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Share the LOVE: Meet our giveaway winner!
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Share the LOVE: Meet our giveaway winner!

Share the LOVE: Meet our giveaway winner!

Molly (left) & Livvy (right).

As Valentines approaches it's always good to stop and give thanks, not just to the romantic love you might be lucky enough to receive, but for all the things we cherish & hold dear. This year I wanted to send a message of love and gratitude to all the people we've met over the past 6 months since launching Lillicoco. And so to our friends, family and loyal customers a heart-felt "Thank You!"

We're very lucky to have met an incredible network of antique jewellery fans and vintage enthusiasts through social media- most notably Instagram... which is exactly where I met this lovely lady!

Meet Molly!

Molly entered one of our giveaways via Instagram last year and won this amazing antique Victorian rolled Gold locket.


Since then we've gotten to know each other (even though she lives on the other side of the world!) and it turns out she's a woman of many talents! Not only is she a fashion & blogger, she's also a very talented illustrator. She lives in India with her sister Livvy and together they form Livvy&Molly, where they blog trends, share style inspiration and sell their quirky artwork.




We're so thankful to have such an amazing, diverse and talented #InstagramFam!



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Click here to read Molly's blog


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