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Our Lillicoco Winter Sale Gift Buying Guide
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Our Lillicoco Winter Sale Gift Buying Guide

Our Lillicoco Winter Sale Gift Buying Guide

It’s the annual Lillicoco Winter Sale!

2020 could us a bit of brightening up, so we're pulling out all of the stops on the magic and sparkles this year.

With up to 30% off across the website, this is the perfect time to snap up some bargainous goodies before Christmas!

The event ends midnight November 30th, so don't miss out!


There is nothing as special and spectacular as giving the gift of antique jewellery. Not only is it an eco-friendly gift, but also you will be giving beautiful heirlooms for future generations to treasure. Not to mention, supporting small businesses this Christmas is a great way to bolster local communities and spread the love! 

To make things a little easier for you, we have collated together a comprehensive guide with our top picks under £2000, under £1000, under £500 and some little extra stocking filler treats between £100-£300. 

Let the fun begin! 

Lillicoco Gifts Under £2000

Okay, so you want to splash the cash this Christmas, but you don’t know where to start? Well if your budget is £2000 and under, you pretty much have our whole entire store at your fingertips (you lucky thing!). But with almost 1000 pieces listed on the website, it can be difficult to know where to start.

Here we have selected some beautiful rings, rare antique necklaces and an exquisite Georgian bracelet, perfect for those who want to really indulge! 

The Art Deco Emerald Diamond cluster and Art Deco large Diamond cluster ring are two bedazzling pieces that we are always enchanted by! These two should certainly be on your Christmas list and if you are thinking of getting engaged at the most wonderful time of the year, well these rings don’t need any further introductions. 

The Art Deco Emerald Diamond cluster has just landed on our website, and has had many “ooohs” and “aahs” from all of the staff at Lillicoco. It's rare to find antique Emeralds of this quality, especially ones of such a tantalising hue! The Emerald is 0.66ct and the twinkling Diamond crown is 0.17ct. The ring is set upon a solid 18ct Gold ring shank with Platinum settings, so you can be assured of both strength and quality. We have chosen to include this ring just because of how inherently beautiful it is. The design is timeless, yet it possesses that old Hollywood glamour that many contemporary designs also try to achieve. 

Sale Price £1975

This Diamond cluster ring is just one of our favourite pieces in our collection, and would be an incredible engagement ring. Seven antique Diamonds are fancifully displayed in Platinum and on an 18ct Gold shank, with a combined Diamond carat weight of 1.35ct. We cannot underestimate the sparkles that this ring emits when the sunlight hits! If you are looking for an over-the-top flamboyant engagement ring, then you need to consider this beauty. This ring is on sale with 20% off, so you it can be yours for the amazing price of…

Sale Price £1980

Plus, these two engagement rings are eco-friendly choices too! 

The two antique necklaces under £2000 that we have picked for you couldn’t be more different. An 18ct Gold French filigree chain and a Georgian Paste riviere, but don’t they look stunning together in this photograph above? 

We could wax lyrical about why you need a Georgian Paste riviere in your antique jewellery collection. Simply put, Paste is no longer being made, and high-quality Paste, like this necklace,  is highly sought after - just look at its sparkle! This Paste necklace would look divine with your glamorous Christmas day dress, and you can easily wear her around the house too if you are working from home. (Because, why not?). 

Sale Price £1500

We are also super excited about this exquisite antique 18ct Gold French chain, and can you blame us? 18ct Gold French filigree chains always bring a touch of elegance to an outfit, and they are the perfect combination of the European sensibilities and fashions that were spreading throughout Europe at the time. The filigree technique was very popular amongst antique Spanish and Portuguese jewellers. Plus, the gorgeous “alhambra” style shape of these links lends itself to the colliding design techniques and trade routes that France had from Venice, Northern Africa and the Middle East. This also represented the  Western obsession with, and the “exoticisation” of,  the East. Nevertheless, it is incredibly difficult to find jewellery of this calibre and style in this day and age, especially one that clearly represents many different historical styles and tastes. Which is why we just had to include this beauty in our Christmas gift guide. 

