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The Best Festival Jewellery Trends
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The Best Festival Jewellery Trends

The Best Festival Jewellery Trends

The heat of summer has definitely arrived and we’ve been enjoying the light and vibrancy that the season brings. Another great thing about the season of summer is that also means that festival season is now in full swing.

It really is one of our favourite times of the year and when we’re not busy finding beautiful vintage jewellery we can be found having a little dance at a number of different festivals throughout the year.

There are many things that make festivals great and that’s not just music and cold cocktails. We also love looking the part and we always put a lot of time and effort into our festival look.

The fashion and trends at festivals are ever changing and we’re constantly amazed by people’s ingenuity and creativity. As lovers of jewellery our attention is normally on what pieces people are wearing and we think that jewellery can really set off any summer festival outfit.

In the past couple of years boho-style jewellery has definitely been up there with the most popular style. The 60’s and 70’s look has a strong presence at many festivals across the world and embodies some of the original pioneering gatherings like Woodstock.

This large piece worn by Zendaya at Coachella is a perfect example of how to wear jewellery at a festival. The statement necklace shimmers in the sun and uses a number of textures that keeps you transfixed on all the little details.

Drew Ginsburg designs the necklace from Dylanlex and many celebrities have also been seen wearing her pieces including Rihanna, Alicia Keys, and Beyonce.

This Dylanlex piece worn by Alicia Keys is possibly even more intricate and equally as stunning. The layers and lines of detail appear endless, and the necklace will have you standing out in any festival crowd.

Native American Indian is another look that has been seen on many music lovers and we can certainly see why it’s so popular. The glamour of a feather or the contrast of leather and shells can really set off any jewellery piece.

Partnered with the dark clothing and revealing look, this collection of necklaces looks incredible. With the multitude of textures and varying drops of blue, it makes for a divine collection of jewellery. 

Alessandra Ambrosio has really gone all out with the Native Indian look and her jewellery makes the ideal accompaniment to her outfit. Her rings match her mesmerising necklace and we’re in awe of the all the little elements.

We also really love this Audrina Warrior Bib from Baublebar, which is another statement necklace, but with an almost Egyptian goddess feel to it. The combination of light blue and silver is always a winner and the additional choker provides a finishing touch of class.

Sticking with the Egyptian vibe we are also seeing that the ancient dynasty has had a huge impact on people's festival get up. The era has had an extensive impact on fashion and there can’t be any more luxurious periods that exist in history.


As a modern musical goddess, Beyonce seems more than fitting to take on the Egyptian style and she went full queen in this collection of pieces inspired by the well-known Egyptian queen, Nefertiti.

Now it’s also important to remember that music festivals can deliver all manner of genres and it's not all pop and shiny glamour. For those of you that prefer the darker side of music then there is still plenty of divine jewellery to match your festival fashion tastes.

Steampunk is a very individual look that blends technology and 19th century industrial steam-powered machinery. Black Eyed Peas singer, Fergie, was seen rocking the steampunk look at a festival with some sunglasses and a collection of rings. The full finger ring on her index finger is particularly interesting and she pulls off the look with aplomb!

When you go to a festival you probably don’t want to take your most precious and expensive pieces, but that doesn’t mean you still can't find alternatives. There is a wealth of fun and funky jewellery pieces available that don’t cost the earth, and you’ll still be looking on point.


Big colourful earrings and hoops are great for getting you in the party mood and with a few sparkles, you’ll be turning heads in no time. These big glittery numbers from Rita Ora are just the ticket and they’ll look great in the daytime sun.


Another technique for festivals is to go all out and layer your jewellery items. The process of planning what pieces best combine is also a lot of fun and you can try mixing and matching jewellery you might have not before.

Hopefully we’ve given you some festival jewellery inspiration so you can be looking your best during those unforgettable summer times. Let us know if you have any more ideas and we look forward to seeing you at a festival in the near future.

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