Edwardian Jewellery

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9ct Rose Gold Antique Sapphire and Diamond Cluster Ring

An exquisite antique Sapphire and Diamond ring fit for a Queen! Boasting one of the prettiest Sapphires we've ever seen and surrounded by the most superb old cut Diamonds, you really couldn't ask for more from an antique Sapphire ring!Flashes of light blue skirting around the deep royal abyss, be sure not to get lost gazing at this stunning piece of...

Edwardian 18ct Gold and Platinum Seven Stone Diamond Cluster Ring

What a splendid Edwardian 18ct Gold and Platinum seven stone Diamond cluster ring for you to feast your eyes on!  The warm 18ct Gold wraps luxuriously round the finger, holding up the gloriously glamorous Diamond cluster. Each of these old cut Diamonds are a beautiful bright white, they're a lovely size and how they're designed gives off the impression of...

Antique Diamond and Sapphire Cluster Ring c.1900

This antique Diamond and Sapphire cluster ring is a superb example of antique jewellery and is in astounding condition throughout!  Bright 18ct Yellow Gold holds a fallen star with a Diamond in her centre. Deep blue Sapphire petals bloom outwards and glimmer wildly on your finger and a vibrant show of rose cut Diamonds dance along her pretty shoulders.We love...

18ct Gold Antique Opal Ring with Scrolled Gallery

This enchanting antique Opal ring is truly bewitching! It's set in buttery 18ct Yellow Gold and the three Opals are a match made in gemstone heaven; smooth, juicy and glowing with colour! The Opals sit perfectly flush next to one another, showing off their glorious, ethereal rainbow colours whilst 4 delicately placed Diamonds add a hint of well-placed sparkle.  The Opals...

Antique Moonstone Ring c.1916

This classic and simple antique Moonstone ring would be the perfect accessory for many an outfit.  Expertly crafted from solid 9ct Rose Gold, she features the prettiest Moonstone cabochon! Like a shimmer of magic caught beneath the surface she sits proudly with an understated boldness you only get with genuine antique jewellery, emphasised by the high settings allowing light to shine...

9ct Rose Gold Antique Garnet Cabochon Ring c.1905

She's simple and stylish and has a much sought after regal appearance you only get with genuine antique jewellery. This Edwardian Garnet ring is a superb piece of jewellery imbued in Edwardian history. Handcrafted from a warm 9ct Rose Gold over a century ago, she boasts the rare Chester Assay hallmark making her a desirable collector piece and a welcome addition to...

18ct Gold Antique Turquoise and Diamond Gypsy Ring c.1900

Adorn your finger in Turquoise and Diamonds with this beautiful antique Turquoise ring! Boasting a large central Turquoise and two pretty twinkling Diamonds, this Edwardian ring would go with any outfit! It's simple and stylish and perfect for everyday wear. The Turquoise compliments the rich 18ct Yellow Gold perfectly making the blue of the stone really pop!  With a straight profile...

Antique Five Stone Diamond Boat Ring

This antique Diamond ring is a Diamond lover's dream! With five fierce old cut Diamonds set in a warm 18ct yellow Gold band, who could argue that Diamonds aren't a girl's best friend?!Classic and simple this antique ring is the perfect understated piece of Edwardian jewellery for everyday wear. The craftsmanship is precise and inconspicuous letting the Diamonds speak for themselves,...

18ct Gold Edwardian Five Stone Ring with Sapphires and Diamonds c.1905

Adorn your finger in Sapphires and Diamonds with this beautiful Edwardian Gold ring! Featuring a row of delightful gemstones this antique ring is sure to make any woman go weak at the knees! Carry pools of deep blue ocean wherever you go with these striking old cut natural Sapphires. And carefully placed on each side beam two twinkling Diamonds as if...

Antique Sapphire and Diamond Boat Ring c.1915

What a fine example of jewellery this antique Sapphire boat ring is! Fanciful bright 18ct yellow Gold scrolls boasting an array of glistening Sapphires and twinkling Diamonds, she's sure to be the envy of everyone you meet! Capturing the essence of late Victorian and Edwardian boat rings she has a classic design and beautifully cut gemstones, but being slightly more modern...

9ct Gold Edwardian Garnet and Pearl Ring c.1900

This gorgeous Edwardian Garnet ring is enough to make any woman's heart swoon!  Wonderfully delicious warm 9ct Yellow Gold covered in Garnets and Pearls she makes for a decadent piece of antique jewellery! There is something spectacularly unique about antique pieces and this ring is no exception, don't you just love the varying colouration of the Garnets and Pearls?! Taking inspiration...

Antique 9ct Rose Gold Buckle Ring - Victorian 9ct Gold Buckle Ring c.1900

This gorgeous antique 9ct Rose Gold buckle ring is a lovely example of late Victorian jewellery and makes a great stacking ring for any occasion. Complete with the original antique hallmarks for the year 1900, and with a mellow Rose Gold colour, it's just charming! Age and use have given the ring a wonderful soft patina but the delicate chased...

Antique 18ct Gold Ruby & Diamond Gypsy Ring c.1912

This ring is an exemplary piece of jewellery made just after the Edwardian era came to a close. With a central Old cut Diamond and two beautiful pigeon-blood red Rubies in a traditional gypsy-style star setting, and made from 18ct Gold, it truly is a quality piece. It has a good weight to it and a robust, quality feel that can wear with confidence.Fully...

