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The Lillicoco Team’s Favourite Antique Jewellery Pieces Online
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The Lillicoco Team’s Favourite Antique Jewellery Pieces Online

The Lillicoco Team’s Favourite Antique Jewellery Pieces Online

Since Lillicoco’s 2016 beginnings, the business has gone from strength to strength each year, not only listing more and more jewellery (we now have 1000 pieces listed on our site), but also we have accrued a small team! And, as most small independent businesses would know, having a friendly core team is incredibly important to not only the continuity of the business, but also possessing a sense of community. Each member of our team has their own clear sense of style and individual personality, but we all work together perfectly. 

We have loved sharing our passion for antique jewellery with our customers, and especially with our team. This passion is clearly infectious. Every single person in our team has their own unique affections for some of the pieces we have within our collection, which has only been enhanced through time as they understand why antique jewellery is so special. 

For many of our team, this may have not been their first time working with jewellery generally, but working with and learning about antique jewellery at Lillicoco was their first experience. So, it's incredibly fascinating to see how since working here their style and appreciation for jewellery has changed. 

If you are looking to start or grow your antique jewellery collection, it can be difficult to ascertain just what kind of pieces you should buy. So, we decided to ask our team to guide you, just for a little bit of fun and you get to know the names and faces behind our production line. 


The founder of the business, Stacey has worked in the jewellery industry for over 10 years, so it's safe to say that she knows a thing or two about this glittering world! Not only does Stacey manage the business and team as a whole, as well as responding to customers, but she heads up the instagram, is the main buyer and the team’s resident antique aficionado.

Stacey is also currently a scholarship student at the GIA, the Gemological Institute of America. 

Two favourite pieces in the Lillicoco collection: 

Georgian Perpignan Garnet Riviere

“Generally in antique jewellery, I absolutely adore the deep scarlet tones of Garnets as they suit my pale complexion and dark brown hair. So, this Georgian French Perpignan Garnet riviere necklace is one of my favourite pieces. Plus, it is such a rare and delightful necklace! I always go for jewellery that has pear-shaped drops as they're so  flattering and glittering foiled rose cut facets are a firm favourite of mine too- so this necklace has everything I could possibly want all in one!”

18th Century Diamond Pendant (0.55ct) with 18.5” Chain

“I chose this pendant as it encapsulates everything I love about antiques…. This Georgian Diamond pendant is made from fine materials, has beautiful craftsmanship, and the design is utterly timeless! The Rose cut Diamonds are set in Silver which has aged to give it a fantastic, characterful patina, and the pendant is articulated- meaning the flower and leaves move slightly as you wear it, just as the flowers and leaves would tremble in the breeze. Just gorgeous!!!!” 

Since starting the business, have you found yourself drawn towards any particular types of jewellery? 

“When I was younger, I only liked Silver jewellery, and found that very simple, minimal designs were the ones for me. But since founding Lillicoco in 2016, my taste in jewellery has definitely changed a lot! Now, I find myself wearing more and more Gold jewellery, as I feel the hues of antique Gold are so much more flattering for my skin-tone (pale, but olive!) than the brassy yellow tones of modern-day Gold jewellery. I also find myself drawn to more ornate designs as time goes on, as I come to appreciate the skill that went into making, say, a hand-crafted chain, an engraved band or the collet setting in a Georgian Diamond ring.” 

What is your favourite era and jewellery technique? 

“The Georgian and early Victorian eras are my favourite, mostly because their jewellery is rare to find. It’s so difficult to find Georgian jewellery in good condition, and I think it’s that “thrill of the hunt” that really get me going and keeps me enthused and inspired. I also have a magical draw to all things Paste, and Georgian foiled Paste is the very best kind! Generally the Pastes found during this era are large, juicy and  backed with different coloured foils for luminosity- a technique which was mostly lost from the collective memories of Goldsmiths and Silversmiths today. Georgian Paste jewellery is elegant yet makes a big statement, and for this reason I’m totally addicted to foiled gems!”

If you had to recommend one piece of jewellery for a Lillicoco customer to purchase, what would it be?

“This may be a controversial choice but personally I think a great pair of earrings is the very best jewellery investment a girl can make! Chosen carefully, the right pair of earrings can frame the face, highlight cheekbones, your jaw-line or that killer new haircut. A beautiful pair of earrings will draw all the right kind of attention, and can add polish to any outfit. 

