June 15, 2024
Jewellery Around The World: African Jewellery

Let’s enter the incredible world of African jewellery history. Our latest instalment in our monthly jewellery around the world series, we want to focus on and learn about Africa’s rich...

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Digging Up The Past: An Insight Into Archaeological Revival Jewellery

When the temperature rises within the summer months, our mind starts to dream of the arid climates of the Mediterranean and beyond. From the olive-grove hills of Tuscany to the...

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The Best Festival Jewellery Trends

The fashion and trends at festivals are ever changing and we’re constantly amazed by people’s ingenuity and creativity. As lovers of jewellery our attention is normally on what pieces people...

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What did the Suffragettes & the Egyptian have in common?!

    The birthstone for August is precious Peridot. One of the lesser known gemstones, it's known for its beautiful green colour, which ranges from bright eye-catching lime green to...

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