco 5 Stone Diamond Ring (0.85ct)

This spectacular Art Deco 5 stone Diamond ring dates from the roaring 1920's where glitz and glamour were the order of the day. Set with 5 large, fine quality Old cut Diamonds... it really is a head turner!The Diamonds are graduated, with the largest in the centre alone being approximately half a carat in size. They are all in impeccable...

Antique 18ct Gold Turquoise and Diamond Bar Brooch c.1890

What a glorious Turquoise and Diamond bar brooch!  This antique 18ct Gold brooch is a real thing of beauty, made from the finest materials and arranged in in the form of a beautiful stylized flower. In the centre lies a bright and cheery bright blue Turquoise, (probably Persian Turquoise!) surrounded by alternating lustrous Seed Pearl and old cut Diamonds. The combination...

18ct Gold Art Deco Sapphire & Diamond Ring c1920

This gorgeous Art Deco Sapphire & Diamond ring was made during the 1920's, and crafted to the highest quality in 18ct Yellow Gold & Platinum.  As you can see it's just as beautiful today as it would have been nearly a century ago, and is in fantastic condition. The ring is set with 6 twinkling Old cut Diamonds and a central blue...

Antique Silver Albertina Bracelet with Pretty Enamel Beads c.1880

This antique Victorian Silver albertina bracelet is extremely versatile for modern-day wear and features beautiful repousse and enamel beads. It has two pretty pink enamel flowers either and the central bead is a gorgeous spherical bead of textured Silver. The bracelet is made from solid Sterling Silver and consists of decorative chains, a traditional Victorian Silver dog-clip, and a T-bar that dangles elegantly over your hand when...

Antique Edwardian Locket with chain - c.1905

This wonderful antique Gold locket is made from 9ct Gold and comes from the Edwardian Era, circa 1905. It has two lovely designs hand engraved with skill. The front shows a pretty array of swirls and leaves, and a blank cartouche, whilst the back has matching tendrils and flowers that catch the light beautifully.  Of course, you can change which...

Antique 18ct Gold Diamond Boat Ring c.1900

This stunning antique 5 Stone Diamond ring is not only a classic, but has real sparkle-factor!  Crafted from 18ct Yellow Gold and graduated old euopean cut Diamonds, it's elegant, it's robust, and it's full of antique charm. Set with a combined total carat weight of 0.30cts it has the ideal amount of Diamond for a practical everyday wear ring without...

Antique Paste Girandole Earrings c1890

These antique Paste girandole earrings are rare and spectacular, dripping with exquisite antique Paste!  Crafted from fine Sterling Silver during the late Victorian era, circa 1890, they are a later take on the fantastic 3-pronged earrings that were all the rage throughout the 18th Century- the "girandole".  Although well-known for being the earring of choice during the Georgian era the...

Edwardian Shaker Locket & Chain (with Garnets, Opals and Sapphires) c.1905

A gorgeous Edwardian shaker locket, or sometimes fondly referred to as a "shake-it locket", is a genuine antique made during the Edwardian era.  It's crafted from a combination of Rose and Yellow Gold, and we've added a mixture of precious gems to add a little colour inside. If you look closely you'll see natural juicy Garnets, luminous Opals, and natural faceted...

Antique Victorian Silver Locket with Sweet Birds c.1880

This wonderful Victorian Silver locket is a genuine antique at 138 years old, and is hallmarked for the English town of Birmingham! Made from Sterling Silver, it's a quality piece that's a great wearable size and full of the antique Victorian Aesthetic details that we all know and love so much. Skillfully hand engraved on the front is a beautiful wildlife...

Georgian Foiled Amethyst Fob Pendant

This Georgian foiled Amethyst fob pendant is a fine example of the refined beauty of this era. The setting is ornate with deeply carved swirls of Gold roses and the deep aubergine Amethyst is luminous with tones of delicious rasberry bursting from within.  Most antique fobs would originally have been used as a seal to mark documents or letters nearly 200...

Antique Victorian Agate Silver Bracelet with Heart Charm - c.1880

These Victorian Agate Silver bracelets are incredibly popular. They're fun, they're wearable, and the best thing is that each one is completely unique! This one was made circa 1880, and features alternating links of glossy carved Agate and really unusual cross-shaped Sterling Silver. It's all been crafted by hand and you can see the love and care that's gone into creating...

Antique 18ct Gold Diamond & Pearl Ring c.1880

Here we have a stunning antique 18ct Gold Diamond and Pearl ring from the Victorian era. This ring has tons of charm! It's simple, feminine and made with gorgeous raw materials. As you can see it has a beautiful buttery yellow Gold setting and the high shine polish complements the lustrous natural Pearls beautifully.  It really has a feeling of opulence about it!...

