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Summer Sale Now Live! - Up To 30% Off Sitewide

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The Lillicoco Team’s Favourite Pieces From The Lillicoco Summer Sale!
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The Lillicoco Team’s Favourite Pieces From The Lillicoco Summer Sale!

The Lillicoco Team’s Favourite Pieces From The Lillicoco Summer Sale!

Finally our annual summer jewellery sale is here, with up to 30% off across the whole site, it’s the perfect pick-me-up! 

Summer is just a great time of year to try something new and experiment with your style, not to mention, gemstones and precious metals come alive in the sunlight, so really it's the perfect time to buy and wear as many pieces as possible to your heart's desire.



Of course, a site wide sale is no easy feat to navigate, which is why we decided to ask our team members to pick their favourite pieces in the sale! We had such a positive response a few months ago when our team picked their favourite pieces in the Lillicoco collection, so we thought, why not do it again!? 

The Lillicoco 2020 summer sale is live until the 30th of June, so you have just over 10 days left to buy these pretties at their new exclusive prices. Each piece is unique, and once the sale is over they will return to their original RRP.


Georgian Gold Foiled Garnet Cross Pendant

For those of you who don’t know, I’m co-Director and buyer at Lillicoco, and I’m a Garnet addict! 

I adore this Garnet cross as it’s such an impeccable example of fine Georgian jewellery. Not only is this piece crafted by hand, but it is designed to last and bring joy for the many centuries to come - what’s not to love?! 

The gemstones are bright and foiled for radiance, and the traditional 19th-Century “pie-crust” settings make me smile. As with all authentic Georgian jewellery (in good condition!) this gorgeous cross is a great investment  piece and I also feel like it compliments my pale skin and dark hair. 


garnet pendant

Sale Price: £805, Original Price: £895.

(Click image to shop!)


Antique Gold Garnet Bead Necklace with Dog Clip

So, Garnets?! ….Tick!

Beautiful warm-toned smooth antique Gold? ...Tick!

A versatile, wearable length? (18 & ¼” or 46.4cm).... Tick!

The humble yet beautifully faceted Garnets in this antique Gold chain add that little bit of extra interest and texture to this piece. Honestly, I could wear it everyday! 

And at £372 in the sale , (down from £465), for over 12 grams of delicious antique goodness it’s an absolute steal! 


Antique faceted Garnet Chain Necklace

Sale Price: £372, Original Price £465


Victorian 18ct Gold Book Chain

Some of you may be surprised by this choice, but you can never go wrong with a classic antique book-chain necklace, and this one is made from gorgeous bright 18ct Gold to boot! 

A book-chain is a traditional Victorian era necklace that is usually found in quite short lengths, generally between 14 and 18”. The links tend to be wide and flat (... like a book!) and are often decorated and embellished with engravings, textures, stars and beaded edges. Basically, a book-chain is like a wide- flat antique choker! 

Book-chains were popular into the Edwardian era, and they could be worn alone (as seen above), or with a locket or pendant dangled from the ring-clasp in the centre- so they’re super versatile and you can have a lot of fun styling it with your own charms and pendants!

Plus, I love how book chains straddle the style line between youthful & edgy, and formal & sophisticated - I’d feel equally comfortable wearing this to a family pub-lunch, to the office or to a romantic dinner. So, with the sale price of £2245.50, it’s an absolute no-brainer!


Antique 18ct Gold Book-Chain Necklace with Stars

Sale Price £2245.50, Original Price £2495.

(Click image to shop!)



Rare Georgian 18ct Gold Pearl Mourning Ring

18ct Gold Georgian Black Enamel Pearl Mourning Ring

There’s a bit of a theme to my picks for the Summer Sale.  All of the pieces I’ve chosen today feature the magical combination of high-carat Gold, Pearl and Enamel.  I’m a June baby, so Pearls are my birthstone, and for whatever reason they do seem to really resonate with me!

As you may know, I’m a big stickler for condition, and this ring is absolutely immaculate.  Hallmarked for 1823 and fully original, antique rings don’t come better than this!  I also love the nice deep engravings in the shoulders and the super chunky hallmarks, elevating this ring to the next level.

Sale Price: £756, Original Price: £945.

(Click image to shop!)


Antique Etruscan Blue Enamel Pearl Pendant

Sometimes you need to make a statement, and this Etruscan revival pendant from the Victorian era is certainly eye catching!  Everything about this pendant is marvellous, specifically I love the way that the blue Enamel “egg” seems to float above the surrounding Gold.  What a treat!

Sale Price £612, Original Price £875. 



Edwardian 15ct Gold Pearl Enamel Pendant

Continuing the theme, the attention to detail in this Edwardian 15ct Gold pendant brooch has cemented this piece as my second pick! I love how the jeweller who designed this convertible brooch/pendant made both the bow and flower look so realistic, a testament to its fine craftsmanship. This piece is also pristine from top to bottom which is both a sign of its high-quality and it’s perfect preservation. All in all, this piece is definitely one I’d be delighted to have in my personal collection.

