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Our 10 Mother's Day Gift Ideas
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Our 10 Mother's Day Gift Ideas

Our 10 Mother's Day Gift Ideas

With mothering Sunday just on the horizon (22nd March 2020 for the UK), it is likely that you are in dire need of some mother’s day present ideas. If you are from the USA, mother's day isn’t until May 10th, yet there is nothing wrong with being organised. After all, as the saying goes, poor planning does equal poor performance!

 From flowers to chocolates, spa treatments to a bottle of their favourite wine, there are a myriad of conventional gifts that we are sure your mums, grandmothers, aunts and carers would love! However, if you are looking for unique mother’s day gifts, have you considered antique jewellery? 

Antique jewellery is the perfect luxury mothers day gift. It is no secret that for centuries jewellery has been at the forefront of sentimental gifts, being of high value, made of precious materials and worn close to the body. Antique jewellery takes this a step further, as every piece is one-of-a-kind! What better way to celebrate the special bond that you and your mother have? 

Here at Lillicoco, we have a vivacious display of jewels that your mum will love for the many years to come! All of our goodies come gift wrapped in a sweet pink box, with a handwritten gift card and free international express delivery (perfect if you are cutting it fine and looking for mothers day gift ideas last minute!) (we don’t judge!)

Without further ado, here are our hand-picked 10 2020 Mother’s day gift ideas -  stunning antique jewellery that she will cherish forever!

Antique 15ct Gold Amethyst Pearl Pendant 

An enchanting piece, this antique 15ct Gold Amethyst Pearl pendant was created during the Victorian period. 

Here, the February birthstone Amethyst shines in all of its glory! Pearls and Amethysts were a common design choice during both the Georgian and Victorian period, quintessentially feminine in hue and beautifully complementary. 

The plump Pearls are delicately dotted around the Amethyst, and a sweet Gold rope design crowns the pendant overall. These details are a nod to the Etruscan revival influences that were sweeping across Victorian jewellery design. 

What’s more, 15ct Gold is a rare purity that is no longer produced (last being made in 1932!). 

All of these elements combined are hardly seen in jewellery today, making this mothers day gift just that extra special!

Arts and Crafts Era Rose Quartz Pendant 

Bohemian and beautiful, this Arts and Crafts era Rose Quartz pendant is just a delight! A gorgeous boho trinket, the Rose Quartz is naturally cut here, reminiscent of the Arts and Crafts period.

The Arts and Crafts era pioneered idiosyncratic design, treasuring and celebrating the powerful natural potency of mother nature above all else and rejecting the increasing use of machinery and industry in design.

A beautiful pale pink hue, Rose Quartz is known for connecting to your heart chakra and blooming loving and respectful feelings towards others and yourself. So, this antique pendant would be an idyllic gift if your mum often indulges within her spiritual side. 

We fused the antique and modern eras together by adding a contemporary silver chain, so your mum can wear this beauty straight away!

Antique Rock Crystal Briolette Earrings

If your mum loves sparkly jewellery, these antique Rock Crystal briolette earrings are just the ticket! Created in the Edwardian era, these earrings epitomise elegance, grace and sophistication that was rife in Edwardian jewellery creations. 

The Rock Crystal briolettes are faceted at every twist and turn, capturing and dancing in the light as your mum walks. The 9ct Gold hooks allow for easy and comfortable wear, and the design of these Edwardian earrings are just timeless, so we won’t be surprised if your mum wears them with everything! 

These earrings would be a beautiful small mothers day gift, yet nonetheless meaningful. Rock Crystal is softer than other semi-precious gemstones, so your mum will definitely appreciate their inherently delicate nature. 

Antique 18ct Gold Opal Pendant

Nothing says “I love and appreciate you” more than a timeless valuable piece of jewellery. When thinking of luxury jewellery, our minds and hearts went towards this antique 18ct Gold Opal pendant, one of the most bedazzling pieces we have in our collection. 

Opals are one of the most sought after gemstones in the jewellery world, due to their hypnotising magic. This gorgeous antique Opal is a cut above the rest, clasped within 18ct Gold claws. With an approximate carat weight of 2.46ct, this graceful teardrop design will look sensational paired with an antique Gold chain, which aptly leads us on to…

Victorian Gold Chain with 15ct Gold Safety Chain, 17”

You may think that gifting a Gold chain pales in comparison to the other glittering pieces that we have on our site. Yet, in actual fact, an antique Gold chain is perhaps one of the greatest and most versatile pieces of jewellery you can give - a mother’s day necklace she will treasure!

Not only are antique chains solid Gold, but they have truly stood the test of time. Your mum can easily wear an antique chain everywhere, whether it’s going on a dog walk, to her work meetings, making dinner and meeting up with friends. What’s more, this piece has a 15ct Gold safety chain so she can have complete confidence. 