Antique 9ct Gold Signet Ring with Chased Shoulders c.1901

This stylish 9ct Gold signet ring was made towards the beginning of the twentieth century, and is a fine example of Edwardian Gold jewellery. With a simple square or rectangular face and minimal slab of plain smooth Gold it oozes a classic and understated style. It's a robust and practical signet ring, feels comfortable on the finger and is suitable for daily wear. It...

Edwardian Opal Diamond Boat Ring c.1902

This fabulous and fiery Opal and Diamond ring is a genuine antique, crafted by hand during the Edwardian Era. It's fully hallmarked for the year 1902 and features a rich, buttery 18ct yellow Gold setting. With gorgeous natural Opals and perfectly proportioned old cut Diamond spacers it simply oozes quality! The Opals are all chunky cabochon cuts with excellent fire and...

Edwardian Gold Keeper Ring c.1912

This genuine antique keeper ring was hand-crafted in the year 1912 and has a typical woven or plaited design. It's made from a beautiful rosy coloured 9ct Gold and is both pretty and comfortable to wear. Suitable for everyday wear. The woven front of the keeper ring is 8mm wide at the front and tapers to 4mm at the back. ...

Gold Antique Gold Signet Ring c.1900

This heavy 9ct Gold antique signet ring is one of the most charming and unique we've ever come across here at Lillicoco! With 5 grams of solid 9ct Gold it has a substantial weight to it, wonderful tactile shapes and proportions, and is decorated with a stylish monogram of Gothic lettering. As with the majority of antiques, you need only feel this...

Antique Zircon Diamond Cluster Ring (2.05ct Zircon)

This rare antique Zircon and Diamond cluster ring is really a beautiful thing to behold and would make a really unique engagement ring.  The ring is crafted from 18ct yellow Gold with fine Platinum settings, and a stunning Blue Zircon the colour of tropical seas that would rival even the finest Aquamarines!  The Zircon is highlighted by a pretty halo...

Antique 9ct Gold Wedding Ring with Hearts & Ivy c.1907

Embossed or deeply engraved bands were really popular throughout the Victorian and Edwardian eras and we can totally see why! They're so pretty and romantic, and each one is completely unique. This wonderful antique Gold wedding ring is made from a lovely Rose coloured Gold with a deep, textured pattern of ivy leaves and hearts. Ivy leaves were an important symbol...

18ct Gold Antique Sapphire and Diamond Trilogy Ring c.1905

This charming antique Sapphire and Diamond trilogy ring is simply stunning and would make an exceptional engagement ring! It's classic, regal and easy to wear. The ring is crafted from 18ct Yellow Gold with a chunky 0.55ct old cut Diamond center-stone and two striking royal blue Sapphires. The rich Yellow Gold compliments the Sapphires perfectly and the smooth Gold band...

Edwardian 9ct Gold Mizpah Ring c.1904

Mizpah jewellery is the perfect sentimental gift to give a loved one, and what better choice than this Edwardian 9ct Gold Mizpah ring?  Mizpah is a Hebrew word, and in the book of genesis the quote “The Lord watch between me and thee, when we are absent one from another” follows this word. Often given as a token of love between lovers or...

9ct Rose Gold Edwardian Signet Ring c.1917

Here at Lillicoco we firmly believe that everyone should own at least one antique signet ring! They're steadfast, sturdy and seem to go with everything, and make great stacking rings for any occasion.  This one is just lovely! Made from a nice warm coloured 9ct Rose Gold, hallmarked for England, 1917, and beautifully smooth to the touch. The shield-shaped face...

Antique 9ct Gold Mizpah Ring c.1916

This antique Mizpah ring was crafted from 9ct Yellow Gold in the English town of Birmingham, and is fully hallmarked for the year 1916. It has big bold lettering, fine detail and a superb level of craftsmanship! Mizpah is a Hebrew word which has come to symbolise a bond of love between two people. They rose to popularity in early...

Edwardian Sapphire and Diamond Ring c.1908

This pretty Edwardian Sapphire and Diamond ring is quite unusual, as it has a trapeze of lozenge-like shape, rather than the popular straight or boat-shaped rings we see so often... It's almost like a delicious little sweet! The ring is a genuine antique and was made in England during the Edwardian era, circa 1908. It's made from 18ct Yellow Gold,...

The Origins of Elegant Edwardian Jewellery

Edwardian jewellery, as its name suggests, hailed from the reign of Edward VII which lasted from 1901 to 1910 and coincided with the Belle Epoque movement in France. It directly superseded the Victorian era, and you often see overlap in styles between these periods.

What’s particularly evident in Edwardian jewellery is the inspiration it has taken from 18th-century traditions. Its design sensibility is noteworthy for its lavish use of precious stones, particularly diamonds. The result? Attention-grabbing pieces that are polished and refined in all their glory!

Refined Vintage Edwardian Jewellery Pieces to Suit Your Style

We have a wide range of Edwardian jewellery pieces here at Lillicoco, from fine diamond boat rings to beautiful hand-engraved lockets, there’s a piece for every occasion.

If you’re looking for jewellery that’s both glamorous and practical for modern-day wear then Edwardian jewellery is right for you. They’re known for the classics: chunky old cut diamond rings, feminine necklaces and fine quality gemstones including Sapphires, Rubies and Emeralds. They also excelled in their use of Paste, making lavish designs more affordable.

Inspired by Rococo, antique Edwardian Jewellery pieces are often adorned with garlands, flowers and bows. Often thought of as the most ladylike of the antique jewellery eras, the pieces were light, intricate and eminently elegant.