Sale Price £1957.50

Another ring that we included in this gift guide is Solid 15ct Victorian signet ring one for the gentlemen of the family! Consisting of a thick and chunky 15ct Gold ring shank, this ring would not only be a fab Christmas gift, but this piece could also be a good graduation or momentous birthday gift too. The ring is hallmarked to 1863, which is part of the Victorian “golden” years, as it was a time of progress and prosperity within Victorian society.

Not to mention, the ring also has a striking Latin inscription on the front which reads “Libertas et Natale Solum”, which translates to “Liberty and My Native Land”. The fact that this revolutionary and patriotic statement was chosen for a ring that was made in the Victorian golden years is not lost on us, making this a fabulous piece for anyone who loves British history!

Sale Price £1147.50

We also couldn’t help but include this sumptuous solid 9ct Rose Gold Albert chain into our gift guide as well, (even though she is just a nose over £2000)! Trombone links and heavy Gold albert chains are always sought after amongst our customers, simply because they epitomise elegance, and it’s the ultimate luxurious Christmas gift!

This chain is 15 & ¼” in length, with two chunky antique dog clips and suspended T-bar, so despite its Victorian provenance, it will easily fuse into the modern trends of chunky Gold statement chains. Plus, that colour is just gorgeous! Antique Rose Gold can vary in its saturation and hue due to the presence of different alloys, so this piece is a very pretty pale Rose Gold with soft Yellow Gold tinge - *chef’s kiss*!. 

Sale Price £2020.50

And last but not least in our under £2000 Christmas gift collection we have this absolutely stunning Georgian 12ct Gold Pink Agate bracelet. Agates like these are prized in antique jewellery, this is because Agates are quite a soft stone, so for pieces to be as well-preserved as this bracelet is quite exceptional.

Not to mention, natural pink Agates of this hue are rare to find, whereas today, most pink Agates are dyed to achieve their colour. What is also so lovely about Agates is that no two Agates are the same, so you can be promised that this piece is completely a unique and one of a kind item. We can imagine that this bracelet was once part of a Georgian parure, and due to its delicate nature and age, should be looked after with the utmost care.

Sale Price £1147.50

Lillicoco Gifts Under £1000

For our delicious Lillicoco Gifts under £1000, we have a delightful array of pieces that will take your fancy!

So we have selected two gorgeous rings that are both vibing with antique flair. This gorgeous Victorian 15ct Gold Turquoise cabochon Diamond cluster ring is an unusual, but also perfect, pairing! You would rarely find a combination like this in contemporary jewellery, as well as natural gemstones of this calibre. The Turquoise is actually a Persian Turquoise.Persian Turquoise has been highly coveted within the Middle East for centuries and is still mined today in Iran. Plus a fun fact for you, Turquoises of exceptional quality like this were called the romantic name of “Sleeping Beauty” Turquoise! The crown of rose cut Diamonds and the 15ct Gold ring shank, is for us, the perfect finishing touch. 

Sale Price £700

The second ring is this rare Georgian Chrysoberyl and Ruby ring. This piece is giving us the ultimate Disney princess vibes, from the elaborate ring shank to the playful colours of pistachio green and bright pink! Chrysoberyls are another gemstone that you don’t often see in jewellery today, yet they were heavily sought after in Georgian jewellery, and especially 18th and early 19th century Spanish and Portuguese pieces. The Chrysoberyls have an impressive combined carat weight of 0.88ct, so this rare ring is both luxurious in style and substance. 

Sale Price £805.50

If you are looking for a present for your beloved or your daughter, we know that this Amethyst Pearl fringe choker is going to make them gasp with delight! Amethysts and Pearls are always a fancy and feminine combination, and to have Pearls beaded throughout the entirety choker is exquisite! Each little Pearl is original to the piece  Plus, if you loved one is sartorially inclined, this Pearl choker is also on trend, as Pearl necklaces, earrings, bracelets and pendants are currently at the forefront of jewellery fashions. The style of this choker is quintessentially Victorian too, and would have looked beautiful with the square neckline dresses, ruffled blouses and dress designs of the era. 