I have two favourite earrings designs that are my “go-tos” even when I’m in a rush; long Victorian tassel or tear-drop shaped earrings that sway gently as you move, and a classic Gold hoop are both gorgeous and affordable options will never let you down!”


One of Lillicoco’s directors, Simon and Stacey started this business together back in 2016. If you are a regular Lillicoco customer you may be used to contacting Simon about any query, no matter how sparkly. Simon is in charge of the financial side of business.

Before starting Lillicoco, Simon worked at a tech startup, so he knows the who, what, when about small independent businesses. During that time, he consulted with hundreds of small ecommerce retailers, which taught him the challenges and also the best practises of ecommerce. For him, starting Lillicoco with Stacey was a natural step as Simon wanted to be his own boss and spend more time with her. 

In his spare time, (when he does have spare time!), he loves going out for dinner, travelling, attending exciting music festivals, and also, playing video games. 

 Two favourite Jewellery pieces:

Georgian “Bagues Au Firmament” Ring

“Our business is based in Bristol, so I love that this ring was made using Bristol Blue glass more than 200 years ago.  This ring feels like a real connection to the past for me.”

Victorian 15ct Yellow Gold Albert Chain

“I’m a stickler for condition and quality in antique jewellery, and this Albert chain is absolutely perfect in every way.  Every link is immaculate! For me, this particular piece is the perfect trilogy of excellent design, condition and rarity.”

Since starting the business, have you found yourself drawn towards any particular types of jewellery? 

“I’ve learned so much about antique jewellery since we started Lillicoco 4 years ago.  As time goes by I find myself gravitating towards the older, more esoteric pieces. I have a particular affinity for heavy high-carat Gold chains, pendants and signet rings.”

What is your favourite era and jewellery technique? 

“My favourite era for jewellery is the late Georgian period, from around 1800-1830.  My favourite jewellery technique comes from the Art Nouveau era though. I love the effect of enamel guilloché.”

If you had to recommend one piece of jewellery for a Lillicoco customer to purchase, what would it be?

“I’d recommend this lovely Georgian ring.  The Diamonds are exceptional, particularly for a piece of this age, and you could go the rest of your life without ever seeing another piece quite like this.  It’s remarkable!” 



Kaja joined Lillicoco in 2018, and today is our supervisor, helping to manage our copywriters, and oversee the general production line liaising with the photographers and Simon and Stacey on a daily basis.

Kaja also owns her own jewellery business, KajaBeJewellery, creating modern jewellery constructed from found materials inspired by her childhood in Norway. Her intimate hands-on-knowledge with the jewellery is immensely valuable to the business. From testing the jewellery to adding jump rings, shortening chains and converting listings to our Etsy and Rubylane pages, Kaja is incredibly important to the day to day running of the business. 

 Two favourite Jewellery pieces

Georgian Cut Steel Bracelet with Pinch-Beck Decorated Clasp

“This is one of my absolute favourite pieces we’ve ever had in. I just love cut steel jewellery as it’s completely unique to the Georgian and Early Victorian era and has a modern appeal. I also love the use of a seemingly low value metal cut and polished to mimic the splendour of precious stones.”

Antique Garnet Enamel Pendant with Paperclip Chain

“There is something extremely satisfying about this pendant and chain. It’s in immaculate condition and the craftsmanship is just exquisite. The beaded edge and enamel work is so typically Victorian and unlike anything you will come across in modern jewellery.” 

Since joining the business, have you found yourself drawn towards any particular types of jewellery? 

Definitely. I make jewellery and like working on a larger scale using found objects. I was never into fine jewellery at all before I started working for Lillicoco. I remember trying on a large Art Deco Aquamarine ring in my first couple of weeks and being totally mesmerised by the craftsmanship, especially as it was made almost a century ago. I think that’s what I love most about antique and Art Deco jewellery, you can really see the craftsmanship of each piece.”

What is your favourite era and jewellery technique? 

“The Victorian period is definitely my favourite era, there’s quite a wide range of different styles from this era, and I love the obvious inspiration taken from other cultures. My favourite technique is Niello, which is hand engraved details that is filled with a form of black enamel created from sulphur, copper, silver and lead. This leads to incredibly striking pieces of jewellery that can easily be dressed up or down.”

If you had to recommend one piece of jewellery for a Lillicoco customer to purchase, what would it be?

