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Your Christmas Day Outfit Sorted

You have the shopping list written, the presents (almost) bought, and the Christmas tree up, but have you sorted what you will be wearing on Christmas day?

Traditionally, Christmas day has always been a day to dress up to the nines, and whilst its tempting to stay in your pyjamas for the entire day, its always lovely to put on your best dress and jewellery to celebrate the most wonderful day of the year!

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Not to mention, many different situations may arise where pyjamas are not appropriate, like lunch with the in-laws, an evening Christmas eve shindig or a trip down to the church. 

Last Christmas we wrote a handy blog detailing what you should wear to your Christmas party, but of course, as large gatherings aren’t on the agenda this year, we decided to focus on the very day, and night before, itself. 

The Classic Christmas Dress

To start off, let’s address the matter of the classic Christmas dress. We all have an idea of what this dress could be, a beautiful red or blue velvet creation, maxi (of course) and any extra embellishments is an added bonus. 

The art of dressing up for momentous occasions like Christmas has been ingrained in British history for centuries. In the Georgian and Victorian eras, beautiful balls would be the centre of society celebrations, with elaborate dresses pre-ordered weeks before at the tailors and seamstresses. It was imperative to be the most fashionable at these events, especially to secure a lucrative marriage proposal. 

Red and green have been the traditional colours of Christmas for centuries, so if you have a penchant for the classics, then wrap yourself up in a lovely red or green evening gown. Of course, it is also imperative to be comfortable on the day! Especially considering the amount that you will put your body through with the food and wine. 

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Mary Benson Dress, Source - Pinterest, Mary Benson London

And of course, the ultimate fabric for the Christmas dress is velvet. Not only does it instantly pertain to a luxe look and feel, but it has been a historic European fabric for years, and was always the fabric of choice for the nobility. Plus, velvet in the early 20th century was also used for lavish opera coats. So, naturally, velvet is the perfect choice for gracious and elegant Christmas day celebrations. 

Pyjamas, But Not Pyjamas

Christmassy = cosy, no questions asked! But forget the novelty matching set of Christmas PJ’s this year, why not go for something a little more luxurious when crowding around the Christmas tree? 

Luxury pyjamas are quickly becoming a must-have in many households, not only because they are made from high-quality materials that will last but they make staying in bed for that extra 10 minutes in the morning all the more worth it.

Sleeper Black Feather-Trimmed Pjs, Source - Pinterest, The Sleeper

Many pyjama brands like Desmond and Dempsey, Piglet in Bed, Sleeper and One Hundred Stars create gorgeous pieces that will make you feel like you are floating throughout your day and you certainly don’t feel lazy for wearing them. Pair these luxurious pjs with your finest antique jewellery, a slick of red lipstick and, of course, a glass of champagne. 

For Lunch with the In-Laws

Whether you love them or hate them, there is always some trepidation about spending your Christmas day with the in-laws. Will they like your pigs in blankets? How will they feel about you using store-bought rather than homemade gravy? And hasn’t one of them just become vegetarian? 

For all of this nervous energy, you don’t want it to translate to your outfit. There is always something to be said about dressing fairly modestly around your in-laws but don’t let that interrupt with your personal style! If your partner can love you for you then surely they can do the same?

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Like the Christmas dress, a slick Velvet suit is perfectly christmasy and comfortable, plus opt for a wide-leg trouser and adjustable waistband so you don’t feel stuffed after dinner! You can also easily dress this up or down with trainers and heels depending upon the mood of the day.

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A satin slip dress is a trusty capsule piece in your wardrobe that NEVER fails, so you can certainly wear this to impress. As it is likely to be a little cold on Christmas day, you can easily style this piece underneath a trusty roll neck or with a fluffy knit on top! The perfect combination of smart casual. 

Sequin’s Galore!! 

It’s always sequins a-plenty at this time of year, and the number of sequinned garments on the high street shelves are second to none! Sequinned pieces and metallic threads always look that little extra luxe on Christmas day when paired with the aforementioned chunky knit. The warm cosy yarns marry perfectly with the shiny incandescent glow of sequins, and its something that you can certainly wear to make you feel like you are in the festive season!

Source - Pinterest

Source - Pinterest

Of course, if you don’t already own something sequinned in your wardrobe, then it’s probably best so shop vintage or second hand for sequinned garments as almost all sequins are not biodegradable. Although, there are new technologies being made for biodegradable sequins and sequins made from recycled plastic, these are not yet fully launched into the mass market. 

Another great incentive is to actually rent, yes rent, your Christmas day outfit. The rental revolution is a great way to cut down your carbon and it means you can wear expensive brands without having to fork out the initial RRP! But of course, make sure to wear a bib when indulging in your Christmas dinner, you certainly don’t want to get gravy on that beautiful rented dress!


Molly Chatterton

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