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Edwardian Moonstone Necklace - Rainbow Moonstone Fringe Necklace c.1901

The most enchanting antique Edwardian Moonstone necklace to grace our doors! These rainbow Moonstones are clearly the star of the show in this piece! Their minimal settings delicately compliment their shape and don't distract from the rare and magnificent natural gemstones.  Each Moonstone cabochon has its own unique internal glow and has been cut and polished by hand... You really could get lost...

Edwardian Silver Amethyst Necklace - Antique Amethyst Necklace c.1900

If you love unusual and quirky antique jewellery then this Amethyst necklace is definitely for you! The beautifully faceted hexagonal Amethyst catches the light in lively geometric shards, drawing the eye and enticing the imagination. If you look closely you can see the natural inclusions cascading horizontally through the Amethyst, one of the many qualities we love about genuine antique...

Antique Topaz Drop Pendant

This antique Topaz necklace is as elegant as it is stylish! She's simple and understated and exudes antique charm. Two icy blue Topaz gemstones showcase an array of facets all capturing the light in a maze of geometric shards and perfectly complimented by 9ct Rose Gold, this genuine piece of antique jewellery is the perfect evening wear accessory for any special occasion. Just...

Edwardian 9ct Gold Medal Fob Pendant - England c.1911

This Edwardian 9ct Gold Medal harks from a time when winning a Gold medal really meant being awarded a real piece of precious metal!  And what a beautiful medal this is.  The shield motif is a classic feature of these fobs, and although they are often found with an inscription on the back this one is a blank slate! What...

Antique 9ct Gold Turquoise & Pearl Bow Necklace c.1901

This cute 9ct Gold Turquoise and Pearl bow necklace is one of the sweetest items in our jewellery collection at the moment! How can we not fall in love with such a dainty and feminine jewel?! Understated, elegant and strangely contemporary-looking for an antique, this pretty Edwardian Pearl necklace is super versatile and really easy to wear. The pairing of Yellow Gold...

Heavy 9ct Gold Albert Chain & T-Bar - Antique English 9ct Gold Albert Chain Necklace

"Albert chains" are named after a style of watch chain Prince Albert wore during the Victorian period. Traditionally an Albert chain has a "T-bar"on one end used to affix the chain to a vest button-hole and the opposite end of the chain is fitted with a swivel hook to attach watch or a fob. Today Albert chains are often converted into gorgeous bracelets or worn as necklaces,...

Antique Amethyst Paste Necklace

This gorgeous Edwardian Paste necklace is pretty vampy as Edwardian jewellery goes, and we just love the confidence and stride encapsulated in those vivid purple stones! A genuine antique, this Amethyst Paste necklace would have been crafted at the beginning of the 20th Century, and we can see from the elaborate design the skill and craftsmanship involved in making it. ...

Edwardian Paste Pendant & Chain c.1900

What a charming Edwardian Paste pendant! This stunning antique Silver Paste pendant was made during the Edwardian era at the turn of the twentieth century and has an elegant four-leaf clover design, just perfect to add a touch of luck wherever you go! It has a light and airy feel with a honeycomb background and a halo of dainty Paste sparkles...

Arts & Crafts Era Antique Carnelian Drop Necklace c.1900

We often say that there's beauty in simplicity, and that couldn't be more true of this superb Arts and Crafts era Carnelian drop negligee necklace. It's amazing to think what this necklace would have seen during its life! Circa 1900 it's a genuine antique and this assymetrical double drop style was incredibly popular throughout the Arts and crafts period and...

Treasured Heirloom Antique Necklaces

Discover our growing collection of treasured necklaces hailing from the Georgian, Edwardian and Victorian eras. The pieces you see here are remnants from the golden ages of jewellery production, each a testament to the artful design of their time.

Whether you have your heart set on a Victorian paste necklace or a unique Art Deco piece, just take a peek at our collection and see what we have available!

Fabulous Vintage Necklaces

Our selection of vintage necklaces are made from a variety of different materials such as crystal, glass, and amber. Here at Lillicoco, each vintage necklace you’ll find has been chosen for its individual beauty and artistic merit.

Don’t see what you’re looking for? Just send us a message as we are always happy to help you source something specific!