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Rare Pink Maireena Shell Necklace, Aboriginal Tasmanian Shells, 52"

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This rare pink Maireena shell necklace is a stunning piece of antique jewellery history. 52 inches in length, this dreamy Victorian necklace is crafted from rare pink Maireena shells, instantly transforming you into a mermaid. 

Featured in museums around the world, the highly collectible Maireener shell necklaces were a significant cultural practice to Aboriginal Tasmanian women. Also known as "rainbow shells" these beautiful pink beauties have an iridescent sheen, as if dipped into a pool of magic.

Item Details:

ERA: Victorian (1837-1901).

MEASUREMENTS: Necklace is 52" long or 132cm. 
Necklace width 12mm. 
Weight: 22g. 

MATERIALS: Metal, Rare Pink Maireener Shells (Original 100-year-old Tazmanian shells collected and made by Aboriginal women). 

HALLMARKS: Clasp tests as Metal only,  "MADE IN GERMANY". 


EXCELLENT: This rare pink Maireena shell necklace is in superb condition throughout. Each shell is perfectly preserved, with no noticeable chips, cracks or holes from age. The clasp also has a pretty design on the front, adding another flourish of antique excellence! You need to handle these precious shells with care, as they are over 100 years old. However, they are steeped in a magical history and story, handpicked and threaded by Aboriginal Tasmanian women over 100 years ago.