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The Summer Jewellery Trends We Are Obsessed With!
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The Summer Jewellery Trends We Are Obsessed With!

The Summer Jewellery Trends We Are Obsessed With!

Are you tired of us talking about jewellery yet? No? Good. 

Although summer is in full swing, you can still indulge in the 2020 summer jewellery trends wherever you are. Whether you want to add some glamour to your Zoom wardrobe or get some jewels for your long-awaited holiday (finally!), we have collated the summer jewellery trends that, at Lillicoco HQ, we are obsessed with, allowing you to keep your finger on the fashion pulse. 

Just because you are working from home doesn’t mean that you should sacrifice both looking and feeling good. For instance, you wouldn’t stop your skincare routine just because you aren’t going into the office, so why should you stop indulging in playing dress up? In fact, this is the opportune moment to get creative and experiment with new looks. 

With this in mind, here are the 2020 summer jewellery trends, with some top tips on how you can integrate antique styles into these looks. 

Keep it Cool With Chunky Chains and Collar Necklaces

For some reason we have travelled back in time to the 1980s, where large Gold chains and oversized suits were the norm; chunky chains and collar necklaces are big this season. Of course, this jewellery style was also prevalent in the Victorian period, yet these chains were accompanied by corsets, bouffant petticoats and ruffled blouses. 

You only need to take one look at our Instagram to see that we are partial to a neckmess, so we couldn’t be happier to see that Gold and Silver chains are big for this summer (literally!). 

From dignified Albert chains to flat curb links and faceted belcher chains there are many ways you can embrace the vast scope of antique jewellery within this trend, once again proving that pieces made centuries ago are just as fashionable today (so a worthy investment!).

What’s more, chunky chains are a great way to instantly add a touch of finesse to your work Zoom calls or for that socially distanced meal out with friends. In fact, chunky collar necklaces are fantastic for these aforementioned Zoom calls, because it’s only your head and shoulders within the webcam frame. Not to mention, if your camera quality is poor, you can skip the makeup too!

When styling these chains, choose necklines that truly accentuate the “chunk”, allowing it to do all of the talking. From deep V-necks to 90s’ style cowl and square necks, there are many flattering necklines that will frame your face and accentuate your decolletage.

Plus, this style of jewellery always looks sublime with laissez-faire minimal tailoring. For summer, crisp white cotton or linen blouses will be your best friend, and are the lovely classic combination with a bright Gold chain. 

Victorian 15ct Gold Belcher Chain, Source - Lillicoco

In addition to this, shorter length chunky chains, like 15” to 17”, will look just as timeless when layered with a longer fine chain and petite pendant or charm, providing a picturesque contrast. These pieces easily transcend to the winter months, whether wearing over or under thick knitted jumpers and rollnecks, keeping you cosy and cute when the weather gets chilly. 

Another great thing with these chains is that they are unisex. As each year passes, people learn more about gender fluidity, and unisex jewellery is a great way to incorporate this into the norm. 

Unleash Your Wild Side 

If 2020 has taught us anything so far, it's that we need to work closely and in harmony with nature. The fact that the world slowed down for a couple of months was enough for mother nature to repair, nourish and glow.

From the appearance of jellyfish in the Venice canals to the crescendo of the dawn chorus, the decrease in light, noise, air and water pollution has helped boost local biodiversity efforts. In fact, this strange slowing down has been coined as “anthropause” by scientists, rather than the “anthropocene” we are currently living in, a time where human activity is having a dominant effect on the environment. 

Wildlife experts and specialist scientists are currently racing to carry out studies, recording just how much we affect the wildlife around us. This change in the way we live has accorded with the growing momentum and importance around living a sustainable lifestyle, perhaps making us see just how damaging our lives were before. 

This desire for a harmonious relationship with wildlife was echoed in some jewellery and fashion collections late last year, with sweet and endearing animal charms a great way to pay homage and bring attention to the cause. Not to mention, this is also a fabulous way to express your personal style and inner character. For instance, a tiger pendant can reveal your inner fearless streak, or a butterfly charm can speak to your flights of fancy!

In fact, art and design movements of the past have called for environmental changes before, a change for us to be working with, rather than against, nature. For example, the Victorian Aesthetic movement (1860-1900) and the Arts and Crafts movement (1880-1920), was created as a reaction to the sweeping effects of industrialisation. If like us you are a self-confessed antique geek, then these movements are a great way to keep up with current trends and bag yourself a stellar esoteric piece of jewellery. 

So, with this in mind, you can reference your love for wildlife in a kitschy and cute way, a glamorous gem-encrusted way, or in a naturalistic bohemian way. 

Go with The Flow with Abstract and Fluid Shapes

Although in our A/W 20 Fashion Week blog we noticed that fashion and jewellery is having a maximalist moment, that doesn’t mean that minimalism has taken a step back. Minimalist jewellery has taken on the guise of abstract and fluid shapes, like the famous Elsa Peretti for Tiffany & Co cuff bracelet! 

From rings to bangles, earrings and chokers, these stylised biomorphic shapes have clearly taken their design inspiration from liquid, making the pieces themselves akin to molten metal. In fact, this trend itself is a great way to play with the mixed metal trend, as it wholeheartedly celebrates metal as the sculptural centrepiece, rather than framing or holding the gemstones. 

This trend is overtly modern and contemporary in style and substance, yet this doesn’t mean that you can’t pay homage in vintage and antique fashion. For instance, go for Victorian torpedo earrings, slithering antique snake chains and even some Art Nouveau styles. When looking, choose pieces that are naturally curvaceous with a high polish and sheen. 