Sale Price: £1120.50, Original Price: £1245.00 

(Click image to shop!)

Edwardian 15ct Gold Pearl Heart Pendant, with Brooch Attachment


Antique Niello Necklace

As a jeweller myself, I am constantly inspired by the outstanding craftsmanship of antique jewellery. And, because of this I’m always particularly interested in jewellery making processes, especially ones that are no longer practiced. My absolute antique favourite is Niello jewellery, I’m always in awe of the precise and time consuming process that craves such meticulous attention to detail. This chain in immaculate condition, a fine example of the superb craftsmanship.

I also love the combination of Gold and Silver, making this type of chain extremely versatile as it can be paired with either other Gold or Silver jewellery. I think this is a real investment piece too, as it’s extremely rare to come across Niello chains in such fine condition.


Victorian Niello Chain Necklace, 16"

Sale Price: £265, Original Price: £295.

(Click image to shop!)


Antique Niello Buttons 

I’m also a huge fan of these buttons! The little Silver stars give them an edgy, modern look which makes them just as wearable today as when they were first created over a century ago.  Also, the button details perfectly encapsulate the Victorian’s need to add ornamentation to even the most utilitarian adornments.


Sale Price: £245, Original Price: £196.

(Click image to shop!)


Victorian Gold Locket Back Pique Pendant

Another fine example of the Victorian’s meticulous artistry is Pique jewellery. The first piece of jewellery I fell in love with from Lillicoco’s collection was a pair of Pique earrings, which had sadly sold by the time I started working for them. The reason why I’ve picked this locket is simply because I love the combination of Silver and Gold set against the dark Pique, the detailed geometric shapes of the Gold inlay are just awe-inspiring. Not to mention the hand carved Pique jump ring, which finishes this piece off with a subtle decadence. I think this locket is a true masterpiece!

Victorian 9ct Gold Locket-Back Pique Pendant


Sale Price: £716, Original Price: £895.

(Click image to shop!)



Georgian Pink Agate Bracelet

This summer I have gone gemstone mad and this Georgian Pink Agate bracelet is extremely swoon worthy! I love how these Agates look like planets in the sunlight! We recently featured this bracelet on our Instagram and you can see just how resplendent this bracelet is. The diaphanous inclusions and peachy pink tones collectively are it’s out of this world.

Plus, this bracelet has fashioned within rare 15ct Gold settings and links, elevating it even higher! This bracelet could easily take you from casual accessory to occasion-wear too. 


Sale Price: £1075.50, Original Price: £1,195

(Click image to shop!)


Antique 18ct Gold Diamond Arrow Pendant

In the last Lillicoco team picks blog I said how I have an affinity for rose cut Diamonds, and it’s safe to say that hasn’t changed! So, this gorgeous pendant certainly caught my eye, as its covered in them! 

I love how timeless this pendant necklace is, possessing a contemporary and modern feel, I can easily see myself wearing this today and for the many years ahead.


Antique Rose Cut Diamond Arrow Necklace

Sale Price: £787, Original Price: £875.

(Click image to shop!)


Antique Tiger’s Eye Acorn Pendant

I love eye-catching esoteric pieces and Victorian acorn pendant is made of the most exquisite tiger's eye I have ever seen! The iridescent inclusions create optical illusions that are a feast to the eye! 

Acorn necklaces are always popular with our Lillicoco customers and I can see why! Symbolic of rebirth and growth, I get the feeling that wearing an acorn pendant is a wonderful way to connect with nature and the rhythms of life. 

Overall, an unusual necklace that holds symbolism of its time.

Sale Price: £247, Original Price: £275 

(Click image to shop!)



Victorian 15ct Gold Turquoise Bracelet

If I had to choose a bracelet that epitomises summer then this Victorian 15ct Gold Turquoise bracelet would be my pick from the Lillicoco Summer Sale. For me, Turquoise gemstones always spark joy and happiness, so of course this amazing Turquoise bracelet caught my eye. I love that all the gemstones are unique in height and their vivid natural marbling patterns are devastatingly beautiful. To top it all off the 15ct Gold works harmoniously against the bright gemstones for the perfect bracelet you can don all summer long.


Victorian 15ct Gold Turquoise Bracelet


Antique Turquoise Gold Bracelet

Sale Price: £670, Original Price: £745.

(Click image to shop!)


Georgian Gold Snake Citrine Fob

Another piece that I think is a steal in the summer sale is this Georgian Gold Snake Citrine Fob. Anything with a Gold snake on will always be a stand out piece in my eyes, a powerful symbol that has been revered for centuries. I love this Citrines fobs snake body, it still feels current even though it's from the early 1800s. A cool classic statement!


Rare Georgian 15ct Gold Snake Citrine Fob


Sale Price: £517, Original Price: £575

(Click image to shop!)


Antique Gold Lover’s Knot Chain

Everyone should have a lovely Gold chain in their jewellery collection, and if you don't, what better way to own one by purchasing this beauty at a bargain price! At 17 & ½” It’s a lovely shorter length with a beautiful lover’s knot style for everyday wear and evening wear. A little antique glamour to brighten any dull day. 


