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Swedish Art Deco Silver Gilt Amethyst Flower Bracelet

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How divine is this Swedish Art Deco Silver gilt Amethyst flower bracelet!?

The gilded Silver gleams a wonderful soft yellow hue, mimicking solid Gold in its beautifully crafted golden flower links!

The large Amethyst treasures in between each pretty flower link hold such power and attention, how could you ever look away from these little droplets of twinkling lilac gifts from heaven!

She would look fabulous as a stand-alone bracelet, quite the statement piece... Or perhaps you would like to stack this bracelet with others from your own personal collection? Whichever style you decide this vintage bracelet is utter perfection!

Item Details:

ERA: Art Deco c.1924

MEASUREMENTS: The bracelet is 7" or 17.78cm long x 10.4mm wide x 5.5mm deep. 
The 9 Amethyst each measure 11mm long x 9mm wide x 5.5mm deep.
An estimated overall 24.39ct weight. 
The flower links are 9mm in diameter x 5mm deep. 
Weight: 15g

MATERIALS:  Silver Gilt, Amethyst

HALLMARKS: Maker's Mark "GJ", Three Crowns, "S", "X7" for the year 1924, Stockholm Assay. 


VERY GOOD: This Swedish Art Deco Silver gilt Amethyst flower bracelet is in beautiful condition. The Silver gilded bezels and links are all beautifully coloured glowing soft yellow golden hues with full coverage over the entirety of the bracelet. The bracelet hinge and fastening is in perfect working order. The large Amethyst gemstones are all held securely in their crown settings. The Amethyst are in exemplary condition, apart from a few minor nibbles that can bearly be seen to the naked eye, only under x10 magnification! This is a very beautiful Art Deco bracelet indeed with heaps of character, she is very desirable!