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18ct Gold Art Deco Diamond Cluster Engagement Ring (0.50ct)

This exquisite Art Deco Diamond ring will brighten up even the dullest of days! Platinum illusion settings display an impressive 0.50ct Diamond cluster sitting proudly from your finger in an elegant and stylized flower-like design. But, refined as it is, there really is no messing with this vintage ring, it's all sparkle whichever direction you glance at it from!  It's the...

Antique Five Stone Opal Ring c.1900

This antique 18ct Gold five stone Opal ring is such a lovely representation of Edwardian craftsmanship and design. It is a simple style that exudes the elegance and class of its time. We just love how the creator of this beautiful ring placed the five Opal gemstones. If you look at these sumptuous stones in different lights you'll see that they have discreetly chosen...

Antique 15ct Gold Opal Garnet Ring c.1840

Here we have a magical antique 15ct Gold Opal and Garnet ring for you to behold in all her splendour... She is simply charming, exquisitely crafted, and makes you feel just like you've stepped into a fairy tale! The combination of the dreamy Opals, flashing tones of bright greens and shocking pinks, with the twinkling wine-coloured Garnets really do make...

Victorian Acrostic ADORE Cluster Ring c.1899

If you love bright and colourful jewellery then this Victorian cluster ring was made for you! The most vibrant piece of antique jewellery we have ever seen, this ring is truly magnificent and one of a kind! Acrostic rings were popular during the Victorian era. Known for their love of symbolism in jewellery this type of ring would have a secret...

Victorian Silver Tassel Charm Pendant

You really can't go wrong with a Victorian tassel charm, and what a fine example this pendant is! Ornate patterns adorn the circumference of this wonderful antique pendant with eight tassels hanging freely beneath, she's the perfect accessory for any outfit! Whether you're off to a glamorous party or just getting ready for work, this tassel charm is so versatile she'll...

Victorian 9ct Gold Fancy Heart Shaped Padlock Charm Pendant

 Oh how the Victorians loved a charm, just like this Victorian 9ct Gold fancy heart shaped padlock charm pendant.  We love the warm Golden hues of this padlock, hand engraved with a fancy little floral motif. Very subtle but it just adds to that perfect texture and tone of the 9ct Gold in such a beautiful way. Worn with a...

Victorian Watch Key Fob Pendant

A sweet Victorian fob pendant perfect for everyday wear! Add a touch of antique charm to any outfit with this super versatile watch key fob and feel glamorous every day of the week! Boasting a different stone on each side you can swap and change depending on your mood, like owning two pieces of antique jewellery in one! On one side...

Art Deco Diamond Ring in 18ct Gold and Platinum

We have an enchanting 18ct Gold and Platinum Art Deco Diamond ring for you to feast your eyes upon!  The ring has a beautiful delicate quality to it, very dainty but oh so sparkly with all those lovely diamonds set into a beautifully etched Platinum bed. It gives off the sense of looking into a diamond shaped portal of glittering...

Victorian Aesthetic Silver Oval Locket

A magnificent example of antique jewellery, this Victorian Aesthetic locket is wonderfully whimsical and offered in pristine condition! Each side boasts its own unique pattern, which way round will you wear it today? On one side two forget-me-nots sit in its centre with leaves leading your gaze out towards a display of circles layered on top of a belt. On the...

Georgian Solid Gold Wax Seal Fob Pendant

This is the most magnificent Georgian fob pendant that we've ever had the pleasure of handling. It is a very rare antique piece and we think it is absolutely gorgeous! Rather than being Gold plated like the majority of fob pendants, this beauty is uniquely solid Gold, so it does have a lovely comforting weight to it.  On the bottom where the...

Art Deco 18ct Gold and Platinum Ring with a Sapphire and Diamond Cluster

What an absolutely beautiful Art Deco 18ct Gold and Platinum ring with Sapphire and a Diamond cluster we have for you. The deep blue tones of the large, rectangular cut Sapphire are overwhelmingly beautiful. They entice you in like a Siren calling you into the ocean, beckoning you in to see what secrets lie beneath.  Surrounding this incredible Sapphire are...

Victorian Amethyst Heart Pendant

An exquisite Victorian Amethyst pendant and one of the finest of its kind we've ever seen! She's in superb condition making her an excellent collector's piece! All of her facets are smooth and pronounced and her edges are crisp and free from any chips. Expertly cut and polished over a century ago, she exudes the undeniable femininity you only get with genuine antique jewellery! She's deep and...

Victorian Trilogy Diamond Gypsy Ring c.1863

This is a wonderful Victorian 18ct Gold three stone Diamond Gypsy Ring. The "Gypsy" settings for the three Diamonds are masterfully done. The way they are set in the Gold creates an ambiance of sparkling tranquility, almost as if you're taking a stroll in the midnight moonlight and the stars are twinkling above you happily. Because who doesn't like romantic...