Antique Gold Lover's Knot Chain, 17 & 1/2"


Sale Price: £300, Original Price: £375

(Click image to shop!)



Victorian Pique Cross Pendant

I love a good cross pendant, and this one has such a beautiful contrast between the deep black/brown tones of the Pique and the striking Gold detailing. It’s also pretty big, so it offers a strong amount of drama and gothic wow-factor to any look. This pendant is always a hit with our Instagram followers!



Sale Price: £355, Original Price: £395

(Click image to shop!) 


Antique Scarab Beetle Bracelet Set in 9ct Gold

We’ve had the odd scarab beetle piece sold on in the past but this bracelet definitely makes the biggest statement! Scarab beetle pieces are amazing collector’s items, showing the Victorian’s fascination and curiosity with flora and fauna that were alien to them. The green colours are so saturated and bright, and sat within the gold settings they really pop. It’s a pretty cool piece, so definitely a rare find in the exclusive sale. 


Antique Scarab Beetle Bracelet set in 9ct Gold


Sale Price: £1345, Original Price: £1495

(Click image to shop!)



Georgian 18ct Gold Pearl Ring

I adore Pearls. Even though I am blessed as a May baby to have Emeralds as my birthstone, I am very jealous of those born in June too. 

I have recently acquired my own freshwater baroque pearl jewellery which I love wearing at every possible occasion, so I think this ring would just be proverbial “cherry-on-top” when getting dressed for the day. 

Plus, I learnt so much about Pearls from our June Birthstone article which has enhanced how I perceive this Georgian ring. These are natural Pearls which are incredibly rare to find today. I am always enchanted by the mythological lore surrounding gemstones and Pearls were of course no different. From its associations with Mermaids to its heavy depiction in artwork whether allegorical or literal (Botticelli’s Birth of Venus and Vermeer’s Girl With a Pearl Earring are two of my favourite paintings), I simply am a sucker for Pearls! 

Sale Price: £805, Original Price: £895

(Click image to shop!)


Art Deco Pink Enamel Butterfly Pendant

Although I love timeless and elegant pieces of jewellery, I have also found that I am attracted towards the "kitschier" and quirky pieces too and this pink Enamel butterfly pendant has always caught my eye. 

I love that this piece is a bold sartorial statement! Butterflies are also a pretty symbol of metamorphosis and transformation, so this could be a great treat for yourself if you are  starting a new chapter like after a horrible breakup or you are moving to a new city. In fact, one of my favourite quotes or life hacks is that romanticising the little things in your life is actually a great way to change how you look at things, and this pendant could be the perfect piece to view a change through rose tinted glasses. 

Sale Price: £211, Original Price: £235

(Click image to shop!)


Antique Heavy Rose Gold Albert Chain

I love this antique heavy Rose Gold Albert chain! I actually remember listing this chain months ago. I was wearing a white jumper at the time and the piece just looked gorgeous against the frothy knitwear (we do have the tendency to try on the jewellery before listing them!). In my opinion, the colour is just to die for, the perfect shade of blush rose gold that is akin to rosé wine from Provence! 

Personally I also love seeing the parallels between antique jewellery and modern jewellery, and I can’t help but notice that T-bar necklaces are incredibly en-vogue at the moment. So not only is this piece infinitely wearable, but it is a sustainable investment. 

(Sale Price: £2470, Original Price: £2745) -SOLD!

(Click image to shop!)



Antique Moonstone Festoon Necklace

I really love how each individual stone glows in the light, akin to independent pools of water that are so interesting to look at. I feel like I could wear this necklace within anything, but it will definitely command the attention of everyone in the room. 

This Moonstone festoon is a great piece to add an elegant glow to an outfit, and for £2270 in the sale, its a treasure you can love and admire forever.



Sale Price: £2270, Original Price: £2475

(Click image to shop!)


World War II 18ct Gold Fiery Opal Ring

I really love this ring, simple yet so elegant at the same time. I feel like I could wear this with everything, adding a little touch of magic to any outfit. The Opals possess such gorgeous colours which are truly mesmerising in the light. In fact, I feel I could stare at this ring all day. 

Also, I love the history of this ring. The fact that it was created during World War II, a poignant time in history, just makes me think that it has an interesting story to tell. All in all, a fabulous piece!

Sale Price: £256, Original Price: £285



Victorian Silver Book Chain

I love this Victorian book chain because it instantly creates drama, adding a powerful touch to look. In fact, I feel like this piece would make me feel like a knight going into battle as it would instil confidence and independence. 

I also think this Victorian book chain would compliment the rest of my jewellery collection. I normally gravitate towards Silver pieces because of how the hue shines within the light. 


ictorian Silver Book Chain with Forget Me Not Details, 17"

Sale Price: £292, Original Price: £365

(Click image to shop!)


We hope you have enjoyed learning more about our staff member's personal style and seeing the kind of jewellery they love to wear themselves.


Which pieces would YOU choose from our summer sale?!

Tell us in the comments below!


Love, Lillicoco xoxo. 

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