Sale Price £805.50

So, we felt that it was custom to include an antique Gold chain in the under £1000 price point, because antique solid Gold chains are one of our most popular items! Most of our chains actually fall into the £500-£1000 category, so it was incredibly difficult to pick just one. We chose this exquisite Turquoise beaded Gold chain because it epitomises antique elegance. This chain is an attractive length of 18 & ⅜” (46.5cm), so it will just drop over your collarbones and is fitting with both formal and everyday outfits. The Turquoise gems give this piece a little extra sophistication, and will easily add colour and texture to a necklace stack. Plus, the gems are only 5mm in diameter, so if you have a pendant with a large bale or jump ring, you can easily add this too! 

Sale Price £607.50

A great gift for any antique collectable and fashion history lover are these Georgian Paste buckles. We have had a few buckles in our shop in the past, but these beauties take the biscuit! Crafted from Sterling Silver, these buckles are inlaid with high quality black dot Paste and green Paste gemstones, with both Paste’s still possessing their original colour and allure. These Paste buckles were originally placed on Georgian loafers, and as these come with their antique Tessier London box, we can imagine they were easily interchanged between different shoes! In fact, one of our staff attached these buckles to her trainers to see how they would look, and they did look amazing! Who knew that Georgian glamour and modern streetwear could be the perfect match? 

As you can see in the photograph above, we have styled them by stringing them across a black velvet ribbon, so there are a myriad of ways you can have fun with this Christmas gift!

Sale Price £580.50

At last, but certainly not least in this line-up are these Georgian foiled pink Paste earrings. We can’t get enough of pink Paste, simply because it’s so rare! These earrings have solid 15ct Gold hooks and are made from Diamond Paste with a vivid pastel pink centre, emitting a beautiful sparkle and vivacious nature.

These earrings would be a beautiful compliment to a wedding day whether it's for the bride themselves, mother of the bride or bridesmaid, or they would look stunning when just worn everyday!

Sale Price £596

Lillicoco Gifts Under £500

If you are still looking for something luxurious, special and unique but you don’t want to completely blow the budget, then we have a great range of esoteric unusual finds that are great value for their provenance, history and substance. 

One of our more affordable items is this antique 15ct Gold Turquoise lavalier pendant. Inlaid with beautiful Pearls and vibrant Turquoise gemstones, this pendant exudes elegance, grace and sophistication.

The openwork design is a testament to its craftsmanship, yet its simple circular nature is understated but classic. We have chosen this pendant because the design is inherently historic, as lavalier pendants were THE fashionable piece of jewellery circa 1900-1920. You can easily add this pendant to a fine Gold chain and wear her no matter the occasion!

Sale Price £228

This Edwardian 18ct Gold Five Stone Gypsy ring is another style of ring that is intrinsic in its classic old world glamour. “Gypsy” rings are one of our most popular styles of ring because they are infinitely wearable, transcending from casual and formal occasions with ease. This ring is very comfortable to wear, as it sits flat on the finger, and is inlaid with dreamy star-set Diamonds.

Like most of our pieces in this collection, we have been inspired by current trends when selecting and curating this line-up, and this pretty ring should certainly be on the wishlist of any fashion and jewellery obsessive! Gypsy rings were also created as friendship bands back in the Victorian and Edwardian era, so if you really want to treat your bestie to something special, then this ring is perfect. 

Sale Price £355.50

This antique 15ct Gold hexagonal locket is one of our most unusual lockets in our collection! In our opinion, lockets are a fantastic gift no matter the occasion, but especially at Christmas time! This unusual shape of locket will do all of the talking, and it has developed a lovely mellow shade of Rose Gold from age.