18ct Gold Ruby Pearl Flower Ring c.1840

What a spectacular antique 18ct Gold ring Ruby Pearl ring!We imagine a very classy and refined lady would have owned this ring once upon a time...way back in the early Victorian period... She paraded her beautiful pearl and Ruby ring proudly at social events and provoked a little envy wherever she went! The Pearls are flower-like, cluster formation and are...

9ct Rose Gold Antique Sapphire and Diamond Cluster Ring

An exquisite antique Sapphire and Diamond ring fit for a Queen! Boasting one of the prettiest Sapphires we've ever seen and surrounded by the most superb old cut Diamonds, you really couldn't ask for more from an antique Sapphire ring!Flashes of light blue skirting around the deep royal abyss, be sure not to get lost gazing at this stunning piece of...

9ct Rose Gold Victorian Chain

A fantastically stylish and modern looking Victorian Gold chain! Each chain link has been skillfully handcrafted and hallmarked 9ct Gold, you could get lost gazing in admiration at every detail of this astonishing antique necklace! If you are looking for a simple chain you can wear everyday then look no further, a solid 9ct Rose Gold chain to add a...

15ct Gold Victorian Turquoise and Pearl Dress Ring

This beautiful 15ct Gold fancy Victorian Turquoise and Pearl dress ring is such a delight to behold... dainty and delicate in its demeanour, but boy does it pack a punch! The three seed Pearls gracefully line up in a row showcasing a lovely elongated and feminine profile and the antique Turquoise cabochons are bright, bold, but beautifully aged.  This antique...

18ct Gold Georgian Pearl and Diamond Ring c.1813

This is the rarest and oldest piece of jewellery we have ever come through our doors, and what a spectacular piece she is! A genuine antique Pearl mourning ring handcrafted in 1813 during the reign of King George the 3rd, this ring is a rare collector's piece and sure to make a wonderful addition to your jewellery box! Warm 18ct...

18ct Gold Victorian Mourning Locket

This sweet locket is the ultimate piece of Victorian mourning jewellery. With a tiny seed Pearl symbolising a tear sitting in its centre with the black enamel adding a sombre tone to the buttery Gold surface. The perfectly symmetrical handpainted black enamel swirls around the curved locket, with hand embossed patterns creating a beautiful surface texture catching the light as she hangs from...

Antique Holly Leaf Charm Pendant & Chain c.1900

Super sweet and versatile, this antique holly leaf charm pendant is the perfect way to add a touch of antique charm to your everyday wear!  Handcrafted over a century ago, we just love the attention to detail in this unique and festive charm. The delicate veins on the back of the leaves and the glossy green enamel is astonishing, and...

18ct Gold Victorian Ruby and Diamond Fancy Ring

We've found such a majestically juicy 18ct Gold Victorian Ruby and Diamond fancy ring for you to indulge on.  Red and gold is a definite power colour combination and this Victorian ring is just that! It exudes powerful energy and class with it's deliciously red, radiant Rubies (5 to be exact!). They are set on a square bed of beautiful...

Edwardian 18ct Gold and Platinum Seven Stone Diamond Cluster Ring

What a splendid Edwardian 18ct Gold and Platinum seven stone Diamond cluster ring for you to feast your eyes on!  The warm 18ct Gold wraps luxuriously round the finger, holding up the gloriously glamorous Diamond cluster. Each of these old cut Diamonds are a beautiful bright white, they're a lovely size and how they're designed gives off the impression of...

Antique French Crescent Moon Brooch

There really is nothing more romantic than crescent moon jewellery and what a fine example this antique brooch is! Symbolising strength and guidance she's the ultimate talisman to bring you feminine strength and empowerment. Crafted from Sterling Silver over a century ago, she features a row of 23 delightfully bright hand cut and polished Paste gemstones. Each Paste has a clear foiled backing reflecting the...

Romantic 9ct Gold Edwardian Heart Locket c.1905

This 9ct Gold Edwardian heart locket is so romantic with its embossed scrolled border and sweet swallow bird in flight! What could be more darling than a Gold, heart-shaped locket with a picture of your beloved inside? This antique 9ct Gold locket has an original photograph of a dashing young chap from the early 1900s inside and was most likely worn by...

Genuine Antique Jewellery You Can Treasure

Antique jewellery are pieces which have been loved and adored for a century or more. These are prized pieces which have been created by master craftsmen with the finest materials and techniques available to them, making them perfect heirlooms to cherish and pass on to future generations.

Antique jewellery has a style and quality which you rarely see in modern mass-manufactured pieces. All of the items here are unique one-of-a-kind treasures which are sure to help you stand out from the crowd.  Lillicoco curates antique jewellery from many different eras; from Art Deco and Art Nouveau to Victorian classics, you’ll also find vintage pieces here to suit all tastes!

Stylish Vintage Jewellery With Timeless Appeal

Wearing vintage jewellery will put an elegant spin on your look and adds an old world charm to any outfit. This kind of jewellery is typically at least twenty years old and there are many styles to choose from.

Buying vintage jewellery is an investment you won’t regret. It only becomes more rare and beautiful as time goes by. The key is to find authentic pieces that you love today and think will become future classics!