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Victorian Lockets

Antique Victorian Lockets

Victorian lockets come in all shapes and sizes. The era is particularly renowned for its stunning repousse Victorian Silver lockets and enamelled Gold lockets. We hold a large collection, with a particular focus on quality and condition so you can shop with confidence.

When Prince Albert died in 1861 Queen Victoria was sent into a deep depression. The nation mourned with her and the mood of the period is reflected in the jewellery of the time. Many lockets include heartfelt inscriptions or lockets of hair and black enamel is regularly seen adorning Gold Victorian lockets in memory of a lost loved one.

Beautiful Gold and Silver Victorian Lockets

In this collection you will find remarkable Victorian aesthetic lockets featuring incredible engraving and embossing. Handmade Victorian lockets are beautiful, durable and perfect as a sentimental gift. You can add your own photographs to add a personal touch and this makes them perfect for everyday wear.

If you’re shopping for a Victorian locket then make sure to look out for classic period features such as birds, stars, beaded edges and engraved flowers! You’ll find these in many of the pieces here.

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