February 21, 2024
What is Antique Gold Jewellery?

It is likely that you have heard the term “it’s worth the weight in Gold”, but if something is really precious then it's likely worth more than that, it’s worth...

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You Asked, We Answered - What Makes A Piece of Jewellery Antique?

We always get asked this question, what officially is an antique jewellery? How do you date antique jewellery? In our time, we have bought and sold over 6000 pieces of...

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Our Guide to A Sustainable Christmas in 2020 and Beyond!

Here at Lillicoco, we are passionate about sustainability. So it is important to us that we celebrate the Christmas season in the most eco-friendly way possible, whilst still having plenty...

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Christmas Traditions of The Past

Whilst our Christmas traditions today come in the forms of Mariah Carey, Fairytale of New York, glittery baubles, boozy hot chocolates and a tonne of tinsel, it hasn’t always been...

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Which Antique Chain Should I Buy? The Ultimate Guide to Antique Chains

It may seem paradoxical that antique chains are inherently timeless. That something created in the past can still so effortlessly resonate with modern style and dress. Dancing through time with...

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