A plump Pearl is nestled in the centre, adding another touch of refinement too. The style of this locket dates it to the early 20th century, and is a sartorial signifier of the Edwardian to Art Deco era, with its focus on modern geometric shapes but with a considered and sophisticated twist. 

Sale Price £427.50

This antique 15ct Gold fob locket is a golden oldie in our collection, so is generously discounted by 30%! Antique fobs are special in themselves, originally used to stamp wax seals and secure a pocket watch in a Victorian gentleman’s waistcoat, but a fob that is a locket too? Wow, just wow. This piece has a classic polished face, with deep embossed engravings across the body of the fob. You too can add this to a chain or split ring of your choice. We can just imagine a young Edwardian gentleman carrying a photograph of his beloved around with him all day! 

Sale Price £416.50 

If you loved the Amethyst Pearl fringe necklace earlier, but you want something just a little more affordable than this Edwardian chunky Amethyst Pearl pendant might be just what you are looking for!

This Amethyst is an impressive carat weight of 15.80ct, and is, in our opinion, a delicious shade of purple, akin to fresh provencal lavender! The crown of milky white Pearls gives this piece a Queenly finish making this a wonderful statement pendant to have within your collection!

Sale Price £490

Lillicoco Stocking Fillers!

What is the best thing about Christmas day? Is it the delicious meal, opening the presents, or just waking up with your nearest and dearest? 

One of our favourite and fond memories of Christmas day is stockings! There is nothing like the childish excitement of seeing what Father Christmas (or Santa Claus for our friends across the pond) has brought for us. If you haven’t written your Christmas list yet to Saint Noel himself, then certainly include these Lillicoco stocking fillers, so we can dispatch them to Santa’s elves in time!

This 9ct Gold Heart padlock pendant continues to be another sought after specialty on our site, simply because it's clear in its symbolism, and it's pretty cute too! This Victorian padlock is crafted from solid 9ct Gold throughout and can be worn at all occasions. You can easily attach this padlock to a charm bracelet, split ring, but comes complete with a gorgeous 20" antique chain. 

Sale Price £310.50

We have chosen this antique Gold Stock Pin because it proves that simplistic luxury is sometimes the best. Not to mention, this piece is inherently antique in style and substance, as it was originally crafted for avid Victorian equestriennes, for keeping their riding habit in place. For those who love both history and horses, this pin is a no-brainer!

Sale Price £148.50

This gorgeous Art Nouveau silver Portrait pendant is the perfect affordable accessory. This stunning portrait features a delicate engraved portrait, rich in charm and enchantment. And, if you love feminist history, then the style of her hair is not lost on us. The immaculate coiffure is actually a Gibson Girl style, an independent archetypal Edwardian woman that was an aspirational concept in the early 20th century. Not to mention, the Gibson Girl was also  associated with the blossoming Suffragette movement! 

Sale Price £166.50

Why include one paste buckle, when you can include two! If you loved the Paste buckles above, but you also want a piece that is also more tailored to your price point, then this lovely bright black dot Paste sterling Silver buckle should certainly be in your stocking. This buckle has accrued a delightful Patina from age, allowing the effervescent Paste gems to sparkle without interruption. Like the Paste buckles before, you can easily style this piece with a chain or with a slick black velvet ribbon. 

Sale Price £132

This Sapphire Pearl flower heart pendant is one of our favourites, just because she is so charming! Crafted in the Victorian era, this pendant is made from solid 9ct Gold and exudes a feminine disposition and style. Just imagine the happiness someone will receive when gazing upon this beauty on Christmas day?

Sale Price £265.50

And finally, we have this lovely antique Pearl heart stick pin! Stick pins are a fab unique stocking filler gift for your loved ones, just because they truly will not be able to find this in contemporary jewellery. Plus, the inherent beauty of this charming stick pin can be easily converted into a dainty pendant!

Sale Price £115.50

Happy Shopping!!


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