April 24, 2024
A Quick and Easy Guide to Valentine's Day Jewellery Gifts

For the lover’s of love, Valentine's day is basically Christmas and birthday celebrations smushed into one! And, with our current climate, it's all the more important to connect with your...

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Five Reasons Why You Should Purchase an Antique or Vintage Engagement Ring

If you are thinking about popping the question to your partner, you may be thinking to yourself “what style of ring should I buy?”. Not only will you want to...

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Lets Play Dress Up: An Introduction to Costume Jewellery

The term “costume jewellery” gets its fair share of negative press within the jewellery world. Decades ago, costume jewellery was seen as “cheap”, paling in comparison to its fine jewellery...

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"En Bon Desir", Valentines Jewellery Gifts of the Past

Happy Valentine’s Day!  Whether you woke up to a freshly brewed cup of tea and breakfast in bed, or you have a date night planned with your beau, Valentine’s day...

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Fall in love this Valentine's Day with our top 15 Valentine’s picks

Finding the perfect Valentines gift for your partner can at times be an odious and stressful task, especially if you are looking for a piece that they don’t expect.  From...

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