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Summer Sale Now Live! - Up To 30% Off Sitewide

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Our Staff Picks for Christmas 2021!
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Our Staff Picks for Christmas 2021!

Our Staff Picks for Christmas 2021!

One more week until the 2021 Lillicoco Winter Sale ends - its your final chance of the year to get yourself some seriously good jewels at a price you can’t miss out on!

But what should you buy?

Of course, who better to know the creme de la creme of jewels than Lillicoco HQ, we spoke to a few of our team to see what you should be adding to your cart right now.

Stacey - Creative Director

This adorable Opal pendant is the perfect piece for any opal lover. Though she but little, she is fierce, with a fiery play of colour that just shines through the sweet domed surface. The Opal is held by a sturdy solid 9ct Gold bezel setting, letting the Opal do all of the talking. Not to mention, it is fantastically priced for its size and carat weight, the perfect little droplet of fire for your necklace stack.

Once I put this ring on, I couldn’t leave without it. The ring is not only charming to look at, but she is super comfortable to wear. The inside of the band is very smooth, with the buttery lustre that you all know and love. I also love how bright and saturated the natural Turquoise is, which is uncommon to find in antique rings of its age. The Forget Me Not is a classic Victorian floriography symbol too, giving this ring a poignant aura and meaning. Turquoise and Diamonds are a Victorian combination that is unusual but just works, a sartorial hallmark of its age.

One of my favourite parts of sourcing antique jewels is finding hidden treasures, and the minute I laid eyes on this piece it was love at first sight. Originally a brooch, I could immediately see the beguiling “radio-active” green Opals and striking Diamonds work just as, if not even more, perfect as a pendant. This is the type of pendant that will make everyone stop in their tracks.

This superb Iberian “oil and vinegar” citrine earrings are the perfect Portuguese pair. These earrings are a window into jewellery history, connecting you the rich provenance and beautiful culture of portugal. The oil and vinegar foiling is so intriguing and stunning, creating an incredible acidic and zingy orange colour that just bursts out from between the Silver. Oh, the best part is that they are very rare too, likely crafted at the end of the 18th century.

Simon - Managing Director

Everything about this chain makes it the perfect investment for antique jewellery and fashion jewellery lovers alike. Nothing can compete with a solid Gold chain, especially one of this weight and proportions. The chain is 16” in length, which from our experience is always sought after from our customers. The weight is also 50 grams of solid 9ct Gold, shaped into a beautiful colour of Gold that glows no matter the light.

This solid 18ct Gold antique locket is truly a thing of beauty and quality. It's large and bold, but just has the right amount of design that doesn’t make it too showy. However, it certainly deserves to be shown off. I always admire high quality antique enamel, and this locket is no exception, the bright flash of blue is positively addictive, complementing the matte finish of the 18ct Gold. This locket is delivered to you in its original fitted box too - so for me it's just a no brainer.

Striking and stylish, this Art Deco Ruby Diamond ring is everything that we love about the Art Deco era. It’s angular geometric shape is art deco design at its finest with perfect symmetry and a fine arrangement of gems. Despite her dominating look, the ring is also really easy to wear too, so you can enjoy this ring with the confidence it deserves.

Lily - Jewellery Sales Associate

If this ring was a person, it’d be a right old geezer. The bright yellow Gold band, the star setting and the absolute stonker of a solitaire combine to make this little bit of flash, that’s still simple and sturdy enough for everyday wear. This is bling from before bling was a thing, and that enchanting old mine cut Diamond is a beautiful brute at 0.79ct.

In the past, I have been called Pat Butcher for my penchant for leopard print and a chunky earring. I’m happy to continue Pat’s legacy, but I like to think my choices are a bit more sophisticated than the offerings available at the Albert Square market. These Georgian earrings are super bright with foiled backs, are in perfect condition and are dated to 1820, making them almost as old as Eastenders!

I usually lust after over the top pieces or jewellery that’s a little bit out of the ordinary so it’s really surprised me that this classic tennis bracelet has stolen my heart. I think the clean lines and the fiery stones are what’s done it for me. It’s ever so dainty and classy and the skill and craftsmanship that went into making Paste really does blow my mind every time I see a fabulous example like this one. Also – an absolute steal that looks ten times its price.

I absolutely love that Pearl jewellery is fashionable again and with its cascading shape and pretty pale pink Morganite, this is the ultimate Princess-at-the-ball necklace. Need I say more? I just need to find glass slippers in a size 8 now. Prince Charming optional.

Molly - Copywriter & Marketing Exec.

One of my favourite assets of working for Lillicoco is getting to know exactly what I want my future engagement ring to look like (no pressure!) and the minute this ring swooped in I finally realised what love at first sight really means! I love the inner sparkle and speckle of old mine cut Diamonds, especially when they are this gorgeous plump chubby shape like this. The Emerald is the perfect finishing touch. Not only is it the May Birthstone, but overall it just oozes with luxury.

There is nothing more enchanting than a little piece of history, and this beautiful Art Nouveau 18ct Gold “Mignon” brooch was a delight to research. Art Nouveau portraits are in of themselves very collectible due to their rare esoteric beauty that is hard to find today, but this one is even more of a treat. Connected to the raucous and raunchy theatres of Paris, this brooch was likely crafted in homage to a beautiful actress playing the lead Mignon in a famous French opera of the 19th century. The Rose Cut Diamond details bring this beautiful portrait to life, because if you can’t own a Diamond necklace, this beauty is the next best thing.

These blue chalcedony hoop earrings are just so dreamy - they are just the perfect pair for winter, spring 2022 and beyond. The blue Chalcedony is a heavenly pale violet colour, complimented by solid 18ct Gold accents. They are chic, elegant, easy to style - I could go on and on.

I love that Gypsy rings are having a moment in fashion right now, and rightly so! Despite many contemporary iterations, nothing beats the original antique. Antique gypsy rings were classic symbols of romance and friendship, and this ring has it all. The star-set Diamonds and Sapphires are a wonderful colour and the 18ct Gold is exactly how we like it - smooth, sultry and full of saturation.

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