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Austro-Hungarian Silver Bracelet with Sapphire Doublets

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This Austro-Hungarian Silver bracelet is absolutely incredible! The Silver and fine enamel panels hold vivid royal Sapphires- with all the enchanting blue sparkles from every angle!

The Austro-Hungarian era was a lavish and extravagant one as you can see by the wonderful craftsmanship and opulent materials used in this bracelet. 

The gems are called "doublets"- a combination of natural Sapphire tops and glass (or Paste) bottoms- used to enhance the beautiful midnight blue tones of the Sapphires, and we think they did very fine job indeed! 

There is stunning colourful enamel work on every link, both on the outside and on the inside  ...all for the pleasure of the wearer. Wear this and enjoy a decadent secret work of Art on your wrist!

Item Details:

ERA:  Austro-Hungarian  (1867- 1910)

MEASUREMENTS: The bracelet length is 7.2" or 18.29cm long.
The bracelet width is 18.3mm x 4mm deep. 
The square Sapphire Doublets measure 4.6mm x 4.6mm 
The circular Sapphire Doublets are all around 3mm in diameter. 
Weight: 34.5g

MATERIALS: High purity Silver of higher, Sapphire Doublets (natural Sapphires with vivid blue glass bottoms), Enamel.

HALLMARKS: The Austro-Hungarian Whippet for Silver (with a tiny "A" signifying it was crafted in Vienna),  Maker's Marks "H.B", "V" "V". 


GOOD: This stunning Austro-Hungarian Silver bracelet is in a very fine condition for its age. The fine colourful enamelwork is still intact after over 100 years, with colours that are bright and beautiful. There are few areas of worn enamel but the majority is in very good condition. All the remaining enamel is steadfast with no crumbling or flaking sections whatsoever.

Two of the textured jump rings that link the bracelet panels have been replaced at some point during its long, and this is only noticeable on very close inspection. 

A couple of the Sapphire doublets have some wear worth noting. One of the larger, square Sapphires has a small chip, and three o the smaller round Sapphires also have nibbles. These mild imperfections are hardly noticeable when the bracelet is worn, and the amazing deep blue colouring is astounding! The clasp is in perfect working order, ready to be worn and all to see!