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Our December Birthstone Zircon and Turquoise Gift Guide
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Our December Birthstone Zircon and Turquoise Gift Guide

Our December Birthstone Zircon and Turquoise Gift Guide

Christmas is just around the corner, the effervescent scent of mulled spices is in the air and you are enshrouded in a bubble of glee. Of course, despite the Christmas spirit being rife, we cannot forget about all of the Christmas babies that have and will be born during this time of year. Bestowed with not one, nor two but three birthstones: Zircon, Tanzanite and Turquoise, the born and bred December folk have a myriad of choices, all deliciously blue in hue!

Here at Lillicoco, we have a range of stunning Turquoise and Zircon pieces, have a little scroll below to see our picks. 


Fitting with the glacial temperatures are the icy tones of blue Zircon. Although Zircon has been mined for thousands of years and can come in an array of tones, throughout history its bright sky blue tones have been long sought after.

Like many gemstones, Zircon has garnered a symbolic reputation over thousands of years and across many cultures. Notably, in the Middle Ages, it was believed Zircon aided in bringing rest to the wearer (the perfect antidote to the fun but often overwhelming Christmas social calendar). Alongside this, it was also believed that Zircon also brought honour, prosperity and wisdom too!

Despite its popularity with its signature blue hue, the name itself comes from an entirely different shade: Gold. Believed to have been found and used in abundance during the Persian empires, the name “Zircon” comes from the Persian word “zargun” translating to ‘gold-hued’.

Today Zircon jewels are primarily mined in Australia and South Africa. 

Art Deco Zircon Bug Brooch

Here, Zircon is joined by Topaz (whom we featured in our November birthstones last month!) and Pearl to create this simply charming scene of a Zircon spider poised to catch its prey. 

If you have read our Suffragette blog post, then it is likely you will have come across our admiration for Lady Hale. A few months ago, the British media exploded when Lady Hale wore a glittering spider brooch to deliver the news regarding the unlawful prorogation of parliament. If you loved her power and sophistication, then this Art Deco Zircon bug brooch is perfect. 

Regardless, this piece is a gorgeous collector’s item as it is truly one of a kind!

Art Deco Zircon Bracelet 

With the centennial of the Art Deco period just on the horizon, we think it’s fitting that you lavish yourself in Art Deco jewellery. This icy-toned bracelet is, therefore, apt. Featuring an endless shimmer of Zircons on a graduated width band, the light tones of this Zircon perfectly marry with the crisp Sterling Silver. 

This bracelet would look gorgeous if paired with a sparkling dress, or alternatively could be a fitting gift for a December Bride, whereupon she could easily covet this as a something old, something new and something blue upon her big day!


One of the oldest renowned gemstones in the world, turquoise gems and jewellery were once found buried in the ancient Egyptian temples 4000 years ago. Perhaps, it has even been thought that turquoise was one of the first gemstones EVER mined, consequently in high demand ever since. 

Turquoises potent and intense signature tone is, of course, the reason as to why this piece has been so popular amongst the Ancient Egyptians, Ancient Greeks, Native Americans and the Aztecs. A hydrated phosphate of copper and aluminium, the tone of the Turquoise can vary from a pale green to vivid sky blue or a mixture in between. 

Another reason as to why Turquoise pertains to be such a popular gemstone is due to its abundance globally, with mines occurring in America, France, England, Australia, Chile, Germany, Egypt, Tibet, China and many more. 

Through each culture, the meanings surrounding Turquoise have changed. From protecting the Zuni people against demons to aiding Apache warriors in their hunting skills, Turquoise’s strong colour was generally believed to protect and improve a person’s strength and vitality.

Today, as associations surrounding colours generally has also changed, Turquoise has adopted the feelings of bringing tranquillity and serenity to the wearer. 

Turquoise Poison Ring

A rarity, we completely are enthralled by this Turquoise poison ring. Poison rings came into fashion during the 16th century, where a bezel could be used to hold poison and thus could be subtly opened and slipped into a person’s drink or food. 

Yet, poison rings have also been used for more sentimental reasons, like carrying perfume, locks of hair, devotional relics, messages and other keepsakes. Although we cannot be certain as to how this ring was originally used, you cannot deny its beauty. Crafted from 18ct Gold and featuring stunning engravings along the ring shank, this ring would complement a wonderful ring stack!

Turquoise Cufflinks 

Stylish, chic and antique are just three words that come to mind when looking at these cufflinks! Although originally a gentleman’s piece of jewellery, these cufflinks would look stunning worn by a person of any gender. The lustrous gleaming 18ct Gold, and the Turquoise centre would perfectly suit a white shirt. 

Turquoise and Diamond Pendant 

This pendant perfectly combines both subtle elegance and majesty, as although it may be petite, it oozes luxury with the twinkling Diamonds and matching Turquoises set within a ‘starburst’ design. This piece will look gorgeous when gracefully suspended from a fine antique chain, fitting for drinks with friends, an elegant soiree or delicious dinner party. 

Here at Lillicoco, we are bristol based antique jewellery specialists, handpicking the very best of in European antique jewellery. From Art Deco to Austro-Hungarian, we have a glittering range of gorgeous pieces that can be shipped for FREE worldwide! If you have any questions about our pieces, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us at!

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