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Calling All of the Jingle Ladies! Our Quintessentially Christmas Picks
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Calling All of the Jingle Ladies! Our Quintessentially Christmas Picks

Calling All of the Jingle Ladies! Our Quintessentially Christmas Picks

It may come as no surprise to you that here at Lillicoco, we are fully getting into the Christmas spirit! And to celebrate this, we have a plethora of Christmassy antique jewellery coming into our collection. From glittering paste jewels to 18ct gold creations, we have curated our favourite jewels that glisten in red, white, gold and green - the staple colours of Christmas and that ooze the Christmas spirit. 

15ct Gold Victorian Paste and Pearl Ring, c.1873

Our first pick is this 15ct Gold Victorian Paste and Pearl Ring. This ring epitomises the Christmas aesthetic, Ruby and Emerald paste frames the plump Pearls, all set within a gorgeously ornate Gold band and scroll settings. So if you or a loved one simply cannot get enough of this time of year, this paste ring is perfect. 

Lavish Victorian Garnet Drop Earrings

It is no secret that Christmas is the time for excess and a sprinkling of prosecco induced debauchery. And what better way to party in style than wear these divine Victorian Garnet drop earrings? Shimmering and dancing against your earlobes, these earrings are oozing in glamour with feathers, decorative spheres and filigrees. The Garnets also are the apt hue of mulled-wine… delicious! 

Georgian Natural Pearl and Emerald Ring

Another scrumptious ring, this beauty is from the Georgian era, surviving approximately 200 years. Despite its age, this gorgeous ring has simply excelled in the test of time, as all of the pretty Pearls and Emerald are secure within the ring. A shimmering cluster, this ring simply deserves an Instagram next to the Christmas tree!

Victorian 12ct Gold Paste Brooch

We are bewitched by this Victorian paste brooch! Crafted from rare 12ct Gold, this antique would look sensational next to a clashing jumper or soft white knit. The sharp geometric cuts create a sensational display of twinkles, making this a dynamic piece that could easily be forgiven to be Art Deco! 

18ct Gold Victorian Ruby and Diamond Ring

Oh hello sparkler! We simply adore this 18ct Gold Victorian ring! Inlaid with a Ruby cross, and sat next to glittering Diamonds, this ring is truly regal. Imagine this ring on the finger of an esteemed Victorian woman, as she graces her way around a soiree or lavish country manor! Enjoy her in all of her finery on Christmas day, perfectly paired with an equally twinkling outfit.

Victorian Etruscan ‘Gold Bauble’ Necklaces

Why get one necklace when you could get two? Treat yourself and your partner or best friend with these amazing Victorian Etruscan necklaces! Both crafted from rare 15ct and 12ct Gold, these necklaces are akin to Gold baubles, although we don’t think you should suspend these from your Christmas tree, rather place them on yourself!

15ct Gold Antique Etruscan Sphere Pendant


12ct Gold Antique Etruscan Sphere Pendant

Georgian Garnet and Pearl Pendant

Not only are the juicy cranberry-red tones of these garnets simply divine, but with the pretty Natural Seed Pearls, this pendant is perfectly Christmassy! What’s more, we love the celestial inspiration, with a star poised at the centre of the pendant. Celestial jewellery is also wonderfully Christmassy, helping to give guidance like the original Biblical tale.

Victorian Garnet and Pearl Cluster Ring

Apologies if you are sick of Garnet and Pearls (but we certain you are not!), this ring is simply incredible, to say the least! Nothing short of spectacular, Garnets and Pearls are speckled across the ring’s surface and they are hugged by an ornate scrolled gallery. Pair this ring with the rings above and you will always be carrying a touch of Christmas with you!

Art Deco Diamond Snowflake Ring

If you are dreaming of a white Christmas this year, with this Art Deco Diamond snowflake ring upon your finger you will certainly have one, especially if you live in the UK where we are notoriously known to have chilly icy and also wet winters. Set upon an 18ct Gold band, this piece will be twinkling all day long, from the morning glass of bubbles to the whisky nightcap before bed! 

Victorian Mistletoe Bangle 

If you are a hopeless romantic, Christmas time is apt for lovely romantic gestures, and kissing under the mistletoe is just one of them! Many people believe that this tradition comes from Mistletoe being a symbol of love and friendship in Norse mythology, yet this still cannot be accurately dated. Nonetheless, with this bracelet, you can make your partner pucker up no matter the time of year!

Vintage 9ct Gold Christmas Cracker Charm

And last but not least, perhaps the most quintessentially Christmas piece of all is this Vintage 9ct Gold Christmas cracker charm! Completely new to the collection, and not yet listed on our site (but will be soon!) make sure to email us to enquire about this little beauty, we are so excited to have her!

Based in Bristol, we are an online independent antique jewellery business handpicking the very best in beautiful antique jewellery! From Victorian stick pins to flat-cut Garnets, Edwardian lavalier pendants to Art Deco engagement rings, we simply have it all - both the unusual, the wonderful, the glamorous and the one-of-a-kind! 

If you have any questions about our items like conversions, layaway payments and resizing, please do not hesitate to DM us on Instagram or email us at

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