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Under the Loupe With Molly Agnew, Founder of Eternal Goddess
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Under the Loupe With Molly Agnew, Founder of Eternal Goddess

Under the Loupe With Molly Agnew, Founder of Eternal Goddess

For our next Under the Loupe, we chatted to Molly @ladymollyelizabeth - founder of Eternal Goddess. Like many young persons during the Covid-19 pandemic, Molly extolled her inner creativity towards creating an online fashion publication and platform. We initially were drawn towards Molly, and her team of writers, historical fashion and jewellery content, so we instantly knew she would be the perfect fit for our series. Not to mention, it is super exciting to see how antique jewels still continue to inspire and fascinate younger generations. 

Please introduce “Eternal Goddess” to our readers, and what prompted you to launch her?

"Eternal Goddess is my online fashion publication created during the "Summer of 2020", yes, during the pandemic! Like many others during this weird time, I was bored. Having dropped out of school early due to health reasons, and not having a job, I decided to put my passion for fashion and interests in business and social media to good use and thus Eternal Goddess was born."  

How do you determine what stories to write about? 

"Brainstorming what to write is probably one of the hardest parts of running Eternal Goddess! Because I spend so much time on all other aspects of the publication (social media, website upkeep and more, this is mostly a one-woman team!), writing can be a big challenge. Admittedly, I am not the greatest writer in the world, but I do know what I would personally want to read, so I tend to draw from that a lot. I'm very lucky to have built up a tint team of other writers who are a massive help! While it is very important to keep content churning out, I also make sure that the content and articles being published are actually valuable."

What prompted your initial passion for fashion history?

"I get asked this constantly and I wish I had some dramatic story to tell but, alas, I've always loved fashion and always loved history. It made sense that those two interests would eventually cross paths!"

What is your favourite fashion historical period?

"My favourite period changes almost as much as the English weather. Currently, I am really digging mid-18th century clothing, but perhaps that's because I'm rewatching Outlander for the 4th time! I take a lot of inspiration from mid-century styles (the 1930s-70s)."

In addition, what designers do you love the most?

"Easy, Vivienne Westwood and Alexander McQueen have been favourites of mine for as long as I can remember! Recently I have found myself falling in love with Schiaparelli too."

Do you have a style or era of antique jewellery that you are drawn towards?

"I am in no way an expert on antique jewellery so I leave those articles to one of my wonderful writers Jessa (@glitterandgoldfinds), however, I do have a penchant for Georgian jewellery, especially mourning pieces."

In your opinion, what do you think the future of fashion should look like?

"The fashion industry is forever changing, and always will be, and for me, that's beautiful. Fashion trends reflect the world we live in, so it is incredible to see people making sustainability a 'thing'. However, trends are trends, and, while I hate to say it, I'm sure that being sustainable will no longer be seen as trendy in a few years. I don't want to be a huge "debby downer", so I do hope and pray that the future of fashion is a more inclusive, sustainable and responsible industry."

Do you have any tops tips for people wanting to shop more sustainably?

"Of course all the obvious tips like buy second hand, reduce the amount you buy overall, do your research and aim for more ethical brands. However, my main tip is that you need to realise that it is incredibly hard for the average person to be completely sustainable. While it is amazing to try and be more sustainable, be wary that just trying can often be good enough. We need to start putting pressure on the big brands instead of getting angry at Sue down the road for buying one dress in Primark."

What are your ultimate aspirations for Eternal Goddess? Where would you like to see this publication go?

"While Eternal Goddess started as a bit of a hobby and passion project, I now want to see it grow and build a wonderful team to keep it thriving!"

What would be your advice to a young (or old) person like yourself wanting to launch their own publication?

"Perhaps cliche but JUST DO IT! You don't need to have it all mapped out - the Eternal Goddess that exists now is nothing like it was last year! Start slowly and you'll find your rhythm and how it will work for you."

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