“Again, I would go with this Niello chain. They are easy to wear and can be worn alone, paired with other chains and used to suspend charms or pendants across your chest. The craftsmanship is just exquisite and they’re also rare pieces of jewellery. Definitely ideal for women who like wearing unique jewellery. It’s not a craft that is practiced any more so all the pieces are very specific to the era. Although this is Art Deco rather than Victorian, this chain is immaculate and would make a fine addition to anyone’s collection.” 


Clara is one of our photographers, shooting and editing all of the new pieces of jewellery that come into the office, as well as helping to shoot and style our instagram. Clara joined the company early 2019, bringing a wealth of photography experience and business acumen with her. 

Clara has a degree in jewellery, silversmithing and design, so similarly to Kaja, Clara brings a hands-on, personal relationship with jewellery which is incredibly important to the business. What’s more, as a self-taught photographer she has worked with a variety of ecommerce brands in both London and Bristol 4 years before joining Lillicoco.

Alongside Lillicoco, Clara founded and runs Koko Collective, creating eco-friendly and sustainable accessories for both people and their pets. Clara also has a passion for hula-hooping, and we are currently persuading her to give us bespoke hula-hooping lessons during our lunch breaks!

 Two favourite Jewellery pieces

9ct Gold Victorian Book Chain

“There are always a few pieces at Lillicoco that you can't stop thinking about and secretly hope don’t sell, this 9ct Gold Victorian book chain is one of those gems. I love the way it drapes on the neck when worn and being a jeweller myself, I really appreciate the workmanship of the carefully engraved details. The links almost flutter when you move and the bolt ring fastening has the potential to attach a charm to, which I am all for!” 

Rare Antique Gold Fierce Fox Pendant with Diamond Eyes

“Even though I find this Fox pendant’s face slightly terrifying, I am absolutely in love with it! What draws me to antique jewellery is wanting to know more about the history of each item, I often muse about who would have worn the jewellery all those years ago and with this pendant I think they would have been a sassy lady! Diamond eyes and chunky 15ct gold this pendant would be the star piece within your layered look or would make a great stand alone piece.” 

Since joining the business, have you found yourself drawn towards any particular types of jewellery? 

“When I started working at Lillicoco, being from a contemporary jewellery background, I was surprised at how fascinated I was with antique jewellery as you can clearly see the influences that these pieces have had on brands and jewellers today. I find myself gravitating towards a variety of jewellery, including rose cuts to salt and pepper Diamond Georgian rings, fobs and chunky Victorian Albert chains.”

What is your favourite era and jewellery technique? 

 “I think Victorian is my favourite era for jewellery, as they were so innovative with their designs, and there was more access to new techniques and machinery, culminating in a myriad of exciting pieces. Plus, It was also the era where snake jewellery blossomed, a homage to their cultural influences from places such as Egypt and Greece, and I do love a snake ring!”

If you had to recommend one piece of jewellery for a Lillicoco customer to purchase, what would it be?

“Like me, I think many of our customers like to layer their necklaces and this rare serpent Citrine fob would look fabulous layered or attached to a chunky antique Gold chain!”


Roisin joined the business in September 2018, and since then has progressed to becoming the go-to for operations, helping out with pretty much everything that goes on day to day. From preparing the jewellery for photography, listing pieces, packing and tracking the orders, Roisin is a valuable asset to us, always bringing a smile and an infectious laugh to the office. 

 Two favourite Jewellery pieces

Georgian Diamond Cluster Ring

“It’s no surprise that i’ve chosen this heavenly Georgian Diamond ring, which I believe is the “piece de resistance” of all the rings. I love this ring so much that it is known as “Roisin’s Ring” at Lillicoco Towers. It has the perfect coverage over my finger and is encrusted with the most beautiful pale pink rose cut Diamonds, which I think adds a cool edge unlike any other Diamond ring I’ve seen. I’m not exaggerating when I say that  when this ring sells there will be tears as it’s my one true love!”

Carnelian Torpedo Earrings 

“As an orange coloured fanatic these Carnelian Torpedo earrings aka “tangerine dream earrings” are absolutely perfect. We’ve had very similar ones in the past that have sold straight away, unsurprisingly as they're so wearable dressed up or dressed down. These earrings in particular are slightly bigger than the others with fabulous drop length, giving them great movement, and they have a range of orange tones”

Since joining the business, have you found yourself drawn towards any particular types of jewellery? 