A sturdy, timeless and luminescent Gold chain will also go (and glow!) with every pendant. Solid Gold chains are usually incredibly pricey to purchase brand new, so this beauty is an affordable mother’s day present idea she will certainly appreciate. 

French 18ct Turquoise Brooch 

Adding an effortless touch of je ne sais quoi to an outfit is never easy (usually requiring quite a bit of effort!). However, if your mother is sartorially inclined, this French 18ct Turquoise brooch could be what you are looking for. 

The debonair roundel design of this brooch, as well as the striking myriad of Turquoise hues, will make this brooch certainly stand out upon the lapel of a smart blazer or dinner jacket. What’s more, the entire brooch is crafted from 18ct Gold, with the French eagle’s head hallmark perched on the c-clasp. 

Emulating classic French style is something that every fashion-conscious woman would love to do be able to do, and with this brooch it makes just that bit easier. Just imagine this brooch poised upon an esteemed French gentlewoman walking down the Champs Elysee!

Edwardian Diamond Sapphire Cluster Ring, c.1903

One of the pricier picks in our selection, this Edwardian Diamond Sapphire cluster ring is nonetheless incredibly special, a gorgeous luxury mothers day gift. 

Sapphires and Diamonds coolly contrast and complement each other, their striking tones the quintessential pick for many engagements, eternity and wedding rings. Here, their icy tones are warmed by the chunky 18ct Gold ring band, creating a visually stunning display. 

Weighing at 0.47ct for the Sapphires, and 0.28ct for the Diamonds, this ring is the perfect way to add a glamorous touch to your mum’s everyday wear. Diamonds and Sapphires are exceptionally strong, meaning that they can easily withstand the trials and tribulations of everyday life. Still looking unscathed after years (and in the case of this ring 117 years), Diamonds and Sapphires would be a meaningful and unforgettable gift that your mum would cherish forever!

Georgian Amethyst Paste Earrings

One of our most sought after pieces of antique jewellery, we think these Georgian Amethyst style Paste Earrings are simply scrumptious! Amethyst jewellery instantly gives off a regal appearance, so if your mother is a queen (which we think she could be!), then these paste earrings should certainly adorn her ears. 

The style of these earrings are quintessentially antique. Paste gems are really no longer created en masse today, making them a hallmark of antique jewellery. Often created in the style of other precious gemstones, these purple beauties clearly take inspiration from the Amethyst crystal. 

The Paste earring face measures at 12mm diameter, so these earrings stand out from the crowd. Lightly foiled, the earrings reveal fiery flickers, creating further dimension and tone. 

If your mum loves antique jewellery, add these Georgian earrings to your basket!

Antique Moonstone Charm Pendant, (9.08ct)

Moonstone pendants are a gorgeous mother’s day necklace idea. This antique Moonstone charm pendant is one of the most alluring and ethereal Moonstones we have ever had the pleasure of seeing. 

Weighing at 9.08ct, this pendant is akin to a fresh drop of dew in the morning! The elliptical ovoid shape of the pendant makes the natural beauty of this charm shine through. At the slightest hint of light, an icy blue schiller breaks through the surface, a testament to its quality and rarity. 

Complete with an 18ct Gold jump ring, this pendant will find her match in a fine Gold pendant chain. Simply diaphanous, your mum will feel like a goddess this mother’s day wearing this pendant. 

French Art Nouveau Floral Long Guard Chain

If you want to purchase mother’s day flowers, but perhaps in a more abstract fashion, then this French Art Nouveau floral long-guard chain is perfect. Certainly lasting longer than flowers, your mum can treasure this meaningful mothers day gift for decades. 

This necklace embraces the Art Nouveau aesthetic of superlative femininity and organic natural motifs, alternating between floral lozenge links and Celtic-style filigree links. Measuring at 49.5” long, this necklace will drape down your mum’s neckline, with an antique Silver dog clip attached allowing for an antique pendant, locket or fob to complete the look. 

We think your mum will just love this Art Nouveau necklace! The Silver makes her wearable from day until night, and all of the links are secure and strong. 

If you have any questions regarding this array of jewels please do not hesitate to contact us! As a fine antique jewellery company based in Bristol, we pride ourselves on selecting the very best antique finery. If you are a mum and like us you are enchanted by these beauties, why not share this post on your social media or drop a massive hint by sending this blog to a loved one? 

You can find out more about each item by clicking on the title or the images above. You are taken straight to the jewellery listing with its dimensions, weight, era, materials and hallmarks information readily available for you to peruse. Plus, you can buy the piece you love instantly!

We take every effort to ensure that our jewellery arrives to you in excellent condition. 


Lillicoco xo

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