Edwardian Jewellery

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Romantic 9ct Gold Edwardian Heart Locket c.1905

This 9ct Gold Edwardian heart locket is so romantic with its embossed scrolled border and sweet swallow bird in flight! What could be more darling than a Gold, heart-shaped locket with a picture of your beloved inside? This antique 9ct Gold locket has an original photograph of a dashing young chap from the early 1900s inside and was most likely worn by...

Antique 14ct Gold Locket with Sapphires & Pearls

This superb antique 14ct Gold Locket is such a rare and heart-warming treat! Antique Gold lockets are always difficult to find in good condition, but to find such a fine quality piece with such a striking design, paired with its glowing halo of natural cornflower-blue Sapphires is really one-in-a-million! The central glazed panel of the locket can be removed (with care!) and...

Silver Oval Locket with Prince of Wales Chain c.1900s

This Silver oval locket with a "Prince of Wales" chain certainly entices you in wanting you to open it up and see what secrets lie within! Structurally it is safe and robust and has stood the test of time, holding on to it's silver beauty magnificently. The locket has two sides and can be worn either way, both sides adorned...

Antique Silver Shaker Locket with Mississippi Pearl Drop c.1901

Full of decadent antique charm this antique Silver shaker locket is a real show stopper! Stunning antique Paste skirts glass-encased loose rough Diamonds, and a magnificent Mississippi Pearl drop tops it off... You really couldn't ask for a more luxurious piece of antique jewellery! Handcrafted during the Edwardian era one can only imagine the time and skill that went into creating...

Antique Gold Heart Locket with 18" Chain

If you're looking for an antique 9ct Gold heart locket this is really sweet! It's the perfect size for daily wear, with pretty engraved details and a cute embossed border that catches the light.  The locket looks beautiful no matter what the occasion or what the lighting conditions! We've simply added a simple 18" Gold chain so you can be...

Antique Diamond Shaker Pendant and 9ct Rose Gold Chain c.1901

SOLD! These "shaker-style" lockets were extremely popular during the Victorian and Edwardian eras in England, and it's easy to see why... Their feminine, lady-like and oh, so beautiful! This piece was crafted with care using the finest materials available at the time; Sterling Silver, Rose Gold and pretty paste gemstones. We have added a new 9ct 18" Rose Gold chain...

Dainty Edwardian 9ct Rose Gold Locket - Circa 1911

This beautiful antique 9ct Rose Gold locket is a fantastic wearable piece of jewellery that has stood the test of time. It's hallmarked for the year 1911, and although dainty is full of authentic antique charm! These double sided lockets were extremely popular during Edwardian times, and for good reason too! They're simple, chic and feminine, with the added benefit of...

Art Nouveau 9ct Gold Locket - Circa 1911

This beautiful Gold locket was made in the English town of Birmingham over a century ago, and is hallmarked for the year 1911.  This genuine antique locket is in fantastic antique condition with a gorgeous golden glow and high polish. The three dimensional, "puffy" shape of the locket attracts the eye and reflects the light just beautifully. We love the...

Edwardian Silver Locket c.1900

This beautiful antique oval locket was crafted by hand during the late Victorian to Edwardian era, circa 1900. It's made from Sterling Silver and features a pretty decorative engraved pattern in typical Edwardian style; with fine detail, stylized geometric shapes & lace-like edges. It's a large size, measuring 3.5cm wide and 6cm long when including the bale, so is certainly...

The Origins of Elegant Edwardian Jewellery

Edwardian jewellery, as its name suggests, hailed from the reign of Edward VII which lasted from 1901 to 1910 and coincided with the Belle Epoque movement in France. It directly superseded the Victorian era, and you often see overlap in styles between these periods.

What’s particularly evident in Edwardian jewellery is the inspiration it has taken from 18th-century traditions. Its design sensibility is noteworthy for its lavish use of precious stones, particularly diamonds. The result? Attention-grabbing pieces that are polished and refined in all their glory!

Refined Vintage Edwardian Jewellery Pieces to Suit Your Style

We have a wide range of Edwardian jewellery pieces here at Lillicoco, from fine diamond boat rings to beautiful hand-engraved lockets, there’s a piece for every occasion.

If you’re looking for jewellery that’s both glamorous and practical for modern-day wear then Edwardian jewellery is right for you. They’re known for the classics: chunky old cut diamond rings, feminine necklaces and fine quality gemstones including Sapphires, Rubies and Emeralds. They also excelled in their use of Paste, making lavish designs more affordable.

Inspired by Rococo, antique Edwardian Jewellery pieces are often adorned with garlands, flowers and bows. Often thought of as the most ladylike of the antique jewellery eras, the pieces were light, intricate and eminently elegant.