“Generally as a person, I'm all about instinct. Which can impact what kind of jewellery styles i’m drawn towards. In fact, my jewellery style can be a little bit random, varying from piece to piece, and these rules still apply when it comes to antique jewellery as well. It’s fascinating learning about techniques, carat weights, and gemstone cuts that are all unique to the eras from which they were made. I find myself now very fond of wax seal fobs as they always lead you down a historical path, be it the hallmarks, or the intaglio on the fob seal. I also love that they once had a utilitarian use yet they were so extravagant in design. These Georgians and Victorians were so flamboyant! My favourite being the Gold snake bodied fobs.”

What is your favourite era and jewellery technique? 

“I’m going to go with the Arts and Crafts era as it’s a lovely mix of Art Nouveau, with its nature -inspired motifs, and Art Deco’s structural designs. Yet this era is a little bit unique and rebellious in its style, which I love. It is so intriguing to see how each era develops and evolves processes through time and an easy technique to look out for is how gemstones are set throughout the ages. My personal favourite technique for this is the “Gypsy setting” which is extremely hard to do and adds a little ethereal touch to a piece of jewellery that looks effortless.” 

If you had to recommend one piece of jewellery for a Lillicoco customer to purchase, what would it be?

“Everyone should own their own Gold chain. They are a fabulous investment, adaptable to every outfit and most importantly are a timeless bit of glamour that looks gorgeous on everyone. I suggest this 18ct Gold snake chain. Smooth, seductive and stylish with a dog clip for added antique design… what’s not to like!?”


Like Clara, Michael is one of our photographers, joining Lillicoco in June 2019. A day to day life for Michael in the office includes photographing and editing all of the jewellery, and helping to style and coordinate the photos chosen for Instagram and social media. 

Alongside Lillicoco, Michael is currently pursuing his Photography masters in Bristol, and his personal photographic artwork has been featured in contemporary photography publications and galleries in the UK, Italy, Greece, USA, Poland,  and the Netherlands (impressive huh?). His style of photography is conceptual and esoteric, capturing humanity and nature through a haunted yet diaphanous lense. 

Before Lillicoco, Michael worked for acclaimed companies in British media, including as a picture editor for the BBC, and a graphic designer for SKY. 

 Two Favourite Jewellery pieces

Victorian Diamond Navette Ring

“This ring is fierce. I love the sharp navette shape, the open arms and the subtle grey of the diamonds. In person this ring is really impactful and when I sneakily try it on in the office it definitely makes me feel pretty powerful.” 

9ct Gold Serpent Ring

“Snakes carry such interesting symbolism and I'm a sucker for a religious motif, so this ring certainly speaks to me. I love the way it wraps around your finger, intertwining itself into a knot. It’s simple but a powerful statement that grabs attention.” 

Since joining the business, have you found yourself drawn towards any particular types of jewellery? 

“Yes, definitely. Before working at Lillicoco, I had myself set as a man confident in his love for Silver, I never wore Gold, and didn’t think it particularly suited me. But, since working here, I’ve found myself becoming less and less averse to Gold, and even Rose Gold, to the point now where I think I prefer it. Likewise for Agate; every Agate piece we’ve had in recently has been mesmerising, and it’s definitely made me appreciate its beauty.” 

What is your favourite era and jewellery technique? 

“I would say Victorian or Austro-Hungarian. I love a slight gothic edge, and pieces that possess some bite or depth to them. In particular, I am drawn towards the intricate detailing on Austro-Hungarian pieces, and the use of deep stones like garnet or sapphire, as they speak to my love for cathedral architecture and baroque painting.”

If you had to recommend one piece of jewellery for a Lillicoco customer to purchase, what would it be?

“This is a tricky one, but I’d have to say this Citrine Riviere, the colour of the stones is so intense, they just look super juicy and full of life. I love how high it sits on the neck too, so it’s always on view and ready to make a statement.” 


The latest addition to Lillicoco, joining in October 2019, Molly is our resident in-house copywriter and marketing assistant. From writing and optimising listings to running the blog and writing our Lillicoco University pages, helping with our email marketing and instagram (when Stacey is on holiday), Molly knows a thing or two about the written word and creating organic quality content. 

With a background in art history, and a love for fashion, Molly brings her passion for the past and style to Lillicoco, she even once wore a sequin skirt to work! 

