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Pearls for June...

Somebody once told me that Pearls are the workhorse of the jewellery world. And it's so true! An absolute darling to any vintage enthusiast- Pearls are demure, elegant and timeless. They always look chic and they never go out of fashion. 

They are also the birthstone for June. So here's a couple of beauties if you're after an affordable piece of jewellery that will stand the test of time.  

This stunning 9ct Gold, Pearl and Citrine brooch is one of ours. A perfect gift for June with a beautiful, dainty seed Pearl halo. Just click on the image for details.



So ...

What else is cool in the world of Pearls right now? Well, finding vintage or antique Pearls in great condition in quite difficult. So how do we get over this? Go for pendant or earrings instead of rings as these items get much less wear. 

Look at this beautiful Victorian heart pendant with a Ruby centre from my Instagram journey. I absolutely adore it!

Just click on the image for vendor details.


Pearls don't have to be boring!

The most popular Pearls by far are a light white, cream or magnolia colour, but if you're not a shrinking violet go for a splash of colour like these red and Peacock blue Pearls.


 Above: Peacock Pearl necklace & Edwardian Emerald Green earrings via Lillicoco.



 So what else is happening in June?
Trending now....brooches!




Some people may think that brooches are a bit old fashioned, but they are gaining popularity fast. Brooches are so on trend right now!
                     Antique hair Art by Circa1700  
The whole Dolce & Gabbana show this year is about La Famiglia- especially mothers, so they created this look where a woman can just pop her hair into  neat chignon very quickly and easily, and then decorate it with a flower, a hairband or a brooch for a feminine & beautiful look. 


Paired with sharp tailoring or seductive simplicity, this is brooch love Italian style.
- Dolce & Gabbana


The brooches used  can be precious Gold & Pearls if you like, but it also works with costume brooches you might find in your mother or grandmother's jewellery box. (Topmost image). Give it a try and experiment with a 1950's rhinestone brooch or a lovely 1940's enamel piece.

Whether you wear them the traditional way like on a shawl, coat or jacket lapel, or experiment with putting them on your handbag or as hair accessories... one thing's for sure, they ain't going away!



Also in June..


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