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Precious Metals

The Lillicoco University guides to precious metals teach you everything you need to know about Gold, Silver, Platinum and Palladium.

Read on to learn about what makes each of the precious metals so special!


No other precious metal has been valued throughout human civilisation across the ages as much as Gold.

From its cultural significance to its use as a currency Gold has had a long and interesting history.

Let's explore about why it continues to be coveted to this day and what to keep in mind when buying and caring for Gold jewellery.


Of the four precious metals used in jewellery, Silver is the bridge between luxury and accessibility.

With its long history as a prized treasure rivalled only by Gold, there is a timeless value to Silver.

Read on to get to grips with the identifying traits of Silver and its popular variations in jewellery.

Platinum & Palladium

Evoking the highest level of exclusivity, Platinum and Palladium are even more rare than Gold and Silver!

Their scarcity makes it them the most expensive of the precious metals.

Discover the defining characteristics of Platinum and Palladium and learn more about what sets these metals apart from the rest.