Victorian Silver Locket with 18" Heavy Belcher Chain c.1883

This large Victorian Silver locket is a phenomenal example of "Victorian Aesthetic" jewellery. It's named Victorian Aesthetic due to its extreme popularity during the late Victorian era and is loved for it's highly patterned and richly textured look.  This locket is a real statement piece of jewellery, measuring over 6cm from top to bottom if you include the stylish over-sized bale! Crafted...

9ct Gold Victorian Locket with Flower Garland c.1850

This stunning antique Victorian locket was made during the 1800's from bright and beautiful 9ct Yellow Gold back and front, and has the prettiest details! As you can see it has a beautiful oval shape with an attractive scalloped edge, and fine hand-chased engraving on both sides. The front displays a detailed garland of flowers with a blank shield-shaped cartouche, whilst...

Fine Edwardian Silver Paste Brooch - Antique Silver Paste Brooch c.1905

Here at Lillicoco we are totally obsessed with this Edwardian Silver Paste brooch! The fine Emerald-green colour of the Paste, the beautiful craftsmanship and elongated shape come together to conjure the most magical and versatile of accessories! You can wear it as a brooch, on a cardigan, coat lapel, or to secure a silk scarf or even a tie... but the...

Antique Scottish Agate Bracelet c.1860

This rare antique Scottish Agate bracelet features beautiful carved natural Agate gemstones together with simple yet striking Gold tone links. Queen Victoria was known to visited her Scottish Castle, Balmoral often, and as such Scottish jewellery became very popular as Victoria brought back pieces from her trips. The colours and depth in these natural Agates are superb, and the way they are skillfully...

Victorian Green Paste Cascade Necklace c.1880

This spectacular antique green Paste necklace is one of our favourite pieces in the collection at the moment! It's vibrant, it's dazzling, but it's also refined, which is a rare and covetable combination! The necklace was made during the Victorian era using fine Sterling Silver and features the most richly coloured antique Paste we've ever laid our eyes on! The...

Georgian Paste Silver Earrings c.1800

A fantastic pair of authentic Georgian Paste Silver earrings offered in great ready to wear condition.  If you love vintage and antique jewellery you'll know that antique paste, and Georgian Paste jewellery in particular is becoming more and more popular. As the years go by smoking out fine Georgian Paste earrings becomes more difficult- making these beauties a rare and...

Antique Silver Spinning Fob Pendant - Victorian c.1893

This antique Silver spinning fob pendant is a lovely example of Victorian jewellery, and is quite unique in that it's a lot larger than your average spinner or swivel fob! At about an inch in diameter it's quite a robust piece, and is very much a piece of jewellery that will get noticed. It's crafted by hand, with fully hallmarked English Sterling Silver...

Antique Bohemian Garnet Bangle - c.1880

This antique bohemian Garnet bangle is absolutely bursting with delicious scarlet rose cut Garnets and is set in Silver gilded with Rose Gold. If we were ever to dream up an ideal pairing it would be these! Rose cut Garnets, sometimes referred to as Czech Garnets, were all the rage during the late 1800's and early 1900's and continue to be...

18ct Gold Victorian Diamond Gypsy Ring c.1892

This beautiful antique Diamond "gypsy" style ring is made from 18ct Gold and dates from the late Victorian period. With a larger old cut Diamond centre and three additional twinkling Diamonds to either side this ring really does capture the splendour of an age gone by.  The term "Gypsy ring" refers to the way the stones are set, which was...

Gold & Platinum Art Deco Diamond Fan Ring c.1920

This unique and beautiful Art Deco Diamond fan ring was crafted to the highest quality in 18ct White Gold with Platinum settings and quality bright white Diamonds and gorgeous deep blue Sapphire centre. It was made during the 1920's or 1930's, and as you can see it's just as beautiful today as was nearly a century ago.The Diamonds are bright and...

Antique 9ct Gold Rose Cut Garnet Cluster Ring c1850

This wonderful antique 9ct Gold Rose Cut Garnet cluster ring was made from 7 stunning rose cut Garnets and a rare articulated Gold band. In all our time purveying fine jewels we've never seen another like it! (It was possibly designed as a dress ring to wear over gloves!) This unusual design was crafted during the 1800's, during the Victorian...

Antique 9ct Gold Swivel Fob Pendant c.1912

This attractive antique 9ct Gold swivel fob pendant is a genuine English antique, dating from just past the end of the Edwardian period.  It's crafted from a rosy coloured 9ct Yellow Gold with a decorative link setting, and set with traditional gemstones of the time, a beautiful mottled brown Agate and Bloodstone. The Bloodstone is a dark green agate itself with flecks...