Georgian Jewellery

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Georgian Black Dot Paste Star Pendant - Gold Backed with Silver Settings

This Georgian black dot Paste star pendant is one of the finest pieces from the Georgian era we've ever held in our collection here at Lillicoco.  It is rare that we would describe an items condition as perfect, but here it is justified.  There is nothing we would want to change about this beautiful piece, and for something around 200...

9ct Gold Antique Turquoise Diamond Cluster Ring c.1830

This fine antique Turquoise and Diamond cluster ring is one of the prettiest Turquoise rings we've ever had the pleasure of looking after! Made during the late Georgian to early Victorian period, circa 1820 to 1830, this ring is a masterpiece of design and craft! The sweeping shape of the 9ct Gold setting is perfectly balanced by the playful pop of bright Persian...

Antique Georgian Cut Steel Bracelet with Rose Gold Clasp c.1800

This rare and extremely collectable Cut Steel bracelet is a real piece of history from the Georgian era! And we're thrilled to offer it in such amazing condition.  Cut Steel jewellery has been documented in England from the early 18th Century (some argue it was in use as far back as the 16th Century!) and designs were made for a wide variety of items; from...

Rose Gold Georgian Agate Necklace c.1820

This charming 9ct Gold Agate necklace is a genuine piece of Georgian jewellery and is just as beguiling as the day it was made, over 200 years ago! The necklace is made from a beautiful Rose Gold King George III Era, Georgian brooch, thoughtfully converted to a necklace that can be worn for all occasions.  Understated and strangely contemporary-looking for...

Antique Georgian Paste Silver Cross Pendant c.1800

This rare and beautiful Sterling Silver Paste cross pendant is a genuine Georgian piece, circa 1800.  The French jeweller Georges Frédéric Strass invented “Paste" in 1724. It's crafted from a special leaded glass that was the painstakingly cut and then polished by hand with metal powder until it appeared to shimmer like a Diamond. It was an instant success with the chic...

Handcrafted Georgian Jewellery You’re Sure to Love

The Georgian period spanned from 1714 to 1837, making it the oldest of the major antique jewellery eras. Its pieces often feature exquisite metalwork full of depth and detail that can only be achieved with a high level of skilled artistry. They favoured rose-cut and flat-cut stones with large facets that were often foiled to enhance their natural beauty.

Explore our collection to see astonishing examples of such skill in our selection of pendants, earrings, brooches and Riviere necklaces.

Stunning Vintage Georgian Jewellery Motifs

Commonly featuring handcrafted 18ct Gold and Silver settings, vintage Georgian Jewellery was often very ornate with fantastic intaglio engraving, crimped collets and closed ‘button’ back settings. You’ll find that most of the pieces from this era used diamonds as well as colourful gemstones such as Garnets, Amethysts and Topaz that lend it a notably regal and vivid look.

Pieces of antique Georgian jewellery are hand-made works of art that are expertly crafted to be treasured for generations. These rare pieces make for cherished collector’s finds and are a sound investment for true antique jewellery lovers.