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Victorian Jewellery

Victorian Jewellery

Elaborate Victorian Jewellery Creations

Victorian jewellery was made during the reign of Queen Victoria, an influential period spanning from 1837 to 1901. Within this era are three distinct periods: the Romantic, the Grand, and the Aesthetic. All of these periods used different motifs, metals and gems as well as fabrication techniques that resulted in a broad variety of stunning and highly sentimental jewellery.

The jewellery made from this era featured the finest materials and was made by skilled craftsmen, making it some of the most valued antique jewellery for its quality and beauty. Choose from our selection of Victorian jewellery including antique brooches, vintage necklaces, and rings.

Unique Vintage Victorian Jewellery Pieces

Antique Victorian jewellery is distinct in its impressive combination of complex and feminine motifs. Some common styles you’ll see in Victorian jewellery incorporate natural, celestial, and floral designs as well as crowned and flaming hearts. Precious stones such as Rubies, Diamonds, and Sapphires are often used as accent pieces as well as semi-precious stones like Jet, Agates, Amethysts and Garnets.

A great thing about this era is that it includes influences from Egyptian and Etruscan empires which resulted in a wide array of style fusions that you don’t find elsewhere. Aside from vintage Victorian Jewellery pieces, Lillicoco also curates other antique jewellery creations from the Edwardian and Georgian eras!

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