 Two Favourite Jewellery pieces

Antique Green Cut Steel Necklace

“In my first few weeks at Lillicoco, I asked my colleagues if they had bought anything (and quite a few had), to which they said “when you know, you know”. I wholeheartedly understood this when I saw this necklace as I have loved this piece ever since I first saw it. Truthfully, I cannot see why it hasn’t sold yet, and I will truly be sad when she goes! I have a naturally olive complexion, so I am always drawn towards blues and greens, so I can imagine myself wearing this with a tan on holiday as the colour is so exquisite. What I also love is that the hue and style doesn’t immediately bring to mind that it is Georgian but it is!” 

Antique 15ct Gold Pink Pansy Pearl Pendant

“I have, and will always be a stereotypical “girly girl”, so it won’t come as no surprise that I fell in love with this pendant too. When researching for blogs and listings, I remember seeing this style of pendant, quickly realising how incredibly collectable it is, so when I saw this come into the office I was awe-struck. Sadly, this pendant sold straight away, not even 24 hours after I wrote about it.I think the enamel-work here is pristine, and the pearl in the centre is the literal cherry on the cake!”

Since joining the business, have you found yourself drawn towards any particular types of jewellery? 

“When buying jewellery for myself, I usually gravitate towards feminine dainty pieces, yet I have found myself lusting after a heavy Gold Albert chain since working here. I think they are infinitely wearable and will go with everything. I think, especially amongst the younger generations, there is a misconception about antiques that they are “uncool”, not resonating with a contemporary audience, especially in comparison to vintage pieces. However, this is completely not the case! There is a range of jewellery styles that I am surprised that are Victorian or Georgian, as they are so wearable. 

Since working here, I have seen jewellery in a completely new light altogether. Simply browsing the high street shops, I can clearly see how these old designs are still used today, with many pieces sold on ASOS that are remarkably similar to jewellery that I list on the site.  I also have loved learning about the various design influences that impacted Victorian jewellery, especially Etruscan and Archaeological revival, as it feeds into a general interest of mine of classical civilisation.”


What is your favourite era and jewellery technique?

“Before working here, I gravitated towards the Art Nouveau artist of Alphonse Mucha, and it was a delight to see that Art Nouveau jewellery is just as gorgeous!. So, my favourite era is certainly Art Nouveau, especially French Belle Epoque Art Nouveau pieces.  I adore the feminine whimsical designs, whether it is a portrait of a lady carved into a pendant or an opal lavalier. Plus, the work of Rene Lalique is just to die for, as if crafted by fairies itself. Although at the time that these pieces were made the crafted women were sexualised (male gaze anyone?), I think wearing them today takes on a whole new meaning, reclaiming back the bodies of these women. For jewellery techniques, I would have to say my favourite is the old European cut diamonds as you can rarely find them today.” 

If you had to recommend one piece of jewellery for a Lillicoco customer to purchase, what would it be?

“I’m torn as there are so many gorgeous pieces, but I would have to say either a Suffragette jewellery piece or a lavalier pendant, infact a combination of the two! I love the fact that Suffragette jewellery was created originally as a subtle way to align itself with a movement, and I think lavalier pendants are beautiful and classic!” 

Like our team members, you can start your antique jewellery journey with us today! Let us know in the comments what your favourite pieces are on our site, no matter if it is from our sold archive

The beautiful and most exciting thing is that you truly see something new every week, from a glorious art deco engagement ring, to an antique gold fob. Plus, it really is fascinating getting an insight into the past, how these people lived, what their personal styles were, and whether their tastes differed from the status quo.

Keep your eyes peeled each Friday for fresh content on our blog, next week’s piece is going to take us “behind the scenes” (see if you can guess from that pun what it could be!), and we also are going to be doing another installment in our jewellery around the world series very soon!

Love Lillicoco xo

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  • Dariya
    DariyaMarch 30, 2020

    Love this article! So nice to meet the team behind Lillicoco and learn more about you guys! :)

  • Lisa
    Lisa March 28, 2020

    I really enjoyed reading this article — it was great to learn about your team and the pieces of jewelry and styles that speak to them. Like Kaja, that cut steel Georgian bracelet caught my eye immediately but I passed it up as I have so many silver bracelets. I wish I had not!

  • Tierney Zan
    Tierney ZanMarch 28, 2020

    Thank you for this long and in depth article. It was so much fun to read! What a nice distraction from all of the craziness in the world.

  • Jan Garner
    Jan GarnerMarch 28, 2020

    I love the pansy necklace, you had for sale earlier this year a real one off. I will just have to keep on dreaming!!
    If my lottery numbers come up I will be on touch to buy a few items I’ve seen. 😍

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