If you have a penchant for vintage jewellery specifically, then modernist styles from the 1930s to the 1960s could be a great way to play into this trend. 

For styling these pretties, take inspiration from the clean-cut dress of minimalist trends. Paired back clothes in staple hues of navy, black, grey, white and beige are instantly chic. And, opt for both oversized flowing pieces or sharp architectural tailoring, being the perfect contrast with this style of jewellery. 

We See the Sea 

Summer has long been associated with the seaside, and if you can’t get there literally this summer, then you can certainly transport there metaphorically through your jewellery. 

We have mentioned a few times in our blogs and Lillicoco university pages, just how popular Pearls have been recently. Once deemed prim and proper, Pearls are being widely adopted by jewellers and buyers around the world. Not only is it because these are more sustainably sourced, but also because their allure is irresistible. A quick glance at both luxury and high street fashion, and you can quickly see baroque and freshwater Pearls being worn as pendants and beaded necklaces. 


Yet, it’s not just Pearl jewellery that is currently popular, but shells are also having a resurgence. Whether they are cast in Gold or plucked from sandy beaches itself, shell jewellery offers a more bohemian touch to your look. Choose from cowrie shells to mussel shells and scallop shells for that little mermaid touch - who knew Ariel would be the next best style influencer? Both pearl and shell jewellery is infinitely summery, instantly taking you to warmer weather, not to mention, it's very “instagrammable” too!

When styling these pieces, combine them with the beaded necklaces below and a Mediterranean vibe like Etruscan or Archeological revival jewellery. Throw on an oversized kaftan and wear these pieces with a glass of wine in hand. 

Beaded Necklaces

Do you remember those bright beaded choker-length necklaces you once wore as a child? Well, for summer they have got an upgrade! Giving you a sense of nostalgia, these necklaces are easy to wear, fun and laid-back. What’s more, because these necklaces are handmade, you can easily support local sellers too! These necklaces are often made from colourful plastic beads, freshwater pearls, handmade clay or glass beads, and tiny charms. 


The best thing about beaded necklaces is that they are relatively affordable to purchase due to their cheaper materials. So, get multiple colours and stack them up for a playful and pleasant look. 

As these are largely made from modern materials, and are unmistakable 90’s in style, it is unlikely that you can find an exact antique replica. Yet, don’t let this deter you, cause you can easily recreate this with Georgian cut steel jewellery! Cut steel beads were incredibly fashionable hundreds of years ago, and if you search hard enough, you can find some pretty different coloured iterations! Beaded necklaces, whether made from Rock Crystal, Coral, Paste, Garnet, Turquoise or Cut Steel are relatively easy to find in vintage and antique jewellery. 

Antique Green Cut Steel Necklace, Source - Lillicoco Sold 

Flying Solo 

Perhaps one of the more unusual summer 2020 jewellery trends we have come across, but nonetheless a statement, is wearing one earring. Once associated with the mythical lores of pirates, wearing one earring has become a piece of unisex jewellery. Lest we forget Harry Styles wearing a singular baroque Pearl earring with a Gucci sheer blouse for the 2019 Met Gala! 

Not for the faint-hearted, this trend will instantly make you feel cool, and has become a favourite amongst fashion bloggers. From dazzling chandelier styles to plastic resin pieces and singular Pearl hoops, to wear one earring you can opt for both out-there looks or subtle petite styles. 


Despite initially being unusual, this trend is actually very wearable. All you need to get started is a pair of earrings, but wear one instead! For styling this look, keep the hair and wardrobe sleek so all eyes are directed towards your earlobes. For instance, scrape your locks of hair back into a low bun or ponytail, keep the makeup fresh and dewy with perhaps a slick of red lipstick for a punchy look, and wear with a sharply tailored suit and a Paste riviere for a style that is full of rock and roll. 

This trend wholeheartedly disproves that the best things come in pairs! 

Cheerful Adornments 

With everything going on, it is no surprise that people want to invest in pieces that spark joy. For instance, a surplus of rainbow charms have cropped up all over the UK jewellery industry, symbolic of the NHS. Plus, many jewellery designers are donating a fraction of their profits to these worthy causes, giving you another incentive. 

Of course, what people find cheerful is highly subjective and personal, so keep a lookout for pieces that brighten both your outfit and your mind. Whether it's florals, multi-coloured gemstones, religious-themed jewellery, animal jewellery (see above), or anything that makes your heart sing! 

Colour has been used for centuries to bring about happy or calm emotions, so naturally it seems fitting to use this in jewellery. Earlier this year, we wrote our Pantone 2020 Colour blog, focusing on the calming hues of blue, yet Pantone also released a 2020 colour palette, all harmonising with their Classic Blue shade. 

Shades of theirs have included Flame Scarlet, Saffron, Orange Peel, Biscay Green, Mosaic Blue, and Coral Pink. 


There are many ways you can nod to this current jewellery trend through antique styles, especially as antique jewellery uses a variety of multi-coloured gemstones, Paste, foils and Enamel. Why not create a colourful ring stack or neckmess with a myriad of different gemstone pieces inspired by our featured image? Use the hashtag #LillicocoRainbowClub for us to see your creations, spreading joy through colourful gems!

No matter how you choose to style your jewellery this summer, we always recommend embracing your inner creative streak! If you have worn any of your Lillicoco jewels, make sure to tag us on our